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5 Annoying Questions I've Received About Being Pansexual


1. Pansexual—That Means You are Attracted to Pans, Right?

Yes, that joke is so funny. It is so funny I forgot to laugh! I would like to specify that I have never once in my life laughed at that stale joke. Not when my family made it towards me, not when my friends made it towards me, and especially not when a complete stranger makes it towards me.

I would also like to point out, that although this joke is not exactly offensive to me, it could be taken to offense by other people. This is only considering the fact that pansexuality is already not taken seriously and stale jokes like this do not help. It is like making the, "Asexual, kind of like a plant, right?", towards someone who sexually identifies as an asexual. So please, for the sake of our sanity and our community, do us all a favor and just don't have such poor taste in joke like this.

2. Isn't Pansexual Just a Made-Up Sexuality?

No, I can very much assure you that it is not and saying that it is very rude.

Pansexuality is a legit sexual identity that many people happen to identify with and trying to refer to said sexual identity is very ignorant and rude. My presence and my previous relationships should be enough proof that it is not made up; unless you want to jump to more ridiculous conclusions and try to say that I myself am made up.

3. Being Pansexual Means You Can Date More Than One Person, Right?

No, I believe what you are thinking of is polyamory. Polyamory and pansexuality are not the same thing. Allow me to explain.

Polyamory is type of relationship where you date more than one person and before I continue, there are multiple forms a polyamorous relationship goes so, the most you have to know about polyamory is that it is a consensual relationship going on between more than two people.

Meanwhile, pansexuality is a type of sexual identification that means you are not limited in in sexual preference with regard to someone's biological sex, what gender they identify with, or what gender that are.

As a statement I have seen commonly describing the pansexual community says, "Hearts not parts."

4. You Do Realize That Pansexuality Is Basically the Same Thing as Bisexuality, Right?

No, it is not the same thing actually.

Bisexuality is usually referred to when someone is attracted to both men and women but, bisexuality can be used to refer to liking any two genders in general. By the way, this is a real sexuality as well. The bisexual community also happens to have an issue in being seen as a real sexual identity.

Meanwhile, being pansexual refers to when you have no sexual limitations in regards to someone's biological sex or gender identity.

So no my good sir, they are not the same thing. Pansexuality is not trying to be special. Pansexuality is not another term for bisexuality. They are not the same.

5. Pansexual Means You're Attracted to Everything and Everyone, Right?

Okay I am just going to stop you right there buddy.

Pansexuality is defined as not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity. This applies towards the logical audience of potential folks we can date.

So no, my sexuality does not give you an excuse to try to compare it to: Incest, because no, we do not want to be in any type of romantic or sexual relationship with our family and or siblings, and you assuming so will only make me seriously question your own desires. Pedophilia, because no, we do not, and most definitely, are not just using this as an excuse to try and be inappropriate with any minors in any type of way and you assuming so sheds bad light on not only the pansexual community, but the entire LGBT+ community as a whole.

Pedophilia has been compared to the LGBT+ community before and we will never stand for it because that is awful. Bestiality, because no, we do not want to fuck animals and anyone that does so should be allowed nowhere near animals, and should be jailed as well.

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MJ on May 09, 2020:

i'm pansexual and i get this load of crap daily, mainly from people at school, and i also genderfluid so its even worse because people say im basically gay, NO IM NOTTTTTT!!!!!

a gay looking pan human is my name on October 28, 2019:

I get these things on a daily basis and if is so annoying I laughed so hard because of how accurate this is.

M E Jones on January 19, 2019:

I am also pansexual and have not yet had to deal with these questions since I have only come out to my close friends who are gay/bi. They took it really well but I have heard about so many people who ask these questions and it seems SO annoying. I hope one day people will except all sexual orientations like they do being straight and later generations will think nonacceptance of these orientations is a myth or legend. Hopefully those days are soon.

K S Lane from Melbourne, Australia on February 08, 2018:

I'm gay, not pan, but I enjoy learning about the struggles of the other letters of the LGBT+ acronym. I think it's particularly important for those who identify as homosexual to recognise the problems faced by others, because though we face much of the same discrimination and hate I've never had someone try to tell me that my sexuality 'doesn't exist' or 'isn't valid.' Great Hub!

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