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I Am a Straight Man That Likes Wearing Lingerie

Updated on January 09, 2017

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Here's a nice little bra. (Lily of France Microfiber Push Up Demi Bra)
Here's a nice little bra. (Lily of France Microfiber Push Up Demi Bra)

To My Surprise, I Got Lucky

I obviously didn't know what I was getting into when I first slipped on those panties years back..and by that I mean, at that age, I couldn't fathom actually trying other kinds of lingerie on. But once I got to looking at those catalogues and saw the panties, bras, hosiery, etc, I got curious to see how those other kinds of lingerie felt.

Sometime while I was in high school, I finally got some panties after a long time of not having them, but I also got some bras. The panties ranged from cotton to nylon, from briefs to thongs. Then there were the bras. The first bra I ever tried on was a silky black Victoria's Secret demi bra. To my surprise, I got lucky and the band fit me perfectly. I got it in an A cup so even though I don't have anything there to support, the cups were at least small enough to form to my "chest". While wearing it, I felt just about the same as when I first slipped on panties. Speaking of panties, I had a pair on before I put on the bra, adding to the excitement and the experience. Some nights, I would sleep in just a bra and panties since they are very comfy and feel great. However, not long after this all started, I started having doubts as to if what I was doing was right.

I struggled with this issue as I'm sure a lot of guys that wear lingerie do. Being a teen and feeling like there was nobody I could go to for advice made things even worse. On one hand I thought, this isn't right. Lingerie is made for women. Guys don't wear feminine clothes. Guys that wear feminine clothes can't exactly be straight in any case. On the other hand, I thought, what's so wrong about wearing lingerie? Sure I'm a guy but it hasn't made me any less of the guy that I am (not saying or implying that gay or bi guys are lesser men that I am). I'm still interested in women. I just so happen to have a thing for women's lingerie. Each time I struggled with my conscience over this, I started to learn that I needed to make a choice on whether I'm going to stick with it or give it up.

There Are Much Worse Things I Could Be Doing

 Having these struggles, I have thrown out lingerie a few times and, ridiculously enough, considered the money spent on the lingerie a punishment as well as a loss. It sounds very stupid and each time I threw out lingerie, I felt stupid. Although when I was throwing lingerie out, I thought I felt stupid for even having bought it and having this fetish for it. I looked back on each time and realized that I really should have found a place to donate the lingerie if I was going to throw it out. It would have at least gone to somebody who needed it. But what's done is done.

After each time I threw out lingerie, I would be good for a while without having it. Then one day I would see a Victoria's Secret commercial and I would start wanting to wear lingerie again. I could have looked away or walked out of the room, but I wanted to watch the commercial. Same goes for any other commercial that had lingerie in it. I may have thrown out lingerie but that doesn't mean I don't have a thing for it. Not long ago, I decided that it was pointless to keep fighting it, since each time I went without it, I would find myself wanting to wear it again. The more I tried to suppress it, the more I wanted to wear it. In the end, I chose to stick with it and wear my lingerie. The way I see it, if wearing lingerie is wrong for a guy, there are much worse things I could be doing like drinking excessively and going absolutely nowhere with my life or getting myself into a mess I can't get get myself out of.

That's pretty much been my experience so far as being a man who wears lingerie. There are other things I could add but this hub is long enough as it is. Once again I would love to see comments and thanks for reading again.


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    • GetRhythm profile image

      GetRhythm 3 years ago

      I haven't come out completely on this issue. I do like dressing as a woman though.

    • GetRhythm profile image

      GetRhythm 3 years ago

      Thank you. What is it you want to know?

    • Alex Fendall 3 years ago

      Have you considered that the wearing of the bras means you may be a woman that society calls a man? (You may not have come out to yourself yet on this issue). Try on woman's jeans, underpants and shirt and paint your nails . Then lay in bed in your new outfit for at least 30 minutes. If your body, mind and soul is screaming "CURE CURE" consider buying more clothes to feed your feminine side and become a transwoman with help from a therapist. (Or not) People do it all the time to build a better life for themselves. Go google the term "Transwoman"

    • Tonya 3 years ago

      I told my wife about my post and she said to share a more .I usually am wearing panties and a primadonna bra .They fit males very well . my legs are always shaved toe nails always hot pink . I have my own dressbarn charge card very crossdresser friendly . Also have several coach purses and a pair of coach heels .love to wear toe rings gold of coarse

    • Tonya 3 years ago

      My wife helps me with my shopping I have breast forms 42c and I get to wear them when we go dress shopping .we also get pedis together .

    • Ron 3 years ago

      I to wear bra and panties. the ones i really love to wear is the padded pushups to make me look like i have tits. At first i was shy or embarresed to wear them in public but now i have no choice cause i don't go a day without wearing one. I have moved on to wearing a one piece body suit with extreme push ups. I now go out in public every day with it on and don't care what people think. I keep it from my friends my wife don't like it but accepts it she even does them up for me at times. I really wish i could get away with wearing a bikini at the beach

    • bra panty 3 years ago

      Hi, this is my first visit to your blog posts and you have really gained the appreciation for such a brilliant write-up. I want to know more about your article & blog posts. Thanks & I will wait for your reply.

