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How to Express Love to an Introvert

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How to express love to an introvert.

How to express love to an introvert.

How to Love an Introvert

You have probably heard or read before that there are a lot of ways to express love to the person you love. Verbally, you can say “I love you” in different ways, such as “my love for you is endless,” “you are the only one that I’d want to grow old with,” or “I love you more than anything else” and so on.

Directly saying the phrase “I love you” is an important way to let the person know how you feel and expressing it through action is as vital.

Love should be expressed with both words and action.

Love without action is empty, and love without words is confusing.

Likewise, non-verbal expressions of love can be done in a lot of ways. In doing so, you shall remember that these non-verbal expressions can be received and interpreted differently among people. It is not as universal as the phrase “I love you”.

For example, introverts may receive love expressions differently in contrast to extroverts.

This article will explore some of the best ways to express your love to an introvert. Before diving into our list, note that these ways must not be treated as universal. Even though introverts share some similar characteristics and preferences, each person is still different from one another.

Use the list as a guide or to gain some ideas, but the best way to say “I love you” verbally and non-verbally is still by knowing the person personally and deeply – their likes, hobbies, preferences, etc., and using these information to express your love.

Who Are the Introverts?

Let us get to know first a little more about introverts. Being an introvert is characterized by the personality type of Introversion. Introverts are individuals who enjoy their time alone and prefer a minimally stimulating environment. As opposed to extroverts who are often stimulated by their external environment, introverts may feel drained after socializing and recharge when spending time alone. They prefer being with a few friends or a loved one to being at a party. Most introverts also enjoy and prefer solitary activities such as writing, reading, gaming, etc.

Stemming from the characteristics of introverts, the following are some of the best ways to express your love to an introvert.

Write them a letter.

Write them a letter.

1. Handwritten Letters

Old-school but as long as you will not write disrespectful and nonsense stuff, you cannot go wrong with hand-written letters. Most introverts will appreciate receiving letters from the person they love, especially if you put sincerity and love into them.

Do not worry, it doesn’t need to be like Shakespearean or top-tier writing. The letter can be long or even just a note with a few sentences or phrases in it. You can be creative in crafting your letter - make it like a poem, free verse, or pure narration. Craft it any way you want, as long as putting yourself and your feelings into it, you are doing just fine.

You can give them letters during special occasions–birthdays, anniversaries, etc., or even during typical days–a short, sweet note on the bed, or a letter with their coffee.

If you are not confident with your handwriting, you can type them or print them out. As long as it is on a physical paper and filled with sincerity, that’s completely fine.

Extra tip:

If you see them having a bad day, give them a light-hearted or sweet note along with a drink. It will surely make them smile.

Give them flowers.

Give them flowers.

2. Flowers

We are starting the list with common and universal things, but since things such as giving flowers or letters become too universal and common, they are often being taken for granted.

In terms of flower giving, you must know first if the person of your affection has an allergy to flowers or not. If they do not have one, you are good to go! The best go-to is to give them their favorite type of flowers. If you do not know or they do not have one, any flower will do, or you can ask the opinion of the flower shop staff.

Remember that flowers have no gender. Society is used to men giving women flowers, no. It does not matter what your gender is or the gender of your special someone, you can freely give them flowers whenever you want!

Unlike letters, flowers can be expensive. Hence, note that it does not always need to be a bouquet, a dozen of flowers, or anything extravagant. Single stem flowers will do, or you can plant your own flowers!

Like the letters, aside from special occasions, you can give them flowers even on random typical days. It is not weird, it will be you being sweet and thoughtful.

Buy them a book.

Buy them a book.

3. Books

As mentioned earlier, introverts enjoy solitary activities such as reading hence, there is no doubt that introverts like books. Personally, almost all of the introverts I know love reading – novel books, comics, non-fictional books, etc. Books are the perfect gift idea for introverts who loves reading.

You can surprise them with a book by their favorite author or a volume of the series they are currently reading, or you can read the book that they are currently into and have a cozy conversation with them about it. The latter one will take more effort especially if you are not a reader but if you think that it is worth the effort, go for it! However, if it is really not working for you, that’s completely okay. You do not have to force it. Knowing the books that they love and gifting them to your love is more than enough.

Plan a movie night.

Plan a movie night.

4. Movie Nights

If you are on a level where you can have movie nights with them, it will be a perfect date night. Again, introverts prefer to be in a minimally stimulating environment, and they will surely love movie nights with their close friends or loved ones. In addition, most introverts like watching movies as much as they like reading books.

You can express your love by asking them on a movie night by making it comfortable, cozy, and fun. If you have a little more time to prepare or if you are thinking of movie night as a replacement for a date during a special occasion, you can exert more effort and be a little extra.

Gift them small presents.

Gift them small presents.

5. Small Surprises

Introverts are appreciative individuals even with the smallest things you give them. Do not be surprised if the letters and notes you will give them will be compiled and hidden, or the flowers or petals of it are dried in between pages of a book.

Expression of love through small surprises will never be out of style. You can surprise them with a stem of a flower, a note, a book, or an unexpected movie night. You can just also bring them coffee, walk them to work, etc. There is nothing too little if you are sincere in what you are doing.

Spend time listening to them.

Spend time listening to them.

6. Be There and Listen

Another way to express your love to an introvert is by being there for them and by listening to them. If they are having a bad day, it will be best if you try to not fix them. Most of the time, they just need you to be there with them and listen.

If they need some advice, listen and talk. If they just need you to listen, listen. If they don’t want to talk, just be there and be someone to lean on. Be their peace, be their rest, and be their minimally stimulating environment!

Practice solid boundaries.

Practice solid boundaries.

7. Boundaries

Remember that introverts drain their energy in a highly stimulating environment and recharge in solitude and having their time alone. There are times that the best way to express your love to them is by letting them have their alone time.

Boundaries are important to every kind of relationship. It keeps the relationship healthy by honoring the independence of each other.

Good Luck!

These things are just some of the ways to express your love to an introvert, and some of these may also work on other personalities.

There is no one right way to express your love to someone. If you are wondering how to do it, the best way is to know them and express your love sincerely.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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