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Why Women Want an Alpha Male

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Why are women attracted to alpha males?

Why are women attracted to alpha males?

Why Women Love an Alpha Male

Women often say that the thing they look for most in a man is confidence. There is a reason for this, and it goes hand-in-hand with another fact: women want a muscular man (oftentimes lean) with a square jaw and broad shoulders.

At first, these two concepts seem somewhat contradictory—does a woman want a man with confidence or a man with a chiseled physique? Is it all in the looks, or does it boil down to taking charge?

Before we look into why the fairer sex desires what they do, let's look at what separates them from the rest of us knuckle-dragging cavemen.

Men's Instincts Are Primal

Men are far more straightforward because we have a more basic primal desire. Our inherent attraction is to the best mate, or more importantly, the one who can produce and provide for offspring.

That is why men value curves on a woman. Breasts mean plentiful amounts of milk for the child. A large rear means greater birthing hips and a better fit for having our children. It is all primitive attraction, and it all makes sense.

Why else are pornographic stars molded and silicone'd in such a way to over-inflate these features to the point of making men just about die from desire? Because the biological need within us to procreate (affectionately referred to as "busting one" nowadays) is triggered to the utmost extreme when we see the perfect combination for child-rearing. That all sounds incredibly sexist, but I dare anyone to attempt to refute why men find these things not necessarily attractive but desirable.

Women are more likely to find this man attractive, not only because he is muscular and strong, but also because he looks like he's ready to fight and protect.

Women are more likely to find this man attractive, not only because he is muscular and strong, but also because he looks like he's ready to fight and protect.

Women Seek a Protector

Women, however, are a bit deeper than that. They don’t just want a man’s body for procreation purposes. Granted, there would be a part of the woman’s psyche that sees a bigger man and wants to create stronger, healthier children based on this . . . but that isn’t her primary concern or desire.

No, a woman looks for a man that exudes strength and confidence because she is inherently looking for a strong protector and provider. She wants an Alpha male. Hear me out.

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You see, women don’t need men in order to survive in today’s world near as much as in the past. We have laws, police, criminal justice, more interconnected communities, recording devices, etc., that all work to keep women far more protected than they were, say, 600 years ago. Back then, if the neighboring tribe or country decided they wanted your land, property, and people, women were far more inclined to need the protection of strong men.

I’ll be honest if you’re willing to be honest—women are not as strong or physically equipped as men. No matter what Hollywood says, 99% of the time, a woman will lose in a fight with a man—especially if the men are life-long, trained warriors and/or soldiers. So, naturally, the women would desire the biggest, strongest men to care for them.

But it’s about more than just strength. A dumb ox has strength. It is also about confidence, smarts, and cunning. Women find all of these things equally attractive because they still all lead to the same thing: their protection. A man who can outwit others doesn’t have to be a bronze statue. If a man is a decisive strategist, a woman will find that just as attractive as a man who is lacking but strong.

Please tell me I’m wrong because it sure doesn’t feel that way. Hell, some women are probably reading this and finding me attractive just for speaking with clarity and strong resolve. And now they like me even more for saying that, too.

Not attractive.

Not attractive.

Alpha Male Traits Are Desirable to Women

The point is, the reason we find certain traits desirable is because they hold very basic, self-serving functions. Women do not want an ignorant weakling any more than men want a blob. They want an alpha male—a man who makes strong decisions is not afraid to fight for what he believes in and lets no other man walk on top of him. Women love that.

Some women take this too far, of course, and confuse a man's cocky, "treat-you-like-garbage" attitude as strong confidence and protection . . . as in "this man is SO confident that he doesn't need anything, including me!" This speaks to a separate portion of the female psyche that sees neediness as a sign of weakness (and therefore a trait of a "beta male," not an "alpha male.")

Too much love and affection from a man signals his reliance on the woman more than the other way around—a total turn-off. That is why you never tell a woman that you need her. Never tell her that you can't live without her. Tell her that you love her or that you'd kill for her but leave it at that.

But the opposite of neediness is needlessness or rejection. This is not the same as a loving adoration without need . . . this is straight-up "I don't love you and only need you for sex." Clear your brain, ladies, and get away from scumbags who can't differentiate "needing a woman" from "loving a woman without clinging to her." These men aren't protectors. They aren't even men. They are just humans that have the innate capability to be men but choose not to.

So the next time you see a short but physically fit man looking down at the ground and too timid to speak up for himself, ask yourself why that is so unattractive. Likewise, ask yourself why the guy with a little weight around the equator but the biting wit and confidence to ask for whatever he wants turns you on.

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