Why I Like My Men To Wear Lingerie

As a woman, I write a great deal about men who wear lingerie. To be honest, it has become rather a passion of mine over the past few years, but it wasn't always that way. This is the story of how I came upon this phenomenon of men who like to wear lingerie, and how I came to love a man who wore panties. In the beginning, I was introduced to men wearing lingerie by a wonderful man who hesitantly revealed his proclivity towards wearing lingerie after several dates.

I don't know if I would have responded so well on the first date, but by the time he told me I liked the guy, and I wanted to get to know him better. It didn't really seem like it would be that big of a deal if he wanted to wear lingerie, after all, we all have our little likes and dislikes, don't we? My biggest fear came about from hoping that I wouldn't laugh if he looked silly in it. After all, a big hairy man wearing a camisole, bra, and stretching out a pair of ladies panties in all the wrong places isn't exactly the image most women have of their boyfriend.

I'm not going to lie and say I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I didn't. It looked odd, and yeah it was a tad strange. But then I got up the courage to touch him whilst he was wearing his lingerie, and oh dear lord. There is something about the feel of satin sliding over a hard muscled body that is just amazingly sensual. I won't be crude, but I will say that there was an added dimension to our love making that came both from the feel of the lingerie, and no doubt, also from the freedom he was allowed just to be himself. It might not be your ideal of a perfect mate to have a man who wears lingerie, but trying to shove men into boxes and make them live some role like walking Ken dolls isn't a healthy way to be, and believe me when I say he was all man between the sheets.

There is a common misconception that men who wear lingerie are somehow effeminate, or even gay. However, as the poll on the men in panties blog demonstrates, most men wear lingerie for the the feeling. They like the way that the satin and lace feel against their skin. Why shouldn't they? Lingerie does feel good. It feels sexy, and having two bodies clad in silky smooth material only adds to the fun.

It may not be your thing to have a man who wears lingerie, and that is fine. Just be aware that there are quite literally thousands of men who hide this side of themselves from their female partners because they fear losing them if it were revealed. You may already have a man who wears lingerie and not even know it.

I don't often get biblical, but I am reminded of a story in the bible where a man goes to a dinner party and omits to change his work clothes before going. He is turned away at the door because he is not dressed properly, so goes home, changes into his finest garments, and returns to the party. This time he is allowed in, and he sits down and promptly begins "feeding" his clothes, putting food in the pockets and talking to his clothes at the same time. His host and the other guests look at him as if he is mad of course, and eventually his host asks him what on earth he is doing. The man then replies "When I came in my old clothes, you wouldn't let me in, so I assume it is my clothes you have invited to your home, and not me."

It's the man under the panties that counts.

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ART WITH ASHES profile image

ART WITH ASHES 9 years ago

Thank you for sharing. I have only had the experience once many years ago when my lover donned my black satin and lace teddy while I was out of the room. I came back to find him sprawled across the bed wearing it. That proved to be a tremendous turn-on and made for an evening even greater than I could have imagined. Maybe it was the lingerie of maybe just that he felt comfortable to freely express himself with me. I thought it was incredibly sexy. For me it is just a matter of letting my man know that I am comfortable with him. From there we are free to explore.

Rudra profile image

Rudra 9 years ago

so men do wear panties and you like them. but the question is-whats the psychology behind men wearing panties. why do they like it.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 9 years ago Author

Art With Ashes - Thank you for sharing too! What a great story! One of the reasons why I write about this topic is that I have come across so many men who are scared to be themselves and express their desires. Seeing that there are women who won't mock them or leave them, but will embrace them is good for both men and women I think :)

Rudra- Good question Rudra, and there has been quite a bit written about that. You can visit the men in panties blog, or read my other related hubs which go into why men like to wear panties. I will probably write one specifically adressing your question at a later date. In the meantime, here is the short answer, as confirmed by years of experience, research, and talking to men who like to wear lingerie.

There are many reasons men like to wear panties, but it generally falls into one of the following categories:

Tactile - They like the sensation

Taboo - They enjoy doing something so naughty, and breaking a major taboo.

Feminization - They like to feel feminine

Any given man might wear lingerie for one or more of these reasons. There are also additional reasons, such as enjoying being forced to wear panties, but that's a whole 'nother ball game.

jaybee123 9 years ago

Very good posting, I liked that. I wear lingerie and my girlfriends have liked it a lot, and I agree with Hope - it is the tactile sensation, the feeling of being naughty too! And my partners who I shared this with loved the silky feel on me, it was about the first thing they commented on.

Hot Rocks Review profile image

Hot Rocks Review 9 years ago

Very interesting article. The views into men wearing lingerie are very interesting. Most men won't admit to it, but deep down inside they all have a feminine side. Though the wearing of lingerie might not be a "feminine expression", but rather one of a "sexy feel", it's a sexy idea, and makes you wonder what's wrapped in that package!

jaybee123 9 years ago

I'm so glad you think that Hot Rocks, for me it is definitely a 'sexy feel', and of course as you say there is the surprise of what's in the silky lacy package too!

Carlx 9 years ago

I must admit I like the taboo, tactile and feminization. Yes, speaking for myself I do feel feminine at times and like the fem look and feel of panties. Unfortunately men are not allowed to express these feelings with women. I am all man but wish I could enjoy that feminine side with my woman without being thought of as anything but a man.

