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I Am a Straight Man That Likes Wearing Lingerie

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I wear women's lingerie and I think it's lovely.

I wear women's lingerie and I think it's lovely.

I didn't know what I was getting into when I slipped on that first pair of panties years ago . . . and by that I mean, at that age, I couldn't fathom actually trying on other kinds of lingerie. But once I started looking at catalogs and seeing bras, hosiery, etc., I became curious to know how those other kinds of lingerie felt.

My First Bra

Sometime during high school, I finally got some panties after a long time of not having any—but I also got some bras. The panties ranged from cotton to nylon, from briefs to thongs. Then there were the bras.

The first bra I ever tried on was a silky black Victoria's Secret demi bra. To my surprise, I got lucky and the band fit me perfectly. I got it in an A cup, so even though I don't have anything there to support, the cups were at least small enough to conform to my "chest."

While wearing it, I felt just about the same as when I first slipped on panties. Speaking of panties, I had a pair on before I put on the bra, adding to the excitement and the experience. Some nights, I would sleep in just a bra and panties since they are very comfy and feel great. However, not long after this all started, I started having doubts as to if what I was doing was right.

I Struggled With My Conscience

I struggled with this issue as I'm sure a lot of guys that wear lingerie do. Being a teen and feeling like there was nobody I could go to for advice made things even worse. On one hand, I thought, this isn't right. Lingerie is made for women. Guys don't wear feminine clothes. Guys that wear feminine clothes can't exactly be straight in any case.

On the other hand, I thought, what's so wrong with wearing lingerie? Sure I'm a guy, but it hasn't made me any less of the guy that I am (not saying or implying that gay or bi guys are lesser men than I am). I'm still interested in women. I just so happen to have a thing for women's lingerie. Each time I struggled with my conscience over this, I started to learn that I needed to make a choice on whether I'm going to stick with it or give it up.

Sometimes I Threw It Out

Having these struggles, I have thrown out lingerie a few times, and—ridiculously enough—I have considered the money spent on the lingerie a punishment, as well as a loss. It sounds very stupid, and each time I threw out lingerie, I felt stupid. Although when I was throwing lingerie out, I thought I felt stupid for even having bought it and having this fetish for it. I looked back on each time and realized that I really should have found a place to donate the lingerie if I was going to throw it out. It would have at least gone to somebody who needed it. But what's done is done.

Pointless to Keep Fighting It

After each time I threw out lingerie, I would be good for a while without having it. Then one day I would see a Victoria's Secret commercial and I would start wanting to wear lingerie again. I could have looked away or walked out of the room, but I wanted to watch the commercial. The same goes for any other commercial that had lingerie in it. I may have thrown out lingerie but that doesn't mean I don't have a thing for it.

Not long ago, I decided that it was pointless to keep fighting it, since each time I went without it, I would find myself wanting to wear it again. The more I tried to suppress it, the more I wanted to wear it. In the end, I chose to stick with it and wear my lingerie. The way I see it if wearing lingerie is wrong for a guy, there are much worse things I could be doing like drinking excessively and going absolutely nowhere with my life or getting myself into a mess I can't get myself out of.

That's pretty much been my experience so far as being a man who wears lingerie. There are other things I could add, but this article is long enough as it is. Once again I would love to see comments and thanks for reading again.