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Men In Bras: Just For Fun

Updated on November 15, 2010

Sexy Fun!

Sometimes, a man feels the desire to wear a bra. This can be brought on for a variety of reasons, including fetishism, medical reasons, bedroom games, and simply because he likes it. Bras can be objects of comfort, desire, humiliation and punishment depending on the context in which they are used. This article looks at a few of the fun reasons that a man might don a bra, in a celebration of equality, after all, if women can wear pants, why shouldn't men wear bras?

The Cross Dresser/ Sweet Transvestite

Cross dressers will often don a bra to enhance their female image, and indeed this use of the bra on men has become very much a part of western culture to the point where imagining a cross dresser without a bra seems more odd than one who wears one. After all, what good would a drag queen be without a silicone stuffed brassiere, hmm?

Feminization Fun

Men who enjoy feminization, or forced feminization find that wearing a bra makes them feel much more feminine than simply wearing panties alone. Oftentimes the brassiere is just part of a complete outfit which may include stockings, suspenders, a garter, teddies or camisoles, high heels, the list goes on. A man who enjoys forced feminization may enjoy being compelled to don these feminine accessories, and to wear lipstick and other make up. These acts are often carried out in the context of punishment, and the resulting humiliation both cows and arouses the subject.

It feels so good...

Still other men simply enjoy the feeling of wearing a brassiere. It may remind them of a partner or lover, or perhaps simply provide a feminine touch to their day. The old joke about finding a husband dressing in his wife's underwear applies equally to brassieres as it does panties, though many find the donning of a bra to be a step further than panties alone. It is unfortunate that many men feel compelled to hide this side of their sexuality from their partners for fear of being thought of as homosexual.

Does wearing a bra make him gay?

Wearing a bra is in fact, not solely linked with homosexuality. It would seem that it is simply a much more taboo subject for men who identify as heterosexual, so whilst their gay counterparts can revel in their lingerie as much as they desire and be encouraged for it, straight men are forced to hide in dark corners, flirting with their desire.

It is certainly true that life is not fair, and that sexuality is still an arena fraught with prejudice, but the more men free themselves to explore their desires, the more fun there is to be had for all!


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    • BarbaraJeanne 9 years ago

      I have worn bras since age 8. I have had a very strong urge to dress as a lady and wear everything that they wear as I, in my own mind and more than half woman. This is in no way in a disrespect to any ladies. I have just always felt more woman than man and have derssed as such as often as possible. I started wearing panties at age 6 and have never worn anything but. Why can't a man wear a bra, and find one that is fitted to be comfortable and as I don't have real breasts (but truly wish I did), a bra that won't ride up by itself.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 9 years ago

      Hello BarbaraJeanne,

      I don't see any real reason why a man shouldn't wear a bra, anymore than he shouldn't wear a tutu, or a large hot dog suit. These are mere societal conventions and the breaking of them certainly harms no-one. I believe there are places where male bras can be obtained, such as in the picture above, those look rather well fitted, not that I could tell you, being a female :) carries bras made just for men, and there may very well be other places.

      All the best to you :)

    • SatinJenni profile image

      SatinJenni 9 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada

      I have more than a few bras myself. I don't wear them frequently but I do enjoy purchasing pretty panties. If it comes in a set then I definitely don't want to deny myself the pleasure of both the bra and the panty.

    • Rob Ray 9 years ago

      I think that men should be allowed to wear feminine clothing in and out of the home. In fact, the wife should require her man to wear what she says to wear whether it be women's or men's clothing because she is superior to her husband and should be completely in charge of the household.

    • sexierstuff 9 years ago

      It seems like this is more common theme we see, people doing things that are "socially unaceptable".

      Truth be told that men have always worn bras, but 100 years ago, they would get stoned to death if they admitted it.

      Today, you can't get stoned to death for anyhting so they all come out of the closet or wherever!

    • jaybee123 9 years ago

      Well there's nothing wrong with it, I wear one occasionally myself, as well as panties etc. For a lot of men it's a fetish thing, especially with a partner (it certainly is for me)

    • David 9 years ago

      Hope thanks for bringing this subject tinto the light. Probably there are more men who enjoy wearing bras than most people are aware of. I wear a 36A lightly padded underwire bra or a just a crop bras top. I love the way it hides my nipples and gives me a nice shape.

      More men should consider wearing a bra.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 9 years ago

      Thanks for the comments guys... It's good to see men discussing the topic openly. I am sure it helps other men to feel better about accepting their desires as part of themselves.

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 9 years ago from France

      Wow!!! I do not have anything about men wearing a bra, but it would be a turn-off If it is the man I am going out with...

