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Man's Take on the 'Best Part' of Being in Love Is Just Perfect

He's totally right!

This TikTok is couple's perfection. Seriously! @kaymarhan shares a short and sweet video of her boyfriend that describes the best part of being in love.

The video shows a clip of her boyfriend sipping something from a glass. There's music, but no words. The only thing said in the video is simply written over the video. 

"It's having someone for the little things" is the caption, and she's not wrong! It's super cute how she shares that they go to the grocery store and buy healthy things to make for dinner every week. In this case they were going to have spaghetti squash instead of pasta. But the day that they were supposed to have it, they went back to the store to get pasta instead because neither of them wanted the squash! We get it!

Commenters showed their support, too. @EKM shared, "Every week we talk about having soups and salads. Then we eat pizza and pasta and don’t acknowledge the other convo." "We went and got budget friendly sandwich stuff for lunch and then went for Taco Bell", says @harley.

Cate said what we've all done before, "We bought all this healthy food and then had wine and frozen pizza for dinner because we were tired." It always sounds like a good idea until it's actually time to get in the kitchen and cook it all!

What's funny is that most commenters commented not on the love, but on the spaghetti squash! @casually femme recommends, "Ok but the spaghetti squash pasta bowl thing is sooo good. Use a meat sauce and cheeses!!!" @Vanessa Klopfenstein adds, "Okay yes but I love spaghetti squash not because it’s supposed to be healthy it’s just so good!!! With meat sauce and a slice of mozzarella broiled on top?" And @rachel adds, "Don't use it as spaghetti. when I was a kid, my mom made it with brown sugar and cinnamon as a side dish. infinitely better."

See? It really is the little things. We guess food and love really do go hand in hand!