Jim 8 years ago

I love to wear panties. My wife is understanding and very supportive of my lingerie wearing. All three of your reasons are very well suited in my panty wearing. My wife loves the look I guess and I love the feel. It makes for an evening of erotic and wild sex :)

pantiemale 8 years ago

I enjoy the feel of girly undies, and I admit the fact that another reason is that it is "naughty". My wife knows that I like to wear female undies and tolerated me wearing them in bed. When I added a bra she was quite cross. She said that it spoiled sex because it made her feel like a lesbian. I find it a huge turn on especially when she would caress the suspender straps and bra. She seems very reluctant to do this though. What harm am I doing? Why can't she just occasionally say: "Put your sexy undies on, I'm feeling randy....."

Catawn profile image

Catawn 8 years ago from Portland, OR

Well... now I'm curious about my guy. ;3

Not that it'd make him any less of a man, but I wonder if he'd be reluctant to tell me... hm.

Very good article. Hopefully it'll encourage all genders to accept their partners for who they are -- even if they don't perfectly fit in society's mold.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 8 years ago Author

I agree Catawn - it's not really about what your partner is into, so much as being able to accept them for who they are. (Assuming it isn't something dangerous or illegal or harmful, of course.)

ayjay profile image

ayjay 8 years ago from Portland Oregon

Gender-bending is fun because it can feel so good, and it is especially thrilling if what one is doing is hidden and secret--you feel sooo naughty and aroused, knowing that you've got a secret. So good for you for allowing the magic to happen. If the world is a stage, the least we can do is choose a portion of our costume.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 8 years ago Author

Exactly! Have fun with it :)

Brandy Owens profile image

Brandy Owens 8 years ago from Wherever life takes me

Wow, this is untraditional and sounds so sexy in many ways. Despite my being old fashioned in many ways, gender roles are kind of out of date, and if a man wants to wear lingerie, let him! :D

Good hub. :)

Montagraph profile image

Montagraph 8 years ago from United States

Yikes! Maybe as a joke I might do such a thing, but only then. I just wouldn't feel comfortable wearing womans clothes. It is hard enough shopping for myself as a man. I can only imagine having to shop for two! lol

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 8 years ago Author

It definitely is non traditional, which is probably why it holds the naughty taboo it does... and thanks for the laugh Montagraph... women's clothing is most definitely much more complex to shop for than men's attire.

miss_tiana profile image

miss_tiana 8 years ago from Seattle WA

I don't know how you got any straight man into lingerie. That must have been an interesting conversation to bring up over dinner. "Baby will you wear panties tonight after dinner?" lol. But I guess you can just get a Victoria's Secret credit card and both go stock up. But a g-string on a man? I don't find that flattering...most have hairy butts. lol

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 8 years ago Author

I hate to be a stickler for superfluous things like detail, but if you read the Hub (I know, what a concept!) and perhaps any of the others associated with it, or even the comments above your own, you'll notice that there are a significant number of straight men who get into lingerie quite happily by themselves.

Also, it's probably worth noting that there are a great deal of men who would LOVE to hear their date ask them to wear panties later on. There was even an episode of Friends where Chandler ended up in women's underwear in a not dissimilar fashion, and I believe Joey also put on a pair of panties at one time or other.

The ones that have to be forced into lingerie sometimes enjoy it a little too much - but that's another (much more R Rated) topic.

docjim505 profile image

docjim505 8 years ago from No. Carolina

Well, I can say one thing about Hub Pages: you never know quite what you're going to bump into! Interesting hub and comments.

satin_lover 8 years ago

well im new here , so hi to all, i like the feel of womans lingerei and my last girlfriend didn't nind me wearing stockings and panties , i still feel like a guy , but i admit i feel and look sexy in my satin lingerei and would like to meet another woman who would except it and know im quite as people put it ...normal... i have a lot to give with the right woman so im hopeful to find someone oneday emotionally and sexually

martin 8 years ago

I told my wife 10 years ago about my passion for wearing womens underwear and it did not go down well at all.To this day we have never spoken about it and I feel trapped and alone. Any advice.


a very lonely husband

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 8 years ago Author

Well, divorce comes to mind. Though that really is the last step, and I wouldn't recommend it just because of the fact that you like to wear lingerie and she doesn't like it. It's more the fact that you feel trapped and alone. This goes beyond the boundaries of just wearing lingerie, and into the realm of relationship counselling, which I am imminently NOT qualified for.

Sounds like you have a communication problem though, and it probably extends to a lot of things. So it may be time for professional counselling anyway.

There's yet another option too, and that's just to wear the lingerie sometimes, regardless of what she thinks. Is life really so long that you have time to spend it miserable and denying yourself something so inherently innocent and harmless as wearing lingerie?

Then again, you evidently chose to marry this woman for some reason, and if we assume that reason was love, then as we all know, love isn't perfect. But love should be about coming to understand one another's imperfections.

There's so much amiss in this situation that it is quite impossible to offer any real advice, and I'd take what I have said with a pinch of salt. When it comes down to it, life is about choices. You could tell your wife that you feel trapped and alone, there is a chance she may feel the same way. Also, 10 years ago is a long time to have told someone something, her feelings may have mellowed and changed in that time, who knows.

