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Woman Shares Advice for What to Say When People Ask If She's Single

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Single people! Have you ever been at the family gathering minding your own business when all of a sudden you are ambushed with *that* question: how come you're still single? It's always such an awkward moment, and you never quite know how to respond. Well, one woman on TikTok has an idea for you to try. 

In this clip, @thirtywaves shares her recommendation for how to handle that pesky question, and we gotta say, it's pretty good! 

This woman is pulling up with some excellent wisdom! I love how her response is non-defensive and positive, yet designed to cunningly change the subject completely. This might also work well when people ask when you're having kids. 

Viewers are loving the sage advice. User @enjoymyclinttok shares, "As a non married 38 YO that enjoys my life as is, I 100000000% confirm this as effective." Commenter @victoriabond09 adds, "I do this! Throws people when they can't go for the typical 'advice/pity party' that you didn't ask for......the assumption culture is just too much!" 

Viewer @the_ultimateplaygirl has an additional brilliant example for throwing them for a loop, "BAHAH I go into 'what makes you think I'm not in a relationship?' instant confusion."  The idea keep rolling in! User @dynamitemissj shares, "They asked me where my bf was today and I was like 'in therapy' and they were like 'wow haven’t heard that one before.'"

It's understandable that friends and family asks these questions because these are the things in life they are familiar with. However, let's normalize giving them a glimpse into how awesome single life can be as well as choosing our own paths that don't necessarily involve a significant other. 

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