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Five Signs of True and Deep Love

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What are the signs of true love?

What are the signs of true love?

Signs of Deep Love

Love, in all forms, is a pleasing emotion. People who are in love, are healthier, happier, and more active socially. It is often the case that, with love, comes an aura of beauty around women, and a sense of confidence and courage in men.

Indeed, those who have never fallen in love are missing out on a great deal. Love is a product I am trying to promote for my own selfish personal gains, which include living in a more caring and loving society, talking to people who understand love and have loved, building relationships with people who know what relationships are, et cetera.

This article is for those who have or think they have fallen in love. I am not going to talk of signs of infatuation, which appear like symptoms of love, but are far more pronounced and ephemeral. So, here are the five symptoms:

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1. The World Seems Like a Better Place

No, the problems of the world do not disappear. It is just your perception and point of view that changes. With love comes more self-confidence and courage, allowing you to face the world with increased vigor.

2. You Have a Distorted Sense of Time When You Are Thinking About the Person

In the absence of the person, you might lie down in bed thinking fondly about him/her, and it only seems like a few minutes when in reality you might have spent more than an hour. And to top it all, you are not even tired of thinking so much. It is a fact that people in love have daydreams which are not only longer, but also more real.
On the other extreme, a day in the absence of that person might seem extraordinarily long.

3. You Accept Their Flaws Without Complaint

Yes, in the state of limerence, you might just not be able to see any flaws with your object of love. With the passage of time, however, when that stage has passed, you do recognize and realize that your beloved is neither godly nor flawless. In true love, these flaws are accepted without complaints, and if necessary, compromises are consciously made.

4. You Feel a Deep Sense of Sharing

Your happiness does not seem complete until you have shared it with your beloved. Any and all possessions you have, you are willing to share with him/her. You do not think twice about compromising on your needs if you feel the needs of your partner are not fulfilled.

5. You Never Get Bored of the Person

Never . . . as in, even after several years of knowing each other. Every day, you can talk and chatter and never run out of words, or grow tired listening. You know everything about him/her, and yet he/she continues to amuse you.

Well, these symptoms are for real, but it takes time for you to confirm them. If you have already lived for several years with your beloved, you will be able to relate to them. And for those who are still new in the relationship, hang in there for the infatuation to pass and the real emotions and feelings to emerge.

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