At the end of the day, you're both human being with needs that probably aren't being met. What more could you do for her? Does she have any secret desires and fantasies? Could you help one another explore and live them?

Talking to your wife, not just about the lingerie, but about your mutual desires, dreams, and the things you feel you're both missing out on may be a step forward.

Jaxpantyguy 8 years ago

I just love wearing panties

anon 8 years ago

For me (a guy who likes wearing them), it would be a cop out to say that I just like the feeling. Although my attractions run 98% toward the female gender, another part of me is thrilled by the idea of adopting a female role. In those fantasies, I guess I would most closely identify myself with a Lesbian, in that I fantasize about the experience being "all woman". Of course, that just can't happen, but anything that approaches it gets me excited.

That's part of the time. The rest of the time, I like feeling dominant over my woman, who shares all of my fantasies with me.

I guess I mean to say that it's somewhat complicated, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with it either. It's something that excites me, something that my wife can use to excite me, and also something that doesn't overwhelm or distract from other modes of expressing our affection for each other.

LatexLeah profile image

LatexLeah 8 years ago

Being an inveterate crossdresser, panties and other delicates have been a big part of my life. They are an outward manifestation of my sex as it were. They also feel good and make me feel good.

Yes, it's strange but then, if you're not afflicted with a particular fetish, then it's difficult to explain and even harder to understand.

Ain't it great though that we're not all the same? It takes all kinds.

Doreen R profile image

Doreen R 8 years ago

Wearing panties is a wonderful experience, and if your partner is into it, so much the better. I do believe men have to be a little selective about the cut of the lingerie, we need to leave room for our bits. I find stretchy material like Spandex and nylon blends to be most accomidating while an all lace pantie is probaly not going to work unless they put some stretch in it. And if you are going to wear lingerie, you should give serious consideratoin to shaving your body hair, it just adds the perfect touch.

pj 8 years ago

im an extremely lucky guy that found a very supportive spouse,and have been wearing lingerie 24/7 for the last 21 years,one of our favorite things to do is going lingerie shopping,she never goes without new lingerie either!I feel its the cornerstone of our relationship,and a special bond I couldn't imagine sharing with anyone else,just our special secret,and of course my total obsesion. by the way we are totally heterosexual and have three kids,I feel sorry for the people who cant express this part of their life with another person!!!!

JA 8 years ago

I wear bra (32A), girdle, panties and stockings on a daily basis, because t makes me feel good. At home, I am mainly into skirts.



john 8 years ago

That's right Ladies totally straight men are sneakily wearing your panties and swim wear and nighties . Wake up and enjoy it while you can

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 8 years ago Author

It's always fun when I read incredulos men's comments which imply that any man who wears panties must be gay. For one, it is simply untrue, a fact which is born out by the evidence of the hundreds of men who read these articles, and for two, it assumes an overwhelming arrogance that gay men would want to pretend to be straight. This isn't the 1950's chaps, there are gay men all over the show, they don't need to pretend to be straight and then sneak into women's underwear drawers. They can purchase their own lingerie online.

TJ 8 years ago

I love 2 wear sexy silk lacey underwear on a regular basis, because it feels so good. 36D/DD bra thongs/french niks and stockings to

dan 8 years ago


Pete 8 years ago

I am now in my sisties. I began wearing panties and other lingerie when I was ten years old. I had a battle over tis with my mother but after many unsuccesful attempts she finally gave in to my desires. Since this time I have never worn a pair of men's underpants. I love the soft feel of panties rather than the somewhat rough feel of underpants. Even the fancy, designer stle underpants don't feel very good. At times I just wear simple, plain panties at other times I prefer something fancy. I am a psychologist and see nothing detrimental to men who chose panties over underpants. Please continue submitting comments since I do enjoy reading them.

Ron 8 years ago

I am straight and I love wearing panties, I use to wear them all the time 10 years ago and was wearing them when I met my wife and when we got marryed, but for some reason I got away from them for about 5 years when one day I woke up and wanted to wear them again so I found some online and started buying them again 24/7 nevered told her so she was a little surprised when they started showing up after about 2 month. I had a lot of them nevered asked or any thing just started buying, she found out the first day I wore them, so guys don't be ashamed just do it she'll either like it or not, it's your life.

Chris1 8 years ago

Thank you for an interesting article.It's nice to know here are women who are trying to understand us.

I've worn panties 24/7 for approximately 5 years now. Being single, I have to buy my own.For me it's mainly about the feel and how I feel about myself wearing them. I feel calmer and more self confident.

