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Ash Pariseau


Ash Pariseau is a contributing writer for PairedLife. She's an OG blogger since before most people knew what blogging was. She's worked with many different digital and print publications, entrepreneurs, and website building and marketing firms. She's covered everything from entertainment and culture to lifestyle and health related topics, but her favorite topics are dating, relationships, and gender dynamics. She grew up in the Midwest but now enjoys coastal living in greater Myrtle Beach, SC. with her significant other. When taking a break from the internet, she's enjoying life on the beach and playing with fire (performance art props). 


  • Ash has covered dating and relationship topics for various platforms in the past. 
  • She now brings professional experience to the table as a certified relationship coach as well as personal experience managing her own relationships since her late teens. 
  • While she's currently in a committed relationship of over 15 years, she remembers the challenges that come with navigating the dating scene and the struggles involved with finding the right person to commit yourself to long term. 


Studied Mass Communications/Journalism at Ball State University
Earned a certification in Relationship Coaching from The Academy of Creative Coaching


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