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Bostonians Rate the Local Dating Scene and It Ain't Pretty

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What's up, Boston? How's the dating scene in the city? From the looks of it, it could be better. 

In this clip shared by @narcolepsybetsy, one woman ventures out into the streets of Boston asking individuals to rate their current love life, and let's just say, overall it's not quite making the grade. 

Well this is enough to make anyone cringe. We're not quite sure what's going on in Boston that's making the dating scene crummy, but it looks like they could use some help. At least a couple people seemed to be doing well in relationships!

Plenty of Bostonian singles and other viewers are sharing their thoughts as well. User @johnny_boy617 says, "Boston dating scene is like trying to find a needle in a haystack." On the contrary, @andrewmarkowitz96 adds, "All I’ll say is moving to Denver made me appreciate the Boston dating scene." Yikes! 

Another commenter, @maryhelen.e claims, "I’ve never heard of people anywhere saying the dating scene is good until they’re dating someone," and user @ruralmailman says, "I mean we can’t control our heights. I’m 5’6 but I’m Italian. No shame. I’ll continue my success. I don’t need anyone." Good on you! No need to be ashamed of the way you are. 

Well, it looks like Boston might not be the best place to go looking for love, unless you're one of the lucky few. We have to wonder, how much does the city's cultural climate affect the dating and relationship market? This is one topic that could definitely use more field research.

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