I do enjoy wearing skirts from time to time not that I'm opposed to wearing shorts or trousers where that's more practical .


yvettes 8 years ago

I am 62 and been wearing panties and bras most of my life.I've worn them to work alot and only one time have i had a problem,but never became and issue.I was bending over a filing cabinet and sweater rose up and exposed my panty top to a lady sitting next to cabinet I realized it and pulled my sweater down.Later that day I saw the lady on the way out to our parking lot she smiled and said she like like my choice of underware and smiled.I was was red faced I know.nothing was said for a long time after that butshe was always very nice to me.It got around the ofle later that I was getting a divorce and the lady ask if it was true and I told her yes.she said that maybe some day we could have lunch.We do about 3 months later and then we made plans for a date.I decided not to wear panties that day and to my surprize she ask if I had them on.i told her no and she ask why,I told her I was not real sure but did not want to offend her.she said that was one of the reason she wanted to go out with me.she said she was interested in my choice of undies at work.We had dinner and she said she wanted to go to the mall for shopping,we went to macy's lingerie section and she bought 2 panties and 2 bras.she ask if I would come to her house and I said yes.she ask if I would wear the bra and panties for her.I was nervous but said yes since that time we have been together and she love me in my undies and also I am her lady around the house wearing dresses and make up.I am clean shaven and we can share some clothes as I am 5'6 159lb's.We plan on going away for the weekend and I will be her girlfriend the 3 day's we are gone.Well I hope this is ok I know it's long but wanted to sahre my story.

LOL Yvettes

ALLEN 8 years ago


cj 8 years ago

I just love to wear panties

Andrew C. 8 years ago

I have been with 4 women who knew of my panty fetish. One didn't really like it but tolerated it on occasion... the other three loved it! I'm all man but just love the feel and look of satin, what can I say? The taboo aspect makes it exciting and spices up our sexlives. My current girlfriend (4yrs now) loves it. She buys me panties all the time. Sometimes I find a sexy pair of panties on my pillow with a note saying "Put these on and nothing else. I want you to walk around the house in these until I get home!".... wow. She'll even buy 2 sets of the same style in different colors - his & hers. I feel totally comfortable and free with my woman as a result and I would want her to feel the same way too.

Sabrina 8 years ago

I have been wearing silky panties and slips since I was a very young lad, probably from about the age of 8 or so. Mom and older sis's things had to suffice at first, but I will never forget the first time I worked up the courage to enter a lingerie boutique to purchase my first slip and pantie set.The saleslady was so helpful!Not only do I enjoy the feel of soft silky lingerie - it's also the "prettiness" of the clothing I adore as well.

Janie 8 years ago

I wear nylon panties 24/7 as they are so much more comfortable than men's. My wife doesn't mind at all. We share the same underwear drawer. Occasionally I'll put on a pair of her stockings and either a long slip or nightgown just to spice things up and we both enjoy it. Nylon nightgowns are also much more comfortable than men's pajamas. She doesn't mind this either and we are closer now more than ever. I even have my own french maids outfit.

Jeffsize8 8 years ago

I have talked with many men over the internet and find that many men wait until their wife leaves for work and then they slip in to a pair of their wife's panties because they are afraid to tell them the truth.

charlie 8 years ago

I a 54 year old male and i been wearing girdles and panties for over 40 years. My wife of 34 years dosnt like it.but as long as i don't leave them laying around she dosnt say anything. I wear 36b all in one most of the time. I wear them to work and at home. I don't care if some one knows.waut i wear is my busines.

JEFF 8 years ago

YES I AGREE there are some sext babydoll nighties out there here's my story, wife says she is tired of me wearing t shirt and underwear to bed. She says she wants to spice up our love life. So i put on a babydoll nighty and wear it to bed. She sees it and says that's different nothing else is said. It has been a month and even though i don't think she really likes to see me in the nighty she doesn't say i cant wear it. I love the feel of the nighty it feels so good and she has given me backrubs with it on and no big deal. Wide says she doesn't mind but i think shes not really saying what's on her mind though. Hope what should i do i have tried to talk to her and yet she doesn't say alot she knows i love to wear it for her and it is sexy on me she said that in a nice way is she tryng to get used to this? what would you recommend? We have been married 16 years. I also wear nylon panties and she does not mind those at all she has told me i look good in panties hope i love to wear the nighty for her and it feels good on me a part of me says keep wearing it she will get used to it.

scantilyclad 8 years ago

I agree with janie that womens sleepwear is so much more comfy than mens, i have thrown out all my mens stuff and wouldn't think of wearing anything other than a nightdress , sleeper or womens pj's, i live in Canada and there is nothing better on a really cold winter night than a ladies one piece fleecy sleeper, great to watch tv and lounge around in also

rich3800 8 years ago

I love to wear lingerie and it looks and feels better without hair. I would encourage men to remove body hair when wearing lingerie.

pantiesbob profile image

pantiesbob 8 years ago

Great article Hope.

I wear women's panties 24/7, Just love the feel and comfort of them. So much nicer then men's underwear with all the seams up-front. Wear nylon, satin and tactel nylon panties, wife knows and doesn't mind. Wear women's satin pj's at night during the winter and satin boxers the rest of the year.

Wemiva 8 years ago

I have been wearing nylon panties, pantyhose and camisoles for about 25 years. Within the last five years, I have been wearing these items under my work clothes. Nylon underwear is some much more comfortable! The taboo aspect of wearing lingerie at work is very exciting. When I sit at my desk, the cuffs of my pants raise above my ankles exposing my nylons. At the same time, I cannot wait for the day when I can sit at my desk with my exposed nylon-clad ankles and nobody thinks twice about it. I hope this day comes soon.

jacen1970 8 years ago

Well I've crossdressed for a few years now.

I'm smooth all over!

