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50 Reasons Why Women Are Awesome


50 Reasons Why Women Are Amazing

Whether you are a male or female, girl or guy, chick or dude, we are all awesome in one way or another.

Both genders have their individual, unique abilities to offer our society. All abilities are appreciated. Realistically, if either of the genders was obsolete our society would be a bit off balance, don't you think?

Together, women and men rock this universe. We make one heck of a team. It's all about teamwork!

But, this is my shout-out to the wonderful women of the world. The remarkable women who do so much to make our planet a better place to live.

Obviously, we all know there are way more than just 50 reasons, we will just consider this list a starting point. You could add your reasons to the comment section below...

Girl Power!

  1. They have the capability to give birth. I could stop here, but I will continue. If for some reason you would like to contradict this point, I look forward to your opinion.
  2. They could browse through the many undergarments at Victoria's Secret and not get weird glances.
  3. Their feet go in cold stir-ups once a year even though they detest it, but women are sharp enough to be pro-active with their health.
  4. They don't think going to a doctor for a physical is lame, they actually plan it months ahead of time.
  5. They give hugs for no specific reason, they just like to hug.
  6. They get to have a new last name with each marriage. Not that this is a good thing. Personally I think women should keep their maiden name, but that is just my opinion.
  7. Scratching themselves while watching TV isn't a necessity. They only scratch as needed.
  8. They could remove facial hair with waxing instead of daily facial shaving. Then again, the older some women get, shaving might be easier.
  9. We could wear as many earrings as we want and never get questioned or weird glances.
  10. Cosmetics are a part of their daily regime and they can experiment with different, glamorous looks. Glitter eye shadow one day and purple lipstick the next.
  11. Women could wear slinky, frilly dresses and use spanx to hold in the water weight. Sure, they might get called tramps, but who cares what people say!
  12. Doors are held open for them, chairs are pulled out for them.
  13. Women are caring enough to check in on each other daily for no reason at all.
  14. Women have learned it's okay to cry because sobbing helps to reduce stress.
  15. We could have long hair and not be concerned with snide remarks such as "get a haircut" ... that applies to most women. Some women after a certain age really should go short, but that's another story.
  16. We could dye our hair and get rid of the gray without being ridiculed.
  17. Pretty and colorful flip flops are very vogue. They aren't expensive either which means women could own multiple pairs and not break the bank.
  18. Ankle bracelets are not only feminine, but compliment their many pairs of shoes.
  19. Bubble baths are usually intended to relax, not as foreplay unless specifically stated.
  20. Chances are on our side for never being wrong and always being right.
  21. They have the gift of female intuition which usually steers them in the right direction.
  22. When given a task to do they usually get it right the first time. If they happen to doubt themselves, they will ask for assistance.
  23. Women could sell Avon and Mary Kay and not get questioned. Even though I've heard of many successful male Avon reps. More power to them.
  24. We like tearjerker flicks and are prepared with tissues.
  25. Chances of getting out of a speeding ticket are higher for a woman than a man. Chances of flirting your way out of a speeding ticket are also higher for a woman than a man.

Chicks Rule

26. Women can roar and trust me you could hear it. Try not to get her to the roaring stage.

27. Women are great listeners and don't always feel they need to fix things.

28. They could usually find something that's been missing in record time. Phones, shoes, keys, the kids...yep, ask the female, she will not stop until the lost item is found.

29. Women are comfortable chatting with people and making new friends.

30. Family traditions are usually started by women and carried on through the generations by the women.

31. They make awesome grandma's and smother their grandchildren with time, love and tenderness.

32. They are fun work-out buddies, minus the grunts and growls.

33. They know where to stash the chocolate so it's always available at a moment's notice. Be wise men, don't touch that chocolate.

34. Women know how to get the party started. They also know how to entertain and when to end the party.

35. They know the home remedies to soothe bumps, bruises, aches and most ailments. If they don't they ask Google.

36. They can wear colored nail polish to match the season, their mood or their outfit.

37. Women can multi-task with ease. They could text and walk. They could breastfeed and cook dinner while helping with homework. Seriously, women rock!

38. They could respond to a text at record speed.

39. They have the capability to have a gab-fest and most know when to end the conversation. Well, most women do. Some could continue for hours.

40. Women are queens of their castles, if you misbehave you are tossed in a moat.

41. They are aware that STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS!

42. They could bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan and never, ever let you forget you're a man!

43. They could supply nourishment to their babies for FREE!

44. Women are intelligent enough to know there is no such thing as a "Happy Period."

45. Google and women are similar due to the fact that they know everything.

46. They are aware that high heels are for wearing and they also serve as a weapon.

47. They might not figure out the TV remote the first time, but by the 20th time they are usually experts.

48. Women are keen on looking in the mirror before they leave the house. This applies to the majority of women. Seriously, women...the mirror is there for a reason.

49. They don't have hair growing out of the ears or nose. Actually they remove theirs.

50. Chances are in front of every awesome man is an awesome woman who made him that way.

Martina McBride - This One's For The Girls

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