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Best Man's Surprise 'First Look' With Groom Has Us in Stitches

The look on the groom's face was priceless.

The wedding day. A huge day for any couple that decides to go all out and have a big, fancy wedding. And one of the best parts of the day is when the groom gets to see his beautiful bride for the first time. 

Well, Andrew Thompson helped make sure that his friend, the groom, would never forget the big moment! Andrew was the Best Man and wanted to help the couple always remember their big day; he decided to prank the groom. Usually when the groom sees his bride for the first time, he's actually expecting to see his bride. In this case, the groom was in for an unexpected surprise... wait until you see the look on his face when he turns around to see Andrew, beard and all, wearing a wedding dress and sneakers!

The groom looks perplexed, quickly realizes the joke's on him, and immediately starts cracking up! The bros hug, and the audience all laughs in the background. What a fun thing that would be to be a part of! And TikTokers loved it, too. We love this comment from @Rach who asks, "Can we see the pic?" @maliapk gets it right when she says, "Best man just discovered the fun of wearing a dress, he was def feeling cute." @The Spice Man made us laugh saying, "Watched the entire thing before I learned that this in fact, was not a gay wedding," while @Estee chimes in with, "Wait till he discovers dresses with pockets! Life changer."

But @Bunny pretty much sums it all up with, "This is called best friends." We agree! Everybody needs friends to be able to laugh and joke around with, even on the biggest days of their lives!