My Wife loves me to wear silky nighties and knickers in bed!

lingerielover 8 years ago

Years ago I switched to female lingerie and shapewear. Wearing panties, bra, girdle and stockings makes me feel good. I wear under my business suit at work. Today I don´t care if someone notices my nylonclad ankles. I´m lucky with my wife. She has accepted my faible. I could no longer imagine to go without nice lingerie and stockings.

Loveto be bad 8 years ago

Been wearing panties off and on for 40 years. I've had great experiences with women actually liking me to wear them. My last marriage ended over them though.

I've been married 5 years to my current wife. I like to do a lot of cooking and while making lasagna the sauce popped and splattered my shirt. My wife suggested she make me an apron. I jokingly said "yeah make it frilly and with matching panties".

The old thoughts I had been fighting came back, that night I snuck into her panty drawer and put them on under my sleep pants for a quick feel of the slick sexy material. Un known to me she saw them peeking out from under the top edge of my sleep pants when she came to bed. The next day I found 7 pair in my underwear drawer and all the mens missing. I also have a frilly apron that I now have to cook in with panties only. It's been interesting to say the least, as I sip my morning coffee with a locked on collar in my panties and silky nighty, now a requirement. Seems she had a dominant streak in her and we both love it.

Great post! I'd suggest anyone wanting to should at least give it a go. 4 out of 5 women in my past have thought it was great. One insisted I wear her panties the day after she wore them, it turned her on to know i was wearing her dirty panties.

Better to live a life fullfilled than to die wishing you had.

Brado 7 years ago

Woo, I love to wear panties and pantyhose everyday.

When working in the office, ussually I'm wearing a bodysuit. Of course with my lace black pantyhose too.

lovepanties66 7 years ago

i used to wear them every now and then but since i told my wife of my pleasure i wear all the time now and i love the feel of them.any material is nice as it keeps everything in place but the silky ones are me fave!!!!!!!! those of you that haven't told yr wife/partner u should.what's so bad with wearing womens lingerie instead of your own underwear? maybe if yr wife is the same size as you you can share! not in my case though1 my wife has a 23 inch waist and i have a 38 inch waist so i have my own selection of panties!!!. happy 2009

PrairiePanty 7 years ago

It is interesting that this Hub still gets comments a long time after it was posted.

That in itself proves lots of the comments that indicate that lots of men wear panties and other lingerie.

I wear primarily for the tactile part. Right now I'm dressed from head to foot in lingerie. A pair of lace topped stockings, a lacy garter belt with matching panties, a black satin nightie, and a black satin dressing gown/robe.

I'm 61 years old and have been wearing panties since I was quite young -- probably 8 years old. I don't own any male underwear .

My reaction from ladies has been mixed. There is no middle ground. They either like it or hate it, Those that like it don't just like it, they get quite aroused by it. Those that hate it are quite repuksed and most have connected to the (very wrong) stereotype that men who dress in soft sexy lingerie are gay,

I've actually seen statistics that show that the vast majority of those of us who wear panties are in fact heterosexual. I've also seen surveys that remind the readers that gay men are generally attracted to the traditional image of males, and are in fact less likely to be interested in anything feminine.

I've posted some of my thoughts on my blog if anyone is interested.

gforgreat 7 years ago

I love wearing womens lingeri,my wife is uncertain at best but trys to understand.

its important to live true to yourself, and your spouse. So don't hide what you have wanted to reveal, if she loves you she will atleast respect your right to express your self. thanks for writing this blog

pete45 7 years ago

My panty fetish goes back as far as I can remember. I loved the feel of them and the thrill of wearing them. The first time I left the house wearing panties the rush was unbelieveable. Over the years I would wear them whenever to opportunity arose. My first wife wouldn't accept it and threatened to expose me on several occasions. My present wife tolerates it and has purchased panties for me in the pasr, but doesn't like me to be in her face with it. I now wear them 24/7. Don't care who knows. Doctors visits, massage, noboby ever says a word.

john 7 years ago

i am 29 and have been wearing panties for most of my life. my wife of 8 years does not mind and we buy panties and bras together. microfiber and silk are my favorite. i also like skirts, swimsuits, anything female i can wear i will.this is the first i have shared this with any one. i am glad i found this site. thank you very much.

James 7 years ago

I like to wear womens lingerie too, I like the feel of the soft silky fabric and the sexy look of it. I am a straight male and I would never tell my girlfriend. She just wouldn't understand. For me a nice slinky chemise is amazing and when I'm wearing it I just can't resist looking in the mirror. I also own a corset too and the feeling of that being tightened against my body is amazing. There's no harm in it I think and it's nice to know that there's other guys out there in healthy relationships doing the same thing.

Zeaaaaarr 7 years ago

i feel so happy to know that there are so many more people out there(other than me) that like to wear panties, but i'm not that fortunate as in singapore, people disagree with men wearing panties

ed 7 years ago

i have been wearing for years. my wfe gives me some of panties to wear. i like bikinis the best. sometimes i wear shapewear and find them to feel veryy good. sometimesmy wife go shopping and she does not care if i buy panties if i will still wear hers. es

Michelle 7 years ago

My husband wears pretty panties, and I love it.

