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Man Shares 5 Behaviors Women Do That Scare Men Off

One of them is a real doozie.

If you are dating, you know how confusing it can be to try to figure somebody else out. Do you want to continue to date? Is the person similar to you but different enough to keep things interesting? Are they really who they say they are? Well, if you're a woman, listen up because @lovestrategies shared 5 behaviors that can scare a man off.

In this TikTok, he shares the 4th of the five behaviors. Check it out and then we'll tell you the other behaviors that he says will scare men away.

It makes sense, right? Don't be an instant texter! If you have nothing better to do than sit on your phone all day, he's going to notice. Set your phone down and get out there and live a little!

Most commenters were not in agreement with this, not even close. @Sassy T says, "How about we be ourselves and if something as simple as texting back quick scares someone off then they aren't the right one." @Angela Butler makes a good point when she shares, "If I have to appear unavailable to get someone to like me, then I don't want it. I'm not into emotional games." @Karen Engledow offers, "This would apply when there’s a disinterest… if you’re interested in somebody… Really interested… This is not going to turn you off."

Wondering what the other four behaviors are? @lovestrategies shares them in other TikToks. They are spending all your time with him, unreasonable jealousy, gossiping about other people, and pushing for commitment. Those all seem pretty solid, and we can understand the logic behind them. But texting right back? Not sure if fits in as well as the others.