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Five Things Women Don't Know About Men

Jorge's relationship advice is based on experience and observation. Let his trial and error be your success (hopefully).


Five Things Women Don’t Know About Men

Yes, I know some women know these things, but I submit that not enough seem to.

Oh, and by the way, needless to say, this article contains sweeping generalizations and does not apply to all men and women. Just probably a lot of them.

1. Men Have Emotions

We might not feel like we have to cry as much or like we have to be held or protected, but we do have feelings. We may not wince visibly when you make us carry your emotional burdens when you talk about ex-boyfriends or when you use us to vent every negative thing you've ever dealt with because it's easy to think we feel nothing when we don't show our cracks. Still, we're not made absolutely of stone.

There's some softness in there, but it's small, and it's deep enough that you'd have to take some time to look if you ever wanted to see it. Of course, the moment we think you're looking for it is the moment we'll harden the most.

2. Men Do Not "Think With Their Little Heads"/Sex Is Not Meaningless to Men

Sure, some men say this about themselves with a wink and a nudge. There are even men who honestly believe this about themselves. They are immature or weak and allow their body chemistry to control them too much. They use their supposed nature as a man to excuse stupidity that has nothing to do with it. No better than a woman who blames her violence on PMS.

Yes, we want sex more, on average, but to a good man, it is not mindless physical release. It is done consciously and for a good reason. He will be picky. A good man doesn't want sex so badly that he'd allow women to use it to manipulate him or allow himself to give up his dignity or lower his standards for it. Besides, if there comes a time that he really needs release and cannot find a woman up to his standard, nature gave him lefty and righty for a reason. (And most men use them with frequency.)

Sex is not meaningless to men, but you'll have to excuse us if it has a different meaning sometimes than it does to women.

I think men use sex in many more ways than women do. It is a much richer form of expression to us, and we can feel sexual desire for people and for reasons that have nothing to do with silly little superficial romances. But don't get me wrong; it has everything to do with love. It is about desire, not just for people, but for everything in life. A man feels his zest for life and his passion and love often in his groin. This does not make him base and vulgar--it is merely the seat of much of his energy. A good man will use this energy productively.


3. Men Are Not "Intimidated" by Powerful Women or Successful Women

Now, some men (maybe even a lot) are probably intimidated, but honestly, most men are simply not interested in any given woman's power or success. These are just not traits that usually attract men to women--they are largely irrelevant to his assessment of her. He judges her based on her feminine characteristics and barely anything else.

Keep this in mind: He doesn't care, especially if you're the type of woman who tends to refer to her own self as "powerful" or "successful" with no regard to how pompous she sounds. If such a woman is trying to date him, he won't be impressed by such things; that's not the side of the woman he wants to see. There's no need to be presumptuous and assume that his apathy is secretly fear of how great she is.

(Now, this is most men. Some men are of a minority are attracted to women who exhibit power because of that power. You'll probably know these when you meet them. In either case, though, they're probably not intimidated, just attracted.)

4. Men Know How to Express Themselves Just Fine

Often, men express themselves differently from women; this is likely the root of the misconception about how men don't know how to communicate. It is not that he doesn't express himself; it is that his thoughts are organized differently. Every man's brain is built differently, but a man will generally think differently from a woman. It happens. He might not make the same connections or draw the same conclusions as a woman on any given thing.

Detailing the specific differences between the male and female mind is a whole other vast subject and is best left to science. (i.e., Not this article.)


5. Men Are a Lot More Like Women Than You Think

Like women, men have a nose, two eyes, a mouth, and a brain. They have similar feelings, thoughts, and desires in life.

Sometimes, when you don't know what he's thinking, it might just be that humans, in general, can have trouble predicting what other humans are feeling at any given moment. It might have more to do with the vastness of the human mind than any gender differences. It might just be that people tend to over-explain little things that they can't figure out about someone on some stereotype about men or women, instead of coming to terms with the fact that some people are hard to predict and fit into a box because that's just the way they are.

It's important to remember that we're all individuals but that we're a lot alike in some ways, regardless of the stereotypes.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.