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15 Cute Ways to Say “I Love You!”

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“I love you” are the only three words that can really sum up extreme feelings of devotion, passion, caring, absolute understanding, and, well, unconditional love!

It’s more than just that head-over-heels, soar-with-the-birds-in-the-clouds, stomach-in-knots kinda feeling that you get in the beginning of a new relationship! It’s hard to explain in just words!

If you are tired of just saying “I love you” to people and you would prefer to get creative with the whole “I love you” thing, try getting cute with it instead. There are many different, cute ways to say I love you, show it, and mean it from the bottom of your very mushy heart.

Importance of Actions

This is why actions are so important; you can verbally say “I love you” in many different languages but actions are universal.

Actions show the people you love that you mean what you say! After all, you don’t want your words to lose substance, especially with those whom you truly love.

If you can’t mean it when you say “I love you,” then why should anyone believe anything coming from your mouth, if it’s not really coming from your heart?

Expressing your love through actions does not mean just buying things.

Yes, there are those people whose “love” can be bought, but if you’re not that type of person, and your mate is expecting a lot of material things every holiday, or any day, do yourself a favor and run away now!

Because, darling, that’s not love; material possessions are just “extras” and should not be mistaken as tokens for showing your love.

I.e. I love you!

I’m sure there are many people in your life that you love, whether it’s children, your family, or a significant other. Express such love by finding cute ways of saying I love you, instead of just saying it.

Don't get me wrong, giving gifts is a lovely act, and there are ways to incorporate cute "I love you's" when giving a gift; just make sure the gift isn't the focal point. It's all about the emotion you're trying to express.

Need some help with gift ideas for your boyfriend?


Kids really do find the cutest ways of saying I love you, and you certainly cannot match this level of cuteness and innocence, but you can try!

  • "Knock Knock, [who's there?] Olive, [Olive who?], O-live you!"
  • "You're the littlest love of my life!"
  • “I love you to the moon and back!”
  • "I love you more than cupcakes love sprinkles!"


I love my family, no matter how loud, ridiculous, or frustrating they might be! I thank God each and every day for mine!

  • "No matter how far apart we might be, you're always right here in my heart!"
  • "God couldn't have blessed me with a better family!"
  • "Family is the most important thing, coffee is a close second!"


Great friends deserve to know how much you appreciate and love them! Let them know your life wouldn't be the same without them with one of these cute ways to say "I love you!"

  • "You're like my morning coffee, I couldn't get through my day with you!"
  • "You know what my favorite thing about you is? Everything!"
  • "I love you more than the yellow M&M loves peanuts!"
  • "Friendship; It's what keeps us together even when we're miles apart!"

Significant Others

Saying I love you may be getting old, or maybe you both just want to find a cute way to mix it up a bit. Keep your “I love yous” alive by getting creative and cute.

  • "I could imagine my life without you, but I wouldn't want to! I love you!"
  • "If home is where the heart is, my home is always with you!"
  • "We're a perfect fit!"
  • "You're my one and only!"

Just try things out, something is bound to stick and make cute memories!

Even if you feel your attempts at finding cute ways to say I love you are epic failures, it does not mean that it is perceived this way by the recipient!

It’s always the thought that counts in the end.

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