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Grandma's Advice for Being Happy Single Is So On-Point

It's common for people to underestimate our grandmothers' perspectives on life and assume it's out of touch with today's reality, but they might surprise you. This grandma on TikTok has been on this earth for long time, and she's got a few things things she wants you to know when it comes to being happy while single. 

In this clip, @grandma_droniak breaks down some much needed wisdom proving that when it comes to life advice, grandma knows best. Grab your pen and paper, because you'll want to take notes on this one. 

How cool is this woman?! I mean, she's not wrong. We love how she shoots straight from the hip here, but still maintains a loving demeanor. It's obvious this woman know what she's talking about. 

It seems other TikTokers are embracing her sage life advice as well.  User @noavalableusernames says, "Grandma you outlived your ex's and boyfriends combined which is why we all know you slay."  Some are even personally inspired and uplifted by her wise counsel. Commenter @that155cmlilbitch says, "You are saving my life grandma, you make me feel so optimistic. There is no person I look up to more than you, big slay." Others seem to be convinced she's someone they should listen to moving forward. User @cassielove_nz says, "I need to start living by this advice!! My partner & I broke up yesterday!!" 

Whether we realize it or not, our grandmothers know about life because they've been there. Though she humbly states, "If you don't like it, don't listen," it's safe to say many of us will be better off taking grandma's advice. 

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