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Woman's Story of 'Shortest Date in History' Is Such a Nightmare

We would've skipped out on the date too!

Have you ever told a little white lie to get out of a date from hell? Yeah, us too. So has @kris marshall, and she shared her first date horror story.

We can't blame her at all for skipping out on this date. She starts out by saying that she was on a first date, and they were supposed to have dinner. She left after they had a drink. It was about 12 minutes that she suffered through this guy and his loudmouth.

Poor Kris! She broke out in hives she was so embarrassed. There's nothing worse than a loud talker, except a loud talker that talks about his money. And then to bad mouth her boss? Wow. This guy seemed totally clueless. She had to come up with a way out and decided on having to go home and study for a job interview the next morning. We wonder if he bought it.

Commenters were there to show support. @Sarah G shares, "I love being in my fifties. You can just say nope and leave." @Lisa Dailey Arcure agreed with, "Good for you. Get out of there and don’t feel bad at all." @Jana B - Lifestyle Coach says, "Never deal bad for protecting your energy!" Kris responded back with, "Thank you! You're right!"

@Tom Krol is many of us when he adds, "Too funny! You're better than me. I have sat through 3 hr dinners and all I hear is blah, blah, blah." @thall727 made us laugh with, "Just say "excuse me but I need to go do something better."" We wish she would've said that! Maybe next time.

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