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Woman's Before & After Divorce Pics Are the Best Flex Ever

Divorce can be a painful and challenging time for anyone going through it. However, the saying is true that queens can turn pain into power. 

That's exactly what TikToker Marissa Jeanelle did by giving herself a makeover and getting hotter after divorce, and she's got the pics to prove it! Check out her before and after transformation, because she nails it to a T. 

This woman is out here making life after divorce look good! Marissa was pretty in the before photos during her marriage, but those after shots are straight fire! Needless to say, Marissa looks amazing and seems to be feeling really good about herself. 

Jaws are dropping to the floor in the comments of this video. Viewer @444goddessx says, "Only 29???? That man aged you and you took back your years." Indeed, and she took them back with a vengeance! User @omg_jess adds, "The divorce glow up is so real!!! I’m so happy for you." Yes, she's rocking this new look!

Another commenter, @thebabyfamous, informs, "Know he’s devastated and it don’t even matter cuz this is all for you." Yeah, he's very likely kicking himself right about now. That's just the way it goes, though. Finally, user @pinkpen53 advises, "Certain people bring out certain sides of you but being single and being able to make any decision freely that’s the best feeling to gain again."

The process of getting back to your authentic self after major life event is an extremely powerful journey, and she's completely nailed it. Hats off to Marissa!

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