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Tips for Men to Survive Their Wife's PMS

Updated on February 22, 2017

PMS is not fun, not for me, not for you, and certainly not for my husband. PMS is the onset of my Hulk transformation. I stop being myself, and I turn into my husband's worst nightmare and communication becomes futile.

Much like the Hulk, I'm not really in control of myself when PMS arrives. My hormonal impulses take over my sweet nature (okay, so I may not be the sweetest person in the world, but I'm way nicer when PMS is not ruling my world). This is how I look when I'm afflicted by PMS:

However, unlike the Hulk in the Avengers, I haven't learned to control my impulses yet. So, while I figure out how to help myself, I created a list of things to help my suffering husband deal with my PMS . I'm sharing this list with you because I don't want to feel like we are the only couple that needs this crazy list.

So, here are my best tips to help you, poor men, know how to deal with PMS.

Don't offer any solutions, unless...

Please don't ever, ever tell us to take a pill. And whatever you do, don't ever say "take a chill pill" as this may result in the end of your days.

You don't have to tell us to take medication. We know a pill makes things better most of the time. If we seem like we need a pill, chances are we already took one and it just isn't working. Unlike children, we don't need to be reminded to take our medicine. Au contraire! We desperately want it! So when you imply that we are too stupid to remember to take a pill, we feel deeply insulted, which will undoubtedly make us feel angrier toward you.

However, if your solutions include a massage, a hot cup of tea, baking a hot chocolate cake or any other goody, then by all means, offer as many solutions as you want. It's not that we don't like solutions. We like them, as long as they make us feel like a precious gem and not like a stupid child.

Keep your distance, but don't go too far

So what exactly is a good distance to keep? During these horrible days, we girls want to have enough space to ourselves to tear anything we want to tear down. We want to have enough space to rip all the pillows we want to rip, and to cry wherever we want to cry. Keep away from this space. However, don't go too far. We want you to stay close enough so you can come rescue us in case the need for a scoop of ice cream may arise.

Sound selfish? A little, but keep in mind that we are super sweet during any other time of the month.

Girls, let's not be jerks.

PMS is a very real thing, but it should, in no way, be used as an excuse to hurt others, or to treat others like chewed gum stuck to your shoe.

Some women may use this horrible time of the month to take advantage of their significant other, or to do anything else that they could get away with.

Please notice that I am, in no way, advocating for this kind of behavior. I'm simply stating what could happen and how hormones can mess with a woman's head.

But, girls, let's try to be as nice as we possibly can, okay? Okay!

Don't expect too much

PMS can be so severe that sometimes all we can do is lie in bed all day. Cramps can be so sharp that just walking proves to be a real challenge. So don't expect a clean house, a warm meal or pretty much anything else. Not gonna happen.

Here's what you can do: clean, cook, feed the children, take them to park, etc.. you get the point.

Understand what's going on

I don't believe men will ever fully understand the complexity (and pain) of PMS. In an effort to win your sympathy, I will attempt to explain what goes on.

During PMS, our brains don't fully belong to us. They become controlled by tiny, evil creatures called hormones. We know we shouldn't act the way we do, but the fight against these evil creatures is close to impossible. So it's like we are seeing ourselves do things we don't want to do and feel completely overpowered. Keep in mind that all this is happening while blood is coming out of our lady parts and our uterus is cramping like Parkinson's on caffeine.

It is as if we were fighting two fights: one with our brains and one with our uterus. NOT FUN!

This is the evil hormone responsible for our crazy mood changes during PMS
This is the evil hormone responsible for our crazy mood changes during PMS

Mood Swings

PMS doesn't necessarily mean we will always be in a crappy mood. No, what will be the fun of that? For added extra fun, PMS decides to give us women mood swings that are just "delightful" both for you and us. So one minute we may be super happy, and the next we are ready to eat your head.


Keep a calendar, but don't let us know you're keeping track

Keeping a calendar of our period is a wonderful way to know when and how to deal with PMS. It may help you understand a sudden fit of anger. But, please, whatever you do, don't let us know you're keeping track. This will only make us feel like some kind of time bomb or monster that can't be controlled. We don't like to feel like some kind of creep right out of a sci-fi movie.

Plus, if you keep a calendar and we don't know, we will just see you as a super sweet guy that really knows how to understand his woman, and that will earn you a ton of brownie points.

In the end...

Yes, this may seem like a lot of work for all you poor carriers of a Y chromosome. But, following these instructions will help you keep a happy wife (girlfriend, whatever) and thus, also result in a happier you. We are willing to shower you with hugs and kisses if you understand this complex process we have to endure every month.

Remember: learning how to deal with PMS is no easy task, but practice makes perfect!

We love you! Thanks for being so sweet!
We love you! Thanks for being so sweet!

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    • profile image

      Don'tbuyit 2 years ago

      If you can be super obnoxious and hateful to your husband yet turn it off in an instant and act totally different if someone comes to the door...then I call bullshit. If you can suck it up and act decent to others then no excuses for the way the husband is treated.

    • profile image

      Gin 23 months ago

      Loving the comment about treating other guys well but you significant other otherwise. My girl treats me like shit for the slightest things and thinks im making excuses at the end of the day. she also said that i did not care for her and did not ask if she was still in pain or how was she doing, when in actual fact, i have asked every single day, amd hoping she doesn't get in too much pain. Having done all that, she said i did not do it and other guys had to do it for her And thatshe was disappointed with that, and there comes the shit again, with me not being responsible enough and not caring enough. Can anyone tell me what i should do on this

    • profile image

      Sick of wife Hating me 18 months ago

      I agree with Don'tbuyit !

      My wife treats me like shit, and looks at me with pure hate and disgust, everything I do, say or whatever pisses her off to know end, yet she seems fine to coworkers, other people in family, but me and her kids ! Her eyes look like evil cobra eyes towards me on PMS week, just getting tired of it !

      She truly does not treat coworkers, or others outside the house like shit, but me and the kids, me especially ! I do not even know that woman when she has PMS she literally looks evil and scary at me with hate, she claims she doesnt but it is in her eyes !

    • profile image

      Yep 16 months ago

      A million excuses for not being able to navigate their own existence.

    • profile image

      Normanstresskopf 15 months ago

      It may, or may not, help to rationalize about the origins of PMS:

      A fertile female failing to conceive could have a better chance to procreate after forcing a split from her possibly less potent present partner.

      Of course such instinctive behaviour might have made sense only aeons ago, but modern women are still governed by what had formerly been a benefitial genetic strategy; cmp. Richard Dawkins.

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