    • Michael)Michelle 3 years ago

      I am a 64 year old and I to love to wear bras and panties. My wife objects to it but that's because I have tried to keep it a secret from her stupid me.I have now admitted to her that I can't stop and it looks though I may be moving out, we have talked about it at length and hopefully we will remain friends. Yes, I have worn my bras out in public and feel good with it and have also been wearing them to work where some colleuges hae noticed, most have been all good with it. I now wish I had been more up front with it with my wife. So all you married men, be honest with yourself and your wife, let her know.

    • mark 4 years ago

      i think u shd get de tightest 1 and it makes u feel sexier

    • Sunshine 4 years ago

      I'm a guy, 34, and can Completely relate. Years ago, I threw out my small collection also, only to buy more clothing. I have much more now, including shoes, 2 custom made, lockable french maid dresses, etc... I'm not passable, nor do I try to be. The obsession/fetish comes and goes with me. I don't know when or why it happens, but it does.

      I'm a single guy, and not the most outgoing. I did admit my "problem" to girlfriends in the past, and although a couple of them did play with it a little, I have never been able to find a woman completely accepting of my wanting to wear nice things occasionally. I don't know if talking to someone about this would help, as I don't think it will ever go away. I enjoy wearing a bra the most, and have worn one plenty of times in public, with it not really visible. Although, if I know I am going to see friends, I take it off because I'm not brave enough, or accepting enough of it to let other people find out.

      I wish I could find a girl like "Kathleen D." myself! I envy her boyfriend, and hope that maybe somehow, someday, I can find a woman that would be ok with this side of me.

    • Ihuepma 19 4 years ago

      I love to were bra and pant. But I do them secretly were no one would see me. The truth is that I find it very confortable but sometimes it seems to me as sin somehow. This is the first time i am talking it out. I wish i could be free to sometimes be on full women atire and move around in public but it is totally imposible here in Nigeria because people will think you are going mad or you are gay though you are not. However I've try to buy this lingery but whenever I decide to take such steps I fill discuraged withen me for I don't know how the person selling them will see me

    • John 4 years ago

      I am a 44 B due to gynecomastia. My breasts and nipples look like nice females breasts. My wife buys my bras and she likes to buy me sexy lacey pushup bras for the bedroom. I keep my breasts shaved and soft like a woman's and my wife gets to explore her bi fantasy with my tits in her mouth. My wife really loves my breasts and loves to help me into my bras :-)

    • cr67 4 years ago

      I started dressing up @ 10 years old and have been doin it ever since. I used to feel the same way about "if it was wrong " or "am I gay" but after discovering the internet I didn't feel alone. I've had a few girlfriends who knew about it and didn't care and that takes a lot of tension off. But now my most recent girlfriend loves it. We go on shopping trips buying me lingerie and leggings and whatever I feel is going to be comfortable. The only thing is we keep it under the roof. There's times when I wish I had breasts but I don't think she would take that well and on top of all that I don't think anyone in my family would except it but as long as the one I love is OK with it its fine with me. I remember the first time I tried on panties, they were my sisters and fortunately for me she always had satin panties and I've been attracted to satin as long as I can remember. It was so exciting that first time, slipping on a pair of satin panties, then came the bras after a few weeks of wearing panties and they felt so comfortable and right

      I would wear them whenever I got the chance. I've almost been caught a few times but that didn't stop me and now me and girlfriend share the underwear drawer 2gether and its great we share underwear all the time. Its like a dream come true. So 4 all u panty guys don't give up on your feelings and there's a lot of help out there. I hope this post helps anyone out there who feels alone cause your not!

    • TGhubby 4 years ago

      I too wear panties, but it wasn't after my girlfriend found out she got me to start wearing a bra, which lead to other items of lingerie. She is a keeper and now I don't even own nor have a worn male undies for a long long time ... it is great!

    • Kathleen D. 5 years ago

      I have had several past boyfriends that would wear panties and sometimes a bra. My current boyfriend and I went to the Dominican Republic on vacation and he wore panties the entire trip. Sometimes he would wear a bra too, but only if it could be hidden by a jacket, etc. I encourage him and buy him things sometimes too. It's our little secret and it helps our relationship. Guys should be more open about this with their girlfriends so it can be a fun bonding part of the relationship.

    • Kathleen D. 5 years ago

      Over the years I've had several boyfriends that I've discussed crossdressing with. While most of them wouldn't let me put a bra on them, they usually accepted wearing panties if I asked. It's something romantic and special that a guy can do for me that I find sexy. It something romantic because they are doing it to please me. My current boyfriend thinks it's kinky, but he wears panties under his guy clothes whenever we are on a date. I bought him a bra and panty set as a present and he wore it when we went out to dinner under his male clothes. Now he wears lingerie whenever I ask-I think he's a keeper! He said he was surprised at how much he liked wearing pantyhose and the feeling under his pants.I have a teenage daughter from a prior relationship, and I don't tell her about it though. I probably will when she is a little older.

