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Mom's Reaction to Being Surprised by Best Friends on Her 60th Birthday Is the Best

There's a saying that goes, "True friends are never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart." Such is true for three best friends in a clip that's gaining traction on TikTok this week. 

Genevieve shares this moment her mom gets a birthday surprise by a couple of visitors she apparently hasn't seen in a long very time, and her reaction is priceless!

How fun this moment must have been for these ladies! You can tell she didn't know what to expect as she was walking into the room. Surprises like this are always so exciting, especially when you are being reunited with loved ones you've been separated from for such a long time. 

Viewers are loving it, and they are feeling the joy and excitement that radiates from their friendship. One TikToker, @cassybrown657, says, “Wow I felt the happiness myself. Have a fabulous BD.” Another viewer, @_angeeaa adds, “This is the cutest thing I have seen in a while.. so much happiness!” Also from the clip, there is one thing a few people have noticed. “Who is being surprised? everyone? I can't tell,” says @mammalammaredpajama. It's so adorable how they all act so stunned and ecstatic  to see each other! Finally, commenter @jasmine_inbloom says, “A lifetime of sisterhood is the strongest bond there is,” and Genevieve kindly replies, “They’ve legit been friends for their whole life and it’s so wonderful to see!!!” 

Clearly these lucky ladies have developed a friendship that stands the test of space and time! When you have a connection that still makes you this giddy, even at age 60, that's something to cherish forever.