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Bear 'Crashes' Couple's Wedding in the Most Unfortunate Way

Warning: this video is a bit tough to watch.

If you're a nature lover, you might decide to have your wedding in the great outdoors. Maybe in a place that means something to you both. A location that you both love, where it's peaceful and brings you joy. We're guessing that this couple did not even imagine that this would happen when they chose a lake in the woods for their big day!

And just when we think that we've seen the worst or weirdest things that have happened to people on their wedding day, @filmsbystanton proves us wrong. But be warned, this video is a bit graphic.

Everybody at this wedding must have been in shock! The look on the bride's face says it all. Not only did the bear crash the wedding, but he chose to do it while the bride and groom were in the middle of their nuptials! The chances of seeing a bear or a moose on the shoreline is probably rare on a regular day. But to see a bear killing a moose? What are the odds!

You guys. This video has been watched more than 36 million just one day! It has 4.2 million likes and more than 35 thousand comments. Talk about viral! And of course people had a lot to say about it. @Ty Faichney said, "How dare nature do nature things while we get married in nature!" @Jordan Richardson made us laugh with, "The Bear: “Til death do you part huh? Welll..." @Six says what we were all thinking, "That photographer damn well have better gotten some good shots of that." We also laughed at @Wandering But Not Lost who shared, "My dog .2 seconds after I bring him a new toy." 

Our favorite comment came from @ia_guns_matter who said, ""I want a wedding in nature..." *gets shocked when nature keeps it real" LOL" Our thoughts exactly!

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