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Man Asks for Opinions on the '6-Month Rule' After a Breakup

Many of us have heard of the "no-contact rule" when it comes to breakups. With this, the idea is to stop any and all contact with your ex, typically for at least 30 days, as a means of allowing yourself the space and time needed to move on properly. Now, one man is proposing the concept of going no-contact for considerably longer than a month. 

TikToker  @thepeterwalshshow is opening up the discussion on his idea for a "6-month rule" and he's asking for some help. Check out this clip and find out more and how you can help him out. 

Wow, 6 months?! That's quite a while, but it's completely understandable. With the volume of exes that seem to come back and reek havoc on the lives of unsuspecting people just trying to get on with their lives, it might not be such a bad idea. 

It seems viewers are on board with the idea as well. User @darlin_belle says, "Sounds plausible but a lot of people mentally check out of the relationship long before it actually ends." On a similar note, user @kellieann29 says, "You shouldn’t rush into a new relationship. You should allow yourself time to heal and work on removing the baggage before you move on to someone else." Well said!  Commenter @valerieparkis74 adds, "It’s been a year and I still won’t do it… never again. Focusing on me and being a healthy individual. He’s on his 3rd person."

At the end of the day, everyone gets to decide how much time they need to recover from the affects of their breakup and allow time to let emotions heal. However, proposing the idea of generally taking several months or more isn't the worst idea we've ever heard. 

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