K_LOVE profile image

K_LOVE 7 years ago from Texas

They are just underware that feels good and if the woman who is very open minded about it do not mind then feel free to enjoy what you like, I been wearing them for 40 years

johnhenryoh01 7 years ago

Michelle I wish you were my wife lol I just started wearing pretty panties which I have to take off before I get home. I want to wear my panties 24/7 but need to tell my wife

Mike 7 years ago

I am a very married man I own 15 bras and over 70 pairs of panties. At least once a month I have to go and see what lacy/frilly/cheekie panty just hit the shelves. The more girly the better. I love shopping for lingerie also. The excitement is almost unbearable when I get home to put on a new bra or panty.

7 years ago

Hope,thank you for understanding my panty desire.

steve 7 years ago

Im 63 and wear pretty panties 24/7 and have for about 20 years, wore them part time since I was about 23. I also love to wear nylons and garter belts. My wife of couse knows since I wear my pretty girly panties 24/7. The first time we went on a cruise I packed my suit case with mens underwear but the first time I opened my suit case on ship I realized my wife had taken all those old male underwear out and replaced them all with my pretty panties and I have not worn anything for underwear than my pretty girly panties since.

janisj 7 years ago

i have been wearing panties for over 20 yearsand still enjoy the feel the desire never really leaves,wish i could find a woman who would be cool with it vanity fair hicuts and lace nouveau full cut size 6 are my favorite undies also semi shaved for a truly seductive feel with baby powder

mitch 7 years ago

i am a 65year old male who has been wearing panties since a thried on my mothers panties at age 14. i love and enjoy wearing all female lingerie. I have been married for over 40 years and my wife is ok with my wearing panties 24/7 but i wish i could wear more then panties. Several women at work ,know my desire for female lingerie and we talk quite a bit about my desire. they know i have satin or silk panties on and one even buys me new panties. i have told them i wish i could wear a bra with the panties but wife raised a big fuss when she found some false breast in my dresser. i have reach ed the point where i don't care if any females know i wear panties and female lingerie. the clerk at victorias secrete with help fit me the dressing room with panties and bras but have to hide the bras at home.

to you younger men, let your partner know of your desires and where what you enjoy, i wish i did when was younger . i am not gay, but enjoy so much to be with a female when wearing female lingerie. next doctor visit, i am going to wear my panties, doctor is a female also.

Neal 7 years ago

I've gotta chime in too. I've been cross dressing since my early teen and with my first and second wives. The first thought it was funny at first and could be a bit cruel about it but in the end she was supportive and went shopping with me, we just had other issues. My second wife was and is still a little concerned that I'll "come out" or something and start living as a women. I reassure her that I'm not interested in that and we pretty much have a good time with it. I wear corsets to bed with stockings etc. There is a bit of a d/s thing going on too similar to other posters. I'm a big guy (6' 1" and 200 lbs) with muscles and a hairy body (most of the time). The best I've ever felt in womens underwear is when I've shaved my legs and then put on stockings, oh man that feels freakin' amazing. I've also noticed that it alters my mood, I'm far more calm and loving when wearing panties and I wear them for the feel and the feminization mostly rarely for the thrill of being caught. Having said that, when the light is getting low in the evening I sometimes walk the dogs with a camisole or bra on under my white tee shirt, it would be pretty obvious if someone walked up to me. Any way thanks for discussing this!

joeseph 7 years ago

I am a married male who love panties and lingerie on me and women . I do not understand why women think it may be a gay thing. Most Gay men want nothing to do with women much less their panties.

My first wife was very into it She would suprize me with new gifts all the time. We had much fun with it . She is no longer with us du to a drunk driver.

5 years later I remarried and my current wife knows all about it, However she is much less receptive.I am pretty sure she wishes i didn't do it .

As for why i like to wear panties . Well for one it feels so much better. They look nicer. When i wear them all day its a constant reminder of just how sexy women really are. Sometimes i like to feel as if my women is in control and the dominant one . I love it when we both slip into bed wearing mathcing nighties and pantyhose the feeling of all that silkyness rubbing on eachother is a feeling that is out of this world!

Although I wish more women were into this sort of thing . I really do not care if the women do not like it because there is a women out there who will and she is the women who will take your panty husband from you . I think the main problem women have with it is this " what would my friends think if they knew my man did this ?" my answer is Who says they have to know ?

I do love and adore women I am totally straight 100 percent !

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Hi Jospeh, thanks for sharing your story. The more the better :)

shortbread 7 years ago from Michigan

Hi Hope,

Yep I wear lingerie too.Been cought twice in many years of wearing.Once was fun(:)once wasn't but I just shruged it off.Had a girl friend years ago that just loved to dress us both up in it.She had great stuff and lots of it because she modeled it for catalogs.Only once hav I had a store cleck be less than happy to help with my selections and most never even bat an eye over my purchases.To me no big deal.But from my guy stand point why do women get all the pretty, lacey, colorful, soft underthings?Till internet shopping came in you should have tried to get something"guy sexy",boxers and a vest in silk or satin.6 months at one time.Final found a pair of red womens boxers a box of dye and a costume (pirates vest)from a holloween shop.It is better now and mostly due to the net.Still womens clothes are much sexier than guys still.

Keep writing Hope your great for the ego and maybe some will see better after read your posts.