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 9 years ago

      It can see how you might feel that way Princessa. It's why a lot of men only wear their lingerie in secret :) But, then again, not every woman feels that way. It takes all kinds to make up a world :)

    • David 9 years ago

      Hope, a question. Is there any style bra that a man could wear that would be more acceptable to a woman? Padded, underwire, soft cup, sports bra, lace or no lace. I perfer a lightly padded underwire for daily wear and a crop

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 9 years ago

      Hi David, as usual, there isn't a hard and fast rule on these sorts of things. It's all down to personal preference and taste. Reverse the question for a moment. Is there any bra that men inherently prefer? Not really.

      Just wear the ones you like, and if you happen to have a female partner and you wan't to know what she likes, well, just ask! :)

    • roslee 9 years ago

      I am 65 years old . I wear bras &panys often i love the fill of them . I like to wear them to town shoping . i wear a 42 b playtex it fits the best

    • lengtaboy profile image

      lengtaboy 9 years ago

      i am a man who loves wearing panties. i have a good collection of panties.i buy them from everywhere.i feel sexy in makes me feel erotic.

    • roslee 9 years ago

      I usely wear bras on the week ends i have a lot of different kinds .i got more bras &panty than my wife does i have panty hose slip skrits &tops the house is emty on wed so i dress up &love my time

    • steve 9 years ago

      I am 60 and have been wearing pretty panties for over 30 years. I have a large collection of panties of all types, ruffled rumba panties, bikinis, nylon briefs. I wear a bra once in a while, getting to be more but i wear my pretty panties 24 / 7 and don't even own any male underwear. I guess Im a PANTY BOY

    • Stacie 9 years ago

      Hope, I am a 45 year old man who has been wearing lingerie for years. I have been able to try on bras, panties and more at many stores. I had my first bra fitting at a Victoria/s Secret. I shop there often and if they are not too busy I can use the dressing room. A few of the clerks will even come and help if I need it. I always wear panties, and will usually wear a bra and stockings (not panty hose) when "shopping".

    • Rah 9 years ago


      I have just recently found out that my husband has been wearing bras behind my back. I am struggling to come to terms with it but the main thing is the lies that he told in order to do the thing he enjoys. I feel like all the trust has gone not because of the activity but because of the lies.

      I urge you to tell the people you are in a relationship with early on...if they love you they will support you but please don't lie to them as talking from the other side it is hard to come to terms with but when you love someone you stand by and try support the person you love.

      Please, please, please be honest with your nearest and dearest otherwise it might hurt them a lot more later on.

      All the best to you all

    • Sagittarius48 9 years ago

      Hey Rha,

      This is something that only you can come to terms with, I know its hard but you have to come to terms with this. It is almost impossible for a man to tell anyone he is a cross dresser to begin with. We usually drop small hints to find out how our partner feels. once we find out how much someone detests crossdressers then it becomes a deep dark secret, I know first hand it cost me my marriage. Most likley he is not gay most crossdressers are not, we don't molest children, and we won't go out and rape someone. We don't cheat on our wives, we just like the way womens underware feels on our body. The big fantasy for a lot of us is to make love to our partners dressed is womens underware. Think about it it is only a piece of clothing, he propebly loves you terribably, It could be the greatest sex you have ever had.

    • busty 9 years ago

      i am a man and wear my mother inaw bra 40HH bra, started as a joke belive its not fun being this big, my wife and her mother talk me into taking her place for a day i went to work at her mother shop full fig,ladys story being dress all day did it to me, i told them i cant wait to take the girdile off hose and heels,the bra full slip and dress, the dress fit like it was glue on, but i was told i did a very good job and everyone that i sold to said i made a very good sail lady,so my mother inlaw and my wife keeps me as one,today and every day i dress up as a woman wearing her undis and hate it wearing her 40HH bra

    • Rah 8 years ago

      Hi Sagittarious48

      I know it is harmless and something that he enjoys and despite the fact I don't understand it I accept is hard for the other person but the lies are harder to accept.

      We are a stronger couple for him telling me and now I know that because we have got past this we can get past anything...i don't want to be any part of it if he wants to wear his bra then that's ok and i want to know about it too but i don't want to be involved...i'm not saying i wont want to in the future and lke you say the sex might be amazing.

      I think by sharing your secrets with your partner it can give you the freedom not to feel guilty about what you're doing as you are not doing anything worng...its not mainstream but that does not mean you have to do it behind closed doors to the ones you love. I have done loads of research about this to try and inderstand and the more testimonials i read about people keeping this a secret the more i despair because the people who love you will be supportive even if it is hard for them!