    • Sherman 6 years ago

      At a very young (elementary school) age I discovered the appeal of underwear intended for women and asked myself why males had to wear cotton briefs with thick piping edges and thick wide elastic waistbands.

      I suppressed this while occasionally and secretly trying panties, slips and bras. The older I got the more I wanted to wear them regularly until about twenty years ago began acquiring my own. It has been very satisfying. Now I have oodles of panties (thongs, bikinis, briefs and pettipants) as well as bras and slips (half and full). I wear panties all the time and select other lingeries according to my mood.

      Just yesterday I got a bargain on a beautiful Wacoal bra with matching panties at The Rack. They really look good.

      I firmly believe this topic needs to be more openly discussed. This week (Jan. 3, 2011) I watched a mother sit on a morning network news show and discuss how her 4-5 yr old son likes to wear colorful clothes regarded as 'feminine.' He says he feels better wearing them. He is affectionately called Princess Boy and she has written an excellent book titled Princess Boy. Her support and nurture is admirable. I hope this helps the multitude who are similar. We should all feel better because of what we prefer to wear.

    • manwithDDs profile image

      manwithDDs 6 years ago from Salem, Mo.

      I'm a guy, that wears a bra, daily. I wear a bra, because I enjoy it! I wear a 40DD, full figure bra. I always wear, breast forms, when wearing a bra. And, I am wearing a bra, when I am out in public.

    • Assassin Fred 6 years ago

      I have "purged" and thrown out many items of lingerie, clothing, shoes, and wigs over the years, only to turn around and purchase it all again. You just have to come to a level of self acceptance with your crossdressing desires, even if you still keep it a secret. Once you find that level of self acceptance, you will realize that as long as you aren't harming anyone else or breaking the law, dressing in feminine attire is truly a relaxing, rewarding, and erotic experience, for men and women alike.

    • MICHAEL 6 years ago



    • rusko 6 years ago

      hey great topic... im in da exact situation right now... i have small collection but always have the urg to want more.. i recently discovered that there are mens bras for sale in japan... just google wishroom and c 4 urself... im not gay but do always question myself..

    • andy 6 years ago

      tights. they got me first. but any under wear is great cos you can wear it under your day wear. I love the feeling of knowing i am talking to some one knowing I am wearing girls underware & they don't know.I have a wardrobe full of dresses & wish I could wear them when i want to in public. Why is it girl's have been able to slip into guys attire & no one even cares. Non of us are born with cloths on so who is to say who should wear what. anyway dresses high heels dresses lets put them on love A

      Anyway What can compare with slipping into a nice pair of lacey panties lace top stocking & a really pretty dress ( why woould any girl want to turn her back on that)Thev only person who knows is my girl friend & she will buy underware with me but she doe's not approve of my interest in dressing up

    • Jesterscourt 6 years ago

      I'm 37 and yes, I to have struggled with subject for many years. I never went as far as to toss out my collection. But do find myself wondering just about everyday if this is right. I do have a couple plus's about this issue. 1. My wife is totally into me wearing bras, panties and yes I even wear the lowrise jeans(they fit so much better than mens) And 2. I work from home. This gives me more ops to wear what feels best to me.

      Still, everyday I find myself asking if it's right. Until recently, I didn't talk about the fact that I enjoy feeling "Sexy" and achieving this by following, what some would call, a fetish. For me it's not that way. It's the way I've been for 20+ years. My wife tells me every time I ask her if she really thinks this is right or if I look gay for doing, " No dear! You look good in womens garb, it's hot and shows that your secure enough to wear the items you wear."

      I think maybe all of us (straight, gay or bi)should just relax about this subject in general. The times have changed over the years. What we do is something that a great many men do. Only, we are among few that have come forward with the info.

    • Go Caps 6 years ago

      I have pretty much lived exactly what you described, and am currently in the re-buying phase.

    • iwhcpanties 7 years ago

      Great hub! I am a 52 year old guy who loves to wear lingerie! I wear a 44B bra and 8-9/L-XL in panties.

    • ILoveLingerie 7 years ago

      Very nice hub and I know your story too well:D

      Keep up your writing!

    • GetRhythm profile image

      GetRhythm 7 years ago

      Having been there before, I couldn't do much. It sucks when you know people will give you a hard time about it and just jump to conclusions. Schools a harsh environment for this kind of thing or at least that's my experience. I don't know anybody around where I live who's accepting of this so I'm still isolated in a sense. You could wait it out til you are able to drive around or you could let somebody you trust in on your secret. The second option may or may not be the way to go. It depends on who you would tell. How far away is the nearest store that sells lingerie to you? If you want further advice you should check out some of Hope Alexanders hubs. She's got a ton of hubs that could be of great help to you as well.

    • USpatriot45 7 years ago

      Hey buddy I am right in the middtt problem right now. I love to wear bras but there are a lot of obsticales in my way. I'm only a teen who can't drive so there is no way for me to buy them without my parent's knowledge. I kno they won'y accept me wearing them nor will most of the people at my school. I know it doesn't change my sexuality but at the same time others can still get to me. Any advice you got would be nice and any questions you have I's be glad to help answer.

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