Ken 7 years ago

I have been wearing ladies panties for 31 years,before i got married i told my girl friend now my wife,that i adore womens lingerie and at first she thought i was gay but i assured her i was not and still not.We have been married 25 years and she gets me lingerie for my birthday and Christmas,i have more than she does,she wears thong and i do not very uncomfortable

I have my own business and i wear them to work every day i would not feel right with out my silks on.for all you men out there tell your partner the truth before you get to serious it will backfire if you don't,and for all you women who says its wrong for men to adore lingerie you are wrong if it hurts no one how can you say its wrong also the person you are turning down could be your one true love

dani 7 years ago

I'm basically a guy, but I love exploring a feminine side. Silk panties make me feel like the girl I was meant to be.

Natasha Whissell 7 years ago

I see nothing wrong with men in ladies clothing as long as it does not hurt anyone you must fulfill your inner feeling

Dodi-blue profile image

Dodi-blue 7 years ago

And by the way Hope and all who read this, I shave my legs now, for the cleaniness. All about body care, but that's a different story.

Great stories Hope...

Lots of love

Bye Now

Nat 7 years ago

I am married and have worn panties & some other lingerie items (corsets, girdles, nylons, camisoles, but no bras) for > 20 years. Wife bought me some nice panties in the past and played along in bed. For serveral years she is no longer interested in intimacy or even just talking about intimate things. It may be a MUTUAL communication problem.

It's the feeling, the sensations, the thoughts, the desires, the sound of nylons stocking rustling under my trousers. It's imagining that, like the magic panties story, that I could have something less bulky, inconspicuous and rounded between my legs.

I am semi-retired and working part time. I have recently bought and wear some skirts around the house, especially when I do housework. Wife was shocked the first time she saw me in my pretty floral skirt. However, no questions were asked. In the recent past she ridiculed ME about several things.

For about 2 years I have been wearing custom-made panties with satin sleeves. A pity I did not know about these sooner. They are very, very erotic. You may say they are an "Ersatz"; for me they have become the "real thing," since the wife has almost 0 interest. The sleeve panties never say no, they are never too tired, never too sore, never talk back, never ridicule me, never throw me out and they are ready whenever I am. They are simply very comforting and comfortable to wear, day and nite. Who needs a woman?

iwhcpanties 7 years ago

Hey Hope, I hope this picture is suitable for your hub. I have started all over again with a new account. I wish my wife was as understanding as you are. It is nice to hear something positive about a man that likes to wear lingerie. I would have to agree with some of your viewers, if it is not infringing on, or hurting anyone else and trying to change someone, what does it hurt? Is it bad for a man to try and feel sexy? Yes I like to feel sexy and a nice pair of panties does that for me, but I am more comfort driven though. Personally I do not want to be viewed or view others it is just something I love to do and in formats as this, to even talk about it where it is safe, and secure. Anyway I like for my lingerie to be neat, not saggy, bulging, or frilly etc. I just like to keep it simple and I think most guys on the web get carried away to a point of now it looks ugly. Nice neat firm fitting panties or lingerie that is appropriate for your occasion and location is the key.

EctomorphGuy profile image

EctomorphGuy 7 years ago

I can't say whether or not I'll ever get over the feeling of awkwardness whenever I wear panties, but it's something I can live with. However and whenever I got started was the best day of my fem life.

ron 7 years ago

I love to wear panties. They are just nice underwear and comfortable. My wife sometimes buys them for me and she thinks they look good on me. what's the big deal? I guess there's this notion that it's not masculine or something. Maybe it falls into the same category as men shouldn't cry either. Who gives a flip. It's a fee country and since I started looking into this stuff on line, it seems that many men wear panties.

ted 7 years ago

when are m & s going to start selling panties for men??

Jana 6 years ago

I couldn't agree more with you about not putting men in boxes. I have to admit I was taken somewhat by surprise when I first discovered my husband in lingerie. I wish he would have felt that he could trust be enough to have trusted me with his secret but I can somewhat understand his fear.

At first I have to admit at first for some reason I was a bit angry and had a lot of unanswered questions about this man. But the more I thought about it the sillier my fears seemed, as you say just because a man wears lingerie that doesn't make him any less of a man. Now I actually encourage him a bit by buying him gifts of lingerie.

I love my manly man but I also love his demeanor when he is in a camisole and bra. He seems so much more attentive and demure, it is during some of these moments when we have had some of our deepest conversations. I did lay the law down to him though, this is our little secret, I won't have his so called friends laughing at him behind his back.

In addition he has agreed to keep his legs, arms, chest and back hair free and since I have no intention of shaving his back he goes to my salon for waxing. The girls there are friends of mine and are quite discreet. It just looked too silly wearing a lacy bra on a hairy chest.

He really does look quite cute when he's dressed in his lingerie and we have played around with makeup and hair to accentuate his appearance when he dresses. I really wanted to see what his limits were so on a couple of occasions for fun we experimented with a few other articles of clothing. The only objection I have gotten to date was when I suggested it would be a lot easier if he would come with me to buy his lingerie so he could be fitted. He told me he didn't think he could, but I have gotten him to go out dressed with me to a gay bar one night for a drag show. I just thought he might find the experience freeing, but instead he just sat there like a deer in headlights.