      Take care


    • Marc 8 years ago

      I am a middle aged man with a condition called tescular feminization. I have very wide hips and huge breasts. I have worn women's panties and bras since I was a teenager, and function normaly at work and in my personal life. Because they fit better, I have adapted to wearing women's pants, tops and on occations, skirts and dresses. I try to dress descetely, and along with my bra, I always wear a girdle, pantyhose and a slip when I wear a dress.

      Normally I wear pants, but when I go to mettings, I like to wear a skirt or dress because it makes me look sharp It's really no big deal and I go about my busines every day without a problem. However, my breasts hurt and bother me everyday, so regardless of public opinion, I wouldn't think of walking out of the house without having my bra on.

      My panty size is 9 and my bra size is 42DD.

    • Doreen R profile image

      Doreen R 8 years ago

      There is not a more feminine garment than the bra, so it makes sense thet wearing a bra would add a feminine twist for a man. And if you wear a bra under your normal clothes, that adds the bit of excitement many men are looking for. I personally find wearing a bra is sooo feminine, the feeling of the straps over your sholder, the tightness of the band around your chest and the ultimate feminine experinece, the lovely curves that show up front. I'm straight and have kids and have been fortunate to find a number of woman in my life who found my crossdressing to be everything from acceptable to a turn on.

    • macman 8 years ago

      I am a 50yr old male and I love to purchase and wear womens clothes. I have over 30pr of high heels, a lot of skirts,dresses& pantyhose which I wear every day. I am now also wearing bras and camis as well as ladies tops and i sleep in nightgowns. It feels much better to wear womens clothes. I am not guy but women get turned off by this but I have to wear these clothes and its lots of fun looking for bargains in the stores. wear what you want..

    • Ciara 8 years ago

      Have gone to not only wearing a bra but wearing two piece bathing suits. Now after several years doing this have tan lines that are there year round.

    • Dave 8 years ago

      A few years ago I had 2 very painful groin operations for a waterworks problem and during the long recovery period I started to wear skirts to ease the discomfort. Since then I wear dresses and skirts around the house in preference to pants partly for comfort and partly for pleasure. I also love wearing womens lingerie under my ordinary clothes when I go out but have not yet found a 40" a cup bra. I had never thought much about crossdressing before my operation but I now wish I could could go out wearing 'womens clothing' in the same way women can wear what they want any time they please without causing a stir. My wife is happy with my crossdressing as are some of my more broadminded friends and neighbours and as time goes on I care less what people think, If they have a problem with me in a dress and suspenders/stockings then they should keep their problem to themselves. I am 60 and heterosexual and I cannot understand why men especially automatically assume somebody like me should be gay.

      All this has made me aware of not just societies attitudes but all of our freedoms, especially sexual freedoms seem to be under attack. Is it just me or are we going backwards and becoming more Victorian in our laws and attitudes? Any comments?

    • beverly ann 8 years ago

      i'm 61 and been wearing feminine clothes most of my life. wear thongs 24/7. started wearing a bra moe and more,i use breast enhancers to fill out a 36b. own no mens underwear. going to go out driving tonight dressed fully.

    • sheila 8 years ago

      i also have more bras and panties than my wife and love shopping with her for them but i am not allowed to wear them just the panties does this make sense

    • Stu 8 years ago

      I can fit into a 38a padded bra but most i wear a 38aa it gives me real support. I wish people would be more accepting in the world.

    • andre 8 years ago

      you guys im new but id seen this website before and you guys know what you said about bras and panties i agree that its okay for men to wear bras and panties its theres nothing wrong what's wrong with someone doing that but other people just don't understand don't you guys agree that some people just don't understand

    • Vitya 8 years ago

      I the man from Russia. To me 35 years. I like to carry men bras. Who wants to me to write write

    • ray1960 8 years ago

      Hi all I am new to this board. I have been wearing bras for about 4 years now and think of them as normal wear. I have a full 38B chest so I really do feel naked with out one.

    • ray1960 8 years ago

      I wear panties all the time, I do not even own any mens underware anymore. I never go anywhere without my panties. My wife helps me pick them out. I also wear bras, but that is because I fill out a full 38B cup bra and it has just become a normal piece of clothing to me.

