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Airbnb Cancels Bachelor Party Last-Minute and Total Hilarity Ensues

Bachelor parties are a time every man looks forward to before the big wedding day. They are a celebration to remember, although many struggle to remember... but what do you do when your Airbnb cancels the festivities at the last minute? Well, you take charge of situation and come up with a new plan.

This is what TikToker @dinocornel and his bachelor party crew did. In this clip, we see how they decided to take matters into their own hands, and how they do it is just too hilarious!

Well isn't that the prettiest of the pretty princess parties you've ever seen?! These men decided they were going to have a good time no matter what, and it looks like they bad a blast. 

Viewers are loving how these men took an otherwise crappy situation and made the best of it, and it seems to be inspiring others as well. Commenter @dinocornel says, "If my bachelor party is not like this then I don’t want it." On the other hand, lady viewers chimed in as well. User @strawberrybanaynay admits, "The main reason I don’t bring guys to my place: I’m 23 and my room looks like this by choice." Hey, nothing wrong with that!  Other TikTokers had some fun teasing the gang. Commenter @panicattheexistence says, "Sure that old last minute cancellation story," and @cubbyxnote asks, "Did you include these photos in your 10/10 review? Lol."

It's pretty clear there's nothing that can spoil the party around this group of men. They seem like a fun pack to hang around, and we can bet they'll have many more fun, and interesting, parties in the future. 

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