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Guy's Totally Bold Text Message Proves Some Men Have No Shame

Is this dude for real?

Sometimes you see something that makes you stop and wonder where people come from that do this kind of thing. This is one of those things. @anniedanielle recently posted this short video with a caption reading, "All they have is audacity", and she's not wrong.

Imagine dating someone who you really like. You get a text message from him, asking you on a date later in the week. You get excited! Until you read the rest of the text...

Um, what? Is he for real? We mean, honesty is always the best policy, but he could've just said that he had plans on Friday instead of saying that he has a "girl" coming to visit. We just don't understand people sometimes. Neither does @Dating After Divorce With Jade who shares, "Honesty is the best policy, butttt sometimes an « I’m busy » works better." She's not wrong.

We weren't the only ones that thought this guy was a joke. @Peyton Hager commented, "Not impossible though!", to which Annie replied, "Pencil me in king!" Annie then says, "He’s a TikToker should I @ him?" Of course several commenters said yes, but @KW pointed out, "That’s your first red flag sista." @Ashlee notices, "Trying to be real casual about it too." @katie exclaims, "The gasp I gusped!" @Laidbyamani says, "He was so desperate to let you know he’s seeing other girls. Thursday and Friday are two separate days. So how could “things get tricky”? Weirdo."

But the best was Annie's reply to @Hannah's comment which said that she, "Hope you blocked him." Annie's response, "Precisely. But only after I told him I was visiting a man in NYC Wednesday/Thursday." We wish she would've told us what his response was to that!

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