    • busty 8 years ago

      wife of a crossdresser i except my husband now he lovs being a woman had implants has his Hcups that's the bigest that's would fit any biger would be to big for his body,to hole,his hips got biger and arounder butt he a full fig, lady i have a wonderfull girl friend now we shop togethere for slip bra dresser,with his taking hom pills he is getting fater for some reson he cant control that,i told him that he maybe could turn into a fatso,he just laugh and a told me fat ladys have more fun,more to hang on too,

    • onionman 8 years ago

      I love wearing bras! They make me feel a feminine inside. And so sexy when I stuff it. But still I think its cruel that fashion laws require men NOT to wear bras. We have the same right as women!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • brafully 8 years ago

      I am a man 62 and have been wearing bra's for 10 years.(but not outside)I have man boobs and I fill a 34B just like a woman would.I wear my bra's almost 24/7,I only take it off to take a shower and go to the store.(I am retired)I just wish men could wear bra's and nobody say anything,but that will never happen so I wear mine behind closed door's.

    • cam042368 8 years ago

      I absolutely love wearing womens clothing. I love the feeling of it.

    • mike 8 years ago

      luv wearing my panties 24\7 & starting to wear my bra all the time. wear my bra to work but change out hate it . wife knows & ok with it . was thrilled when going out & asked her to lay out what i should wear there laying on the bed was my lace panties & bra great wife

    • kyle 8 years ago

      i like wearing bras and panties but i also like wearing lingerie and now started to wear lingerie of nightgowns in bed and love the feel of womens materiel and thet are comfatble

    • lingerielover 8 years ago

      After years of bra wearing it is still fun. Love the feeling of the bra, the weight and bounce of my forms. Buying a new bra is always fun. A lot more men should try it. They don´t know what they miss.

    • Nettie 8 years ago

      I'm a 61 year young male who loves wearing bras and panties. I have more panties and bras than I have of male underwear. The feeling of wearing a bra is wonderful. Unfortunatley, the sizing is not made for our chest. My straps keep slipping because I'm forced to use a back extender, there is no such size as a 42AA, which is probably where I am. Currently at home in a Playtex 38 A, a good but not great fit.

    • mike 8 years ago

      i brought my first pair of panties & my first bra in sept of this year & i love wearing them more&more each time i put my bra on i cannot tell how it makes me feel to wear it. i wear my bra 16\7. i wear it to work but have to change out when i get there &put it on before i leave to go home . so guys if you are thinking about one go ahead you will love it. but be up front with your love one. i was & to my surprise she was ok with my wearing bras & panties. now she has someone to borrow if the need arise & like wise with me also.

    • mike 8 years ago

      to nettie, go to ebay store softersilk & try the glamorise a\b 1810 bra i love wearing these i wear a 44a whitch is near impossible to find.

    • jon 8 years ago

      barbara jeane im with you in everything

    • Mechanix2 8 years ago

      As far as I'm concerned wearing ladies clothing isn't entirely a bad thing. I used to like fully dressing like like a girl. My mom had caught me a few times and I told her I like the way they felt on me. The satin, the lace, the way they fit. There just way more comfortable then boxers are. If society doesn't like what you do. Who cares? You're yourself, you do what you think is best. If you like wearing panties, good for you. My girlfriend likes it when I wear panties around her. she thinks they look sexy. As i've seen many women say that men wearing panties look sexy.

      Its life.

    • Because I Can Man 7 years ago

      I am 64 yr's old & have worn panties for well over 20 yr's. I just recently told my wife & not only still loves me but also supports my prediliction for something soft, pretty and feminine. She even insisted I take them out of the box downstairs & put them in my dresser drawer. I agree with others - do not keep it a secret too long. Secrets get complicated - simplify your life & start to enjoy the fun, the feel & the added intmacy. I also own several camisole / panty sets that are still hidden away, but will be "discovered" soon. I would like to have something to fill out the camisoles (small breasts, but prominent nipples) so I am saving $'s for false breasts.

      Why wear panties ? Easy ! I like the way they look. I like the way they feel. And most important - BECAUSE I CAN.

    • seniorsub 7 years ago

      My girlfriend has been wanting to feminize me for a year now and it is finally to the point where she has me in pantyhose and a bra with more to come in the near future. It feels so good to finally know and accept who I am and I look forward to dressing and becoming more and more feminine.

    • Pakistani 7 years ago

      I want to wear bras 24/7, but I am afraid that what happen if anyone notice. I have a collection of Bras. In our society its un acceptable. But I luv to be feminine.

    • Patsy Pop 7 years ago

      Hi delighted to look at your site. I am a man of sixty and wear a Brassiere daily it has come to a stage that if i do not wear it i think that i am not dressed. I will wear one 24/7 if i could but i might be caught out. So i wear them from when i get up until i go to bed i realy love wearing one and also wear a Slip and Girdle and panty hose.If i taught i would not be given a beating by the narrow minded people out there i would also wear a skirt and heels. I do not see what is wrong with men waearin so called womens clothes.Who says that the are only womens clothes only society anyway. I love wearing them and will continue to do so.