I love the man I married and I have accepted that we all have our peculiarities. I wouldn't expect him to tell me what to wear or not to wear and I wouldn't trade this man who likes lingerie for all the manly men in the world.

Robert 6 years ago

I to wear panties 24/7. They are so much more comforting then mens boxers or tighty-whiteys. The ones I wear are nylon size 7 briefs or bikini cut briefs. I enjoy them tremendously. Recently however my girlfriend has been wanting me to extend my wardrobe to include skirts and dresses. She bought me 2 skorts (1 navy blue, 1 khaki)and 3 plaid skirts. I tried them on for her and they did fit. How she knew what sizes to get I'll never know. She stated to me that men can now wear skirts and wanted to go out for the evening. After she showed me several articles of guys out and about in cities, I agreed to try it. WE went to a restaurant. I wore the navy blue skort, a light blue mens shirt and a navy sports coat. Believe it or not I was botherted by anyone while at the restaurant, later we went to a movie with the same reactions. I was amazed. Now she wants to try a dark blue dress she purchased, What do you think? I'm against it, although I did like the feelings the skirt gave me.

Janyce 6 years ago

I have worn panties, girdle and stockings for years.

The feeling is indescribable.

I strted because it was taboo and now it is just something I enjoy 7 days a wek.

I would wear heels also if it wasn't toally frowned upin.

Mickey Mouse 6 years ago

Delighted with this site must say that i do also enjoy wearing lingerie and have done so for over 40 years but am still terified of been caught out.I wear girdles bras tights knicers slips camisoles chemise's on a daily basis. And would wear skirts as well but am afreid ao getting caught out as i live in a small town and am known by everyone and could not live it down. The sooner that people both women and men allow us to dress as we like without ridducule the better. Sad to say that there are still some self propclamed people who think that they have thr right to assault us for wearing lingerie what right do they have we do not tell them what they can wear so just lweave us alone.

Niki46 profile image

Niki46 6 years ago from Lycraville, CA

I have worn women's clothes for 30 years now and can't imagine life any other way. What started with pantyhose in my hormone raged teens, has grown into full transitions that include dresses, high heels, bra with forms, wig, make up, etc when I met my wife. Little did I know that she too has a huge passion for pantyhose and likes to see her man turn into her woman. I am very passable so maybe that's why. Either way, my dressing provides me a balance and calm that I just can't explain. And most of all, having my wife love, accept, and desire my fem side is the foundation that it's all built upon. My first wife was not accepting, so I told myself that whoever I meet and am attracted to, I'm going to throw caution to the wind and show all of my cards. I did on our 2nd date. I told her I didn't really know why I liked these things, but I do and that they are a part of me. I also assured her that I had no hidden motives to sneak out or do anything stupid like that. Honesty up front made all this work. She taught me how to apply make up, dress, and polish up my fem side to the point that we can go out and hardly anyone notices that I'm actually male. So much fun! Thank you Lord for sending her to me!

xMannyx 6 years ago

Does any body know the best time for a first time lingiere buyer to go to a lingiere store? Early? Later?

Rob 6 years ago

I wear panties 24X7. I don't even own any "male" underwear. My doctors and others have all seen me in panties and I have rarely even gotten a snicker from anyone. I also wear mini skirts and I wear a woman's bikini in our pool and to the beach.

Base 6 years ago

i have finally tried on the boy shorts from jockey. its simply comfy and love the feel of the cotton/lyra on my skin. trust me the expandable material smiply hold everything in place and feels very very comfortable.!!! love it!!

cplsalt 6 years ago

I wear bras I also panties 24x7 I haven't gone to the girddel yet but I also wear panty hose I have been doing this now for the last 12 months

Stephanie 6 years ago

Dear Hope,

I came across your Hub about a year ago and have been hooked ever since. I slowly introduced the practice of draping my man in Lingerie and it became a semi regular event in the bedroom and when I just wanted to be close and sit on the couch wrapped in the arms of the man I had just spent 2 hours making into my best girlfriend ha ha.

My partner recently had a very stressful time at work and some health problems and we had not dressed for a long time.

I begun to share the stress and started to really miss my best girlfriend as he was somehow a different person when dressed, just more relaxed and easy going and open. I love both of him so I didn't push for my female companion. Then he lost his job and I had the idea of the century.

I suggested we go on holidays to our time share place on the beach but he detach himself from his illness and his job loss stress and allow me to dress him as my best girlfriend the entire two weeks of the vacation.

He thought about it and decided to try it but take enough male clothes as well if we wanted to go out for dinner or he wanted to be himself. I also did some extra shopping for him in the female clothing department cause I wanted to spoil him with new stuff. I feel good in new stuff so he should too.

After the first 2 days of being dressed from head to toe as a girl 24hrs a day, he slipped rite into the role and started to really relax, forget about the world and just be together with me and be open and loving and happy. For the rest of the vacation he didn't open his male suitcase even until we pulled into the garage at home & then he went to bed in a red silky nightie and dressed as a man again the next day. A few weeks later and he is still calling it the best holiday he has ever had away from himself. His health is better and he is happy & looking for a new job.

There are lots of good reasons for a man to dress in lingerie or as someone else and escapism, even if temporary is the best one I have found so far.

Thanks for all your well thought out & well written articles.

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