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Woman Turns Off the Age Deal Blocker on 'Hinge' and the Result Is Surprising

This is the last thing she expected to see.

If you're a fan of online dating, this will make you laugh! @thelexistout took the age dealbreaker off of her account on Hinge and was shocked by what happened.

Lexi says she usually has it set for 30-40 year olds or so. When she took the age dealbreaker off, she expected to get a bunch of old men trying to meet up with her. That's not exactly what happened.

Lexi is shocked to get hit up by younger guys - 23 year olds! You can tell it definitely was not something she expected. She's blown away by it and finds it hard to believe that younger guys would want to date somebody in her 30s. 

Commenters had lots to say about her new Hinge experience. @Heather advised, "Girl, don’t … I’m 33 and went out with a 26-year-old, never felt older in my life." @Leigh Ann Mason shared her experience too, "Girl its cougar season. I'm 45 and had guys in 20s begging me for you know what." @Neshiaep also things Lexi should give it a shot, "Go for it. Those 23-year-old guys will date 50-year-old women too. They love older women."

Some guys chimed in too. @Jack says, "As a 24-year-old, unequivocally yes. That being said, it's probably gonna be hit or miss (emphasis on miss). Guys my age tend to not to know what to do." @Eyyasluna also said, "You were a 6 until you said you were 30. now you’re a solid 8."

There are over 4,800 comments on this TikTok! People are really passionate about age differences when it comes to dating!