    • JEF 7 years ago

      I like to wear bras and panties, but my wife does not like the idea. I wear a size 7 panty and a 38B bra because it fits perfectly. Is there anyway to wear these on a daily basis and get away with it let me know.

    • jess 7 years ago

      I am excited to see that other men accept the fact of us wearing what makes us feel complete i like to dress in full womans clothing and drive around it so exciting and feels so good to feel that sexy i love bras and panties and i have since i was a kid my mom caught me wearing a slip in the bed when i was 15 but i didn't care she seemed to accept it now i am married and my wife accepts it i love wearing my size 8 boy cut panties and thong panties with my 38 c bras i have a good collection of them and want breast the shape and the feeling of the bra pushing against you body i have worn panties to work and around my friends still not quiet sure about wearing my bra around them but i want to it makes me feel super sexy to wear form fitting dresses and camisoels

    • bobcodys 7 years ago

      I wear bras, and I'm a boy. they just feel so comforty. I like them and I'm not gay or anything it just feels good.

      Bob Codys

    • Bob  7 years ago

      I just love to go to a department store and going through the lingerie department. I usually get a few bras and cannot forget the wonderful panties....I like matching pairs too. I also buy dresses, gowns, slips, skirts, blouses, pantyhose, leotards...and swimsuits... Best place to get my dresses/gowns is at Debs...they have juniors clothing. It is at

    • jim 7 years ago

      Web store like JMS carry bras in larger sized A cups. I'm 81 and both my wives never minded my wearing bras, panties and nylons or pantyhose. No one notices a neutral shade panty hose with shorts and if they do notice, so what? Vanity Fair full cuts have been my choice of panties ever since I had stated wearing my mom's at the age of 13. A flesh colored bra attracts less attention than a white one. Before I retired I wore panties, bras and pantyhose to work every day.

    • alan smith 7 years ago

      I love wearing bras, i cant see why women get tired of wearing a bra , i wish i could wear one 24/7

    • tommiewf 7 years ago

      Ever since my breasts got beyond a 40a I have worn a bra all day, every day. I've worn panties for years for the comfort, but the bras are fairly recent. I'm now in a 40c, which is very noticable under my tops and shirts, but so be it -- I'm very uncomfortable without one. At 71 I really am not overly concerned about what other folks think about this. My wife of 49 years is fully aware of what I wear. I often wear women's tops because they fit better, women's jeans and shorts, and at any given moment I'm usually dressed in something more or less androgenous. I do get stared at occasionally (often by men) but so be it. I carry a seasonal purse, my hair is between by shoulder blades and growing, I haven't ventured out in public in a skirt or dress yet, but I do frequently wear both at home. If my bra "peeks through" my blouses, tops, or shirts, well, that's life and it's no different from the same situation on a female. It's better than my boobs visibly flopping around.

    • mg 7 years ago

      I'm a man and wear bras and panties they feel great my wife don't understand but lets me wear them and buys them for me she supports me

    • kirsten 7 years ago

      i think all womens cloths are very fun to wear and have more class to them than mens cloths ever will . as i have said in other posts .bras and panties can be very sexy. men if you have large breasts and get sore by the days end when working or have them sagging down go get fitted for a bra , there are now lots of great bras out on market and some salesl people to help fit your properly. they know a lot of men are now wearing bras and panties . so if you go early in the morning when they first open it is usally slow and not very many people around. one easy way to hide your bra wearing if you have to is wear a cami under you reguler shirt . i don't worry about it anymore., showing through my cloths . i wear my bras and panties 24/7 now and love every second of it and you will to. you do not know what you are missing until you give it a try. thanks to everone. and your comments.

    • roselee 7 years ago

      still wearing bras now 44c

    • can't tell sorry 7 years ago

      I love to wear womens clothes.Why are the Nice ,pretty and comfortable things "reserved" for women.My wife has it in her head that if you different that what she has been taught earlier in life, you're bad !!

    • Jay Zee 7 years ago

      I like to wear bras, camis, string bikinis, tops, low-rise and skinny jeans. My size is 38AA.

    • Dana 7 years ago

      Great views from all sides. I have been wearing bras for nearly 30 years, and fit comfortably into a 36A. Embarrised to leave the house, but some of this bravery may just help me 'out'. Thanks

    • no name 7 years ago

      i not only love to wear my wifes bras and panties, but i also wear her lipstick which by the eay is a bright red.

    • wpatterson 6 years ago

      I love my bra

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