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The Real Signs You've Met Your Twin Flame

Helena is an international coach, spiritual adviser, and writer helping twin flames reach union.

Have you made a deep connection with someone? Are you wondering if you've met your soul flame? Read on to find out!

Have you made a deep connection with someone? Are you wondering if you've met your soul flame? Read on to find out!

What Is a Twin Flame, and Have You Met Yours?

Have you been curious about finally finding your mirror soul? I'm sure you've heard old married couples say, "My other half will be along shortly," or "my better half is on their way." Twin flames are said to be the mirrors of our soul or the other half of our soul—literally. Since my twin flame and I have been in union for some time, I've decided to write this article to help others understand a bit more about twin flames.

Are you imagining it's a magical union with a divine purpose or a divine union of destiny? Maybe you've been tempted to try affirmations or meditations to help find your twin flame. If you've found them, maybe you've tried to connect with them in 5-D. In this article, we'll outline what a twin flame is and help you identify twin flame signs to help you decide if you've met your twin flame.

It's said twin flames are like the old-fashioned couple in the sense they're considered to be your literal other half! Unlike soulmates with whom we have an agreement to connect in this lifetime (or a past life), twin flames are different in the dynamic of the soul connection. Twins are a RE-union of soul energy, not just a union of souls.

Where Did Twin Flames Originate?

There are many ideas on where twin flames come from, ranging from stories of Atlantis to Zeus himself dividing humans into two parts. Even Plato mentioned twin flames. Elizabeth Clare Prophet discussed twin flames, and the oldest school of thought originates in Kabbalah.

Twin flames are thought to be soul sparks from the original ovoid, which transcend time and space to make their anxiously awaited reunion in this lifetime. Twin flames will, once reunited, travel along a preordained and predestined path called the Twin Flame Journey. Through this journey, both twins enjoy personal reflection, inner work, balance, and ultimately, the soul merge in twin flame union.

There's signs and symptoms twin flames experience. While all twin flame couples are unique, these signs are what many who feel that have connected with their twin discuss as being what lead them to the realization that they've met the twin flame.

Have you ever gazed out the window wondering if there was someone just like you?

Have you ever gazed out the window wondering if there was someone just like you?

What Are Twin Flame Soul Recognition and Twin Flame Stages?

Twin flames have always known each other at a soul level, so meeting in the 3-D physical world is profound and meaningful. It's a magnetic attraction due to the soul recognition. You may even feel swept up and magnetized to your twin flame.

The twin flame journey can have stages, although not all twin flames will experience all or any, or in any specific order.

  • Meeting & Soul Recognition
  • Activation
  • Rescue Stage
  • Bubble Love (honeymoon stage)
  • Running & Chasing (push / pull dynamic)
  • Separation
  • Acceptance & Surrender
  • Soul Merge
  • Twin Flame Union

Twin flames can fully awaken to the connection at any point in the twin flame journey. Some experience a process of inner healing and balance that happens naturally in its own timeline.

Sometimes the ego gets in the way during the twin flame journey. This can affect the twin flame experience at any point in the journey. This is often when the push/pull dynamic sets in along with running and chasing. Even though there's a mutual magnetism, sometimes twins need to separate for a while. The length of separation depends on the couple.

What Is Twin Flame Healing and Do Twin Flames Need Inner Work?

Every relationship teaches us something, including our twin flame. The most widely-accepted belief in twin flames is that twin flames are the most powerful soul connection we will ever encounter in this lifetime. While some believe the twin flames are rare, others believe that everyone has a twin flame.

The twin flame concept is that the soul is split into two halves, and we're incarnated in two bodies, so our twin flame is our mirror soul. Due to this mirroring, the connection can be both powerful, intense, and healing, and that this twin flame healing process happens naturally in divine timing, just the way it was intended.

How Does a Twin Flame Heal You?

It's said the twin flame can reveal our deepest self. So, many twin flames embark on a path of inner work and healing. The twin flame journey can show us our shadows, insecurities, fears, and aspects of ourselves that need to heal. Some believe the twin flame completes you, while others say our twin flame counterpart is our polar opposite and is, therefore, a compliment. Being faced with your other half causes you to notice the soul mirroring because our twin encompasses many opposite as well as similar traits of you.

Mirroring of twin-flame soul energy causes you to reflect on yourself including anything that needs healing such as old trauma or old wounds of your inner child. Sometimes there's instant recognition, longing in the soul to be together, and a sense that our twin flame feels like home.

Since the twin flame feels like coming home, there's a sense of unconditional love, compassion, understanding, and completion. However, the concept of twin flame doesn't mean that we're incomplete without them. Rather, it means we're reflected in our twin flame.

All experiences—whether positive or negative—even previous relationships that have led to this point of meeting your twin flame will be revealed to have prepared you for this moment. Many have said that meeting their twin flames exposed their need for inner work or healing by bringing up old traumas to the surface in order so that they could be addressed and healed as the Divine at Source intends.

How Long Does Twin Flame Healing and Inner Work Take?

Every twin flame union is different and there are many ideas regarding the template and time frame. Some twin flames reach union faster than others. Most twin flames are already ready to enjoy reaching union with their twin flame without the need for any inner work, healing, or balance because any internal shifts or healing will happen naturally in divine timing.

If a healing process is necessary, some twin flames support and nurture one another during their process of inner work or healing, while others engage in their processes as an individual during twin flame separation. Twin flame separation is when the two counterparts separate for a time in order to engage in any important healing or inner work before reuniting again to reach union together.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Help My Twin Flame or My Twin?

While I help twin flames get back together and end separation, it's on an individual basis. Couples are unique, so there's no revolutionary blanket method that will work for everyone. If you want to magnetize your twin flame back into your life, remember it will happen naturally anyway, so there's no need to buy or sign up for anything—not even with me. If you and your twin flame need time apart in separation or find yourself doing inner work, everything will unfold and your polarity will shift, and twin flame union will happen for you both organically as intended by Source.

Is There a Correlation With Twin Flames and Ascension?

You will go through ascension as all humans do; however, you're intended to in your own divine timing. Ascension and twin flames are two different animals. We all have an ascension path but we also have our twin flame which is a soul connection. These are unrelated. Soul evolution and enlightenment unfold organically.

What Are Twin Flame Signs, Syncs, and Meanings?

Twin flame signs are spiritual phenomena. Some believe they're from Source at Origin and Creation. Others believe they're merely coincidence or incidents of the confirmation bias when our brains seek out things in our subconscious mind. Others believe the twin flame communicates in 5-D and sends special messages to say they're thinking about you. Some believe they're manifested. What twin flame signs or synchronicity mean will depend on your ability to receive, interpret, and the shared connection.

Twin flame synchronicity can range from seeing repeating numbers such as 11:11 to hearing or seeing our twin flame's name in unexpected ways. Some have described seeing their twin flame's birthdate. Sometimes seeing number sequences appear to have both twin flame's numerology in the sign. The synchronicity and signs you see will be specific to you.

Since it's said we can think or speak things into being, it's important to maintain a positive mindset.

See the table below for the most common twin flame signs.

What Are the Most Common Twin Flame Signs?

While there are many different twin flame signs and each twin flame experience is unique, these are some of the most common experiences to note.


Seeing "signs" about them

Intense familiarity

Soul recognition

Repeating numbers, words, etc.

Magnetic pull

Twin flame relationship stages

Divine guidance

Sense of knowing

Esoteric communication

Twin flame synchronicity can show up in unexpected ways!

Twin flame synchronicity can show up in unexpected ways!

"Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay."

— The Dalai Lama

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