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Woman Crashes Her Bestie's Engagement and It's Just Too Sweet

What's more exciting than getting engaged? Well, having your best friend surprise you at your engagement might be one idea! That's exactly what happened to one bride-to-be in a TikTok video that's got everyone in their feels. 

In this clip shared by Tiara, a couple happily pose on the beach in a photo-op after their engagement moment, and what happens next is stirring up the emotions for everyone. 

This is just so adorable and sweet! It's hilarious how the friend sneakily runs up behind this unsuspecting couple and actually poses for a few seconds, basically photobombing them, meanwhile they have no idea she's behind them. This is the definition of a pleasant surprise! We have to wonder how long she was keeping that a secret for. 

The video's audience seems to be completely smitten with all the feel goods from this clip, particularly when it comes to the level of friendship these two ladies have together. One viewer, @themakingsofmy, says, "You can tell that's bestie when the husband and child hugs you like family." On a similar note, @sarahbobby0105 adds, That's just not a best friend that's a sister. Congratulations on your engagement beautiful wishing you a happy married life." Lastly, @guruchaimae007 says, "The way he let you two have that moment." Yes, that man is definitely a keeper for sure! 

According to the caption, this friend drove nine hours to support her bestie during their special moment. What a blessing it is to have a friend as fun and dedicated as that.