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A Basic Guide to Bras for Men

As a woman, I write a great deal about men who wear lingerie. To be honest, it has become rather a passion of mine over the past few years.

Let's begin with the basics!

Let's begin with the basics!

Bra Tips for Men

Many men love to wear bras but quickly become confused when confronted with the plethora of bras available today. There are a wide range of terms and types of bra that can be a bit befuddling. That's why I've prepared this simple guide to walk you through the more common bra types and give you a few pointers on which might be best for you.

This article does assume at least a basic knowledge of the brassiere, as may be obtained by sneaking into lingerie drawers, panty raids, and other nefarious and not so nefarious means.

A great example of a demi-cup bra.

A great example of a demi-cup bra.

Types of Bras


The demi-cup bra is, as it sounds, a bra that covers half the area a normal bra covers. A great variation to try if you want to get a little more revealing without going all the way to the very naughty bras listed below. Put simply, the demi-cup bra is sexy without being downright slutty. These bras may also fit some men better without all the extra bunching that can occur with the unneeded material that comprises traditional brassieres.

Open Tip Bras

These naughty bras look like a regular bra at first glance, but the quick double take reveals that this bra does not cover the nipples at all! This is an excellent option for men who want to feel the lace against their chest and want something a little different or a little more revealing.

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Shelf Bras

These bras are similar to open-tipped bras. Still, instead of having material covering the 'breast' region with an opening for the nipples, these bras are constructed only with a lower shelf designed to support the breasts.

Sports bras are great for physical activites.

Sports bras are great for physical activites.

Underwire Bras

An underwire bra may be pretty, but it may also be uncomfortable for a man or a woman. Underwire bras are designed to give women more shape to their breasts, but when a man wears them, all he gets is the chafing of the wire against his ribs with none of the gain of extra cleavage. (Unless, of course, you're filling that bra up.) Some underwire bras are more comfortable than others, and if you really like the bra, it being underwire shouldn't necessarily put you off. Just be aware that there may be some hard rubbing sensations to put up with.

Sports Bras

These may not be the best choice for a man who likes to wear bras as they are primarily designed to support the female figure and not do much else. Most sports bras are fairly plain affairs with more architecture than many bridges. You can recognize a sports bra from the plain and drab fabric, the ventilation which may come in the form of a mesh that surrounds the seams (don't get excited at the word mesh, we're not talking sexy mesh here, we're talking solid industrial style mesh.)

Strapless Bras

Another case of obviousness here. Strapless bras are bras designed to stay on simply through friction. There are no shoulder straps, and the bra simply wraps around the chest region. Strapless bras can also tend to be a bit on the plain side as they are designed primarily to give support under clothing and not as a stand-alone piece of lingerie desire. However, if you are prepared to look, there are some rather sexy little numbers out there.

That should be enough information to give you at least a start in the bra-seeking game. Feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments section if you would like more.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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