5 Reasons Some Men Disrespect Women

Updated on November 29, 2016

Why is it that some guys are just chauvinistic bastards that still, in this day and age, feel the need to disrespect women and express to the world their disdain for them? Why is it that there are still men who spend their time spouting all about how women are inferior, like anyone would care even if it was true?

Why would a guy do this?

There are probably a multitude of reasons, but here are a few basic ones to consider.

1 - He has low self-esteem.

He doesn't have a very high opinion of himself personally, when you get right down to it, so he gains something of a fake self-esteem from associating himself with a group (men) who he feels are superior to another group (women).

This happens all the time in other contexts, actually; people with weak egos tend try to connect themselves to some kind of pack or brotherhood and try to draw some kind of identity from it--be it cultural or religious or anything else that allows for an "us" and "them" mentality.

The hallmark of such a person is an odd preoccupation with the things he dislikes or disrespects (women), which is odd considering he dislikes them, a tendency to blame his troubles on the one disdained thing, and a lack of desire for actually working on his own self.

2 - One woman has crossed him, and now all women deserve to be subject to his fiery rage.

I've been there. I've been this guy, so I know. It's almost justifiable. Sometimes one woman (or a few) will seem to crush your spirit so much and so deeply, that you just don't want to have anything to do with ANY woman anymore. (And you wouldn't, if it wasn't for the fact that you desire intimacy and the only other alternative [other men] is too ugly and bearded.)

Eventually, though (hopefully), a guy gets over this and stops being so judgmental. One day, as it often happens, he'll find a woman who proves him wrong in this respect simply by the was she is.

3 - He likes women with low self-esteem, and disrespecting them is the best way to get such a girl's attention.

The only real solution to this is for women to just not tolerate his antics. This is unlikely, though, as some women, especially the younger kind, just get ten kinds of giddy over this kind of behavior. Unless they have been thoroughly brainwashed with feminist propaganda (which is not really a good thing, either), less mature women will often tend to interpret his bitterness as boldness and react positively.

4 - He's effeminate and it's easier to seem manlier if he's an asshole to people more feminine than himself.

Again, I have seen other guys be this way, but I can relate to it to some degree because puberty did me few favors and I looked like a young teen basically until I was in my twenties and actually started growing a beard.

It's often younger men who act this way, not yet totally secure in their masculinity, because they're under the impression that this is how a person asserts himself: By pushing others down who are weaker than him.

5 - He's just an asshole in general and has never met a woman who wouldn't put up with his crap.

It could just be that he's a plain old irrevocable asshole for any number of reasons, including but not limited to the ones stated above, and that he's never had reason to stop doing what he does because not enough women (or none at all that he has met) are disgusted enough by the things he says and does, plain and simple.

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      • profile image

        meshia 4 weeks ago

        i just dont get it i have been disrespected on so many levels

      • profile image

        Andy 3 months ago

        Fear is the key to this behaviour. Fear of rejection, fear of opening-up to another person, fear of femininity in himself, etc. Lack of self-assurance creates the feeling that women will reject him no matter what he says or does. Leads to anxiety and depression in some men.

      • profile image

        Bonniewon 8 months ago

        I wish that there could be done about men whi disrespect woman.

      • profile image

        Ripley 8 months ago

        In my opinion, it's never "almost justifiable" to treat someone badly because they belong to a certain gender.

      • profile image

        dave dale 13 months ago

        What men are complaining about is a general disrespect for men in popular culture , like TV and film, while women are always elevated. If a man insults a woman, it is viewed as an insult to ALL women, yet men are put down all the time.

        Men are usually portrayed weak and stupid, and women as competent and with they're act together. Men do the majority of the difficult , dangerous and unpleasant jobs (99 percent of people killed on the job are male), yet women want the same pay. Being and arch welder is not the same as finger painting, yet women want the same pay.

        There are good and bad men, and good and bad women. Both deserve respect when they earn it, and both dont when they don't . This new world of it being illegal to insult a women, but not a man, is balony and is the reason political things are happening like they are.

      • profile image

        Angie 13 months ago

        This is just a damn list of Fuckn excuses for people who need to get they shit together be it man woman or beast

      • profile image

        betty watts 15 months ago

        i met a man 4 years ago .and he stop talking to me.

      • profile image

        Leanna 16 months ago

        Who is the author of this

      • profile image

        Andrea 22 months ago

        This is why I feel like relationships are a waste of time these day and unfortunately I dont want nothing to do with the men inthis world today. I am glad men do not flock to me because i dont need them. I would rather spend the rest of my life alone.

      • profile image

        Lauren 3 years ago

        Lol just laughing to keep myself from crying, wish I would have seen this 4 years ago...

      • profile image

        katy 3 years ago

        You seem like a good human being. Keep it up! The world needs more introspective men like you!

      • profile image

        Aiyana 5 years ago

        I have met disrespectful men like this I don't talk to any of them any more and I don't put myself in situations where I have to tolerate it.

        Also I'm not going to waste my time and effort in trying to build their self esteem that is really the individuals responsibility.

        Fortunately for me I have so many abilities and talents I can work in an environment where they are not present anymore and I guess that is the reward for my efforts.

      • profile image

        dione hickman 5 years ago

        iam marry

      • Dnation profile image

        Dnation 5 years ago

        Looks like to me you nailed it. Great Hub

      • profile image

        SanXuary 6 years ago

        Whatever the case might be these people all suck. I am a guy and I do not like guys like these.

      • profile image

        asian lamps 6 years ago

        A lot of women allow it sadly

      • browneyes901 profile image

        browneyes901 7 years ago

        First of all if a man hads low-esteem, this is something that may have came from childhood and it's build up inside of him. When you get two people together that has low esteem it creates things that is not health for anyone.

      • katiem2 profile image

        katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

        very practical and honest facts on why some men disrespect women. I appreciate your insights and look forward to reading more of your work on relationships. Peace :)

      • susanmarion profile image

        susanmarion 7 years ago from Bunnell

        I have to admit, the reasons are the same for women. They might not always act like A-holes in front of men, although many do, women get together and bash men all the time. I think the main reason is to talk tough, sound tougher than we are. I have done all of the above things for all the above reasons when I was younger. Now, I sometimes still talk tough, but I love people and I don't tolerate disrespect. I simply say that something was disrespectful and walk away if it happens a second time. Depending on the vibes or the offense, I might walk away the first time.