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Bartender Explains How She Outed a Customer for Cheating

As you can probably imagine, bartenders see a lot while they work. They witness a lot of customer behavior and they notice situational patterns. Sometimes, a bartender just doing their job can even be tactfully woven into the fabric of an affair without ever realizing it.  

One woman, however, did eventually come to grasp the reality of a couple she served regularly at her place of employment. TikToker @imacayk tells us the story in a two-part series, about  how she not only realized her patrons were having an affair, but how she exposed the affair in front of one man's wife, by accident.

It sounds like there's never a dull day when you're a bartender, and this story is already shaping up to be quite interesting. Kudos to her for maintaining professional attitude and not getting involved in her customers personal matters. Though, not all viewers share that philosophy. User @HumanApprentice says, "If you've ever been cheated on you really appreciate the person who lets you know about it." It's understandable how tempting it may be to out cheating spouses to their partners. It just doesn't seem like that is this bartender's style. User @alligatorclamps adds, "That bartender confidentiality… I usually make sure they know I know." The story continues. 

Yikes! Let's just say, this wasn't her fault. She couldn't see that this time the man was with his wife instead of his lover and she again, doing her job, was trying to take care of her customers. Commenter @frankieros.leftpiercing brings up a good question. "Why would he take his wife to the same bar he takes his affair to?" In all fairness, cheaters aren't exactly known to be the brightest crayons in the box to begin with. 

It looks like this man was eventually busted on his scheme. It was merely an honest mistake on the bartender's part for outing him, and let's be honest, this wouldn't have happened if he hadn't been cheating in the first place. 

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