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The Top 5 Rules of Love

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What is Love?

Love is not just a word to say. It is a special four-letter word that is used to describe a strong interpersonal affection, pleasure, and or personal attachment that a person has for someone else or something in particular. Love is also a virtue like respect, kindness, and compassion. Synonyms for the word love are tenderness and fondness, while antonyms are hatred and dislike. Studies and tests have proven that love does actually exist with people and within their hearts. The love that a person can have may pertain to personal relationships like family and friends. Love can also pertain to objects or food, like a child who loves a certain blanket and how adults love a particular hobby. Love is sometimes said that it cannot be described with exact words but indeed has many words used to describe that unique feeling that can happen, such as butterflies and warmth. Love can mean different things to different people and everyone expresses their love in different ways. The best example of this fact is how men and women express their love for one another differently.

Love is valued by many different cultures and religions around the world, like the Chinese culture and the Christian religion. For example, the ancient Greeks identified with four different forms of love: kinship/familiarity, friendship, sexual or romantic desire, and divine love. The many different uses and meanings of the word love in modern-day language make love a very difficult word to consistently define. Many people do not honor the word or even put much meaning behind it.

Don't Hurt Me, No More!

Everything in life has rules with consequences that follow, like rules of the road and the rules of a courtroom. Love is no different because it is also a serious topic and also has rules that are followed by consequences, and many times it is serious. The rules of love apply to everyone and are mostly taught from a very young age, with sharing and kindness. We are all human and are going to make many mistakes throughout life, but the rules of love are the only thing that is easy to break and hard to repair once broken. Following the rules of love can ensure a happier and more fulfilling life by bringing more love into a person's life and relationships, instead of negativity, toxicity, and loneliness.

There are many different rules of love for a person to follow, some are more important than others. There are also many different thoughts, opinions, and even books about the many rules of love. While they are all true, there are only a few that are the most important to follow daily. These rules are unspoken but generally mutually understood and followed out of love and respect but also to avoid the consequences that follow breaking said rules.

Do You Love?

The Top 5 Rules of Love

Rules of any kind are set in place for people to adhere to for proper and appropriate behavior, language, mindset, attitude. Rules are meant to provide guidance and to maintain some type of structure at all times while setting respectful boundaries with consequences in place. The same is true with love and how there are rules to follow with consequences in that aspect. When dealing with matters involving the heart, emotions, and or feelings it is a very important topic and can be very difficult to explain. This particular type of set of rules regarding love involves other people's feelings, respect for those people and their opinions, and most importantly respect for oneself. The rules are simple and easy to follow if practiced every day and can increase peace in one's own life.

1. Always Follow the Golden Rule!

This first rule of love is the golden rule that is a practiced ethics code for many different religions around the world. This rule is the first and most important of all because how we treat other people does affect our own life, our happiness, and our peace. How people treat other people displays their personality and how they think/feel about themselves. People that are caring with kind and positive words towards other people tend to get further in life than negative people who are always hurting others. Treating others with compassion and empathy, respect, and encouragement is considered virtuous. This also shows others that you are a caring person with morals, standards, and principles that are highly positive. Following this simple rule can inspire others to be more positive which leads to a better world. This can bring more success and even a happier future that can be noticed always and through long lengths of time.

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2. Cheaters Never Prosper....

The second rule is the most important for maintaining healthy and positive relationships throughout life, intimate or platonic. This includes cheating while playing games but also on your partner, with anyone else's partner, or even when you think no one will know about it. Love involves being honest and having respect for yourself and for all other people around you. Cheating can be hurtful, harmful, damaging, and can cause a bad reputation to be started. This rule of love pertaining to cheating is often broken during these modern times and with extremities. This rule should never be broken and is very important for remaining respectful and respectable.

3. And Liars Never Win!

The second rule of love is the most important for having high principles and morals throughout life. Everyone knows you can't have love without trust, which is where honesty comes into play. This means not lying to yourself, your partner, or to anyone at all. The main point of this rule is that people who are close to you always deserve the truth out of love and respect for them. This is what makes a person trustworthy, Not telling any lies and being honest is always the best choice because sometimes lies can get too deep and out of control, which can affect a person's life in the present time and for many years to follow. This also includes "little white lies" and small "tales". Once trust is broken from dishonesty, it is nearly impossible to repair. It's not impossible, but just about.


4. Always Quickly Forgive Others.

The fourth rule is the one rule that most people have a hard time following because pride and bitterness get in the way. This rule means so much because forgiveness can set anyone free. Letting go of the hurt and pain, putting it away and forgiving someone who has brought pain can free the soul from the past and all of the negative emotions. The first rule, the golden rule, and this rule go hand in hand because a person wants to be forgiven as much as the person who does the forgiving. This rule is showing love, and respect, for the other person and their feelings aside from the fact that they did something wrong and or hurtful. Forgiving someone for something small or very large can bring peace and reduce stress. This rule applies to both men and women.


5. Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

This fifth and final top rule of love involves saying sorry multiple times, which can be damaging for different reasons. First, when a person hears it often from the same person it starts to lose it's meaning and has no effect. Also, resentment may start to develop because no changes were made in a person's actions to prove their sorry. Changes need to immediately follow an apology, and some times so does an explanation. This rule of love is important for people who really are sorry for what they have done and want to change their ways and express that through actions. Don't just say it, mean it and change it. Trust will start to increase, along with the lessening of mistakes and irrational decisions.

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Questions & Answers

Question: Why do lovers often fight each other?

Answer: Opposites attract, plus men and women are different from each other.

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HAPPY ISHAKU on August 28, 2020:

Never give up someone you said you love

Little Flame on March 19, 2020:

You should also never love anyone for just there looks

Nat Amaral from BC Canada on August 29, 2012:

Here's another rule: Be faithful to your partner so that he/she won't get burned.

Cristale Adams (author) on August 27, 2012:

Thanks for the read and the comment!

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on August 27, 2012:

Great hub! You have discussed love in almost all its aspects. Thanks for sharing.

Martin Kloess from San Francisco on August 26, 2012:

Thank you for this. Just thought a love poet would stop by and get a few tips.

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