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Types of Teenage Girls


Back in high school, we were creatures of a different nature. These are the types of girls I encountered or was myself. For those of you who remember high school (or are still in it), do any of these spark a memory? Or, do you have a contrasting observation? Let me know in the comments below!


The Rebel

The rebel has a strong streak of opposition running through her veins. She can be quiet or loud, but either way, she is usually noticeable. She can sit in the back of the room with a black hoodie over her head and be painting her fingernails, despite her teacher’s threats to stop.

When the teacher says, “That’s a demerit, young lady,” the rebel will smirk or shrug her shoulders.
The rebel is also the girl who makes constant interruptions in the middle of class. The teacher will be in the middle of sentence: “Greenhouse gases are gases in the Earth’s atmosphere that--“
“Ew, who farted?” she’ll interject, to the riotous disgust of the class and chagrin of the teacher.

The Fangirl

You can recognize this girl by all the celebrity gear she owns and touts and her incessant gushing over her favorite idols. She is often found daydreaming with her palms against her cheeks and sometimes with her eyes closed. When she speaks to her friends, who are just as obsessed as she is, her breath gets shorter and audible, as she fans herself with her hands while laboring to get out words: “Oh. my. god. Can. you. believe. G-dragon. is. performing. live. in. two. weeks. and. I’m. going. to. see. them!” If she makes it to the end of the sentence without swooning, she’ll squeal in joy with her friends, to the bemusement of onlookers.

The Loner

The loner is a girl who is alone a lot, or appears to be. There are two types of loners: the ashamed loner and the shameless loner. The ashamed loner wants friends desparately but lacks the skills to gain them. The shameless loner feels adequate not having friends. She is fine being alone and doesn't care about how her peers may perceive her, while the shameless loner cares deeply. You can spot the shameless loner quickly, because she sits openly by herself, but the ashamed loner will often try to sit next to others or join a group just to feel like she belongs.

The Nerd

She comes in different types but what unites all nerds is their esoteric interest in some subject. There are book nerds, video game nerds, Youtube nerds, chess nerds and academic nerds. Nerds befriend other nerds and bond over their nerdiness. They are intelligent and effusive. The female nerd, like the male nerd, seems to disregard fashion trends, instead opting for T-shirts depicting her favorite subject and jeans.

The Romantic

She is involved early in romantic relationships and prioritizes her life around her boyfriend or girlfriend. She is busy getting intimate with her partner, and they can be seen in the hallway kissing, holding hands or dating each other during lunch. The romantic girl is inseparable from her boyfriend until they have a falling out. Then, she is in the depths of despair and resentment until she rebounds with another boyfriend.

The Athlete

She is seen shouldering a duffel bag into the gym before or after school for tennis, running, basketball, volleyball, swimming, or some other sports practice. She frequently wears her practice clothes or simple athletic gear, such as a T-shirt, a headband and shorts, ensuring that her athletic identity is always visible. Her friends are mostly other athletes, often on the same team, and they hang out after school and sit together in the cafeteria in large groups. She’s both competitive and laid-back, and in class, she can be studious without giving off a nerd vibe--seemingly having it all.

The Wallflower

This girl wants nothing but to blend in with her peer group. In fact, if she could, she would merge with the wallpaper and disappear. She wears what's acceptable and only what's acceptable. You won't find her experimenting with different styles or accessories. She mimics the style of her close friends, because she has a strong need to fit in with the others. She is often introverted and shy, keeping her thoughts to herself.

Trendy Wendy

This girl is all about trends, fashion and beauty. She follows fashion closely and wears the latest outfits from Seventeen, Vogue or other fashion magazine. She strikes many of her peers as glamorous. She looks older than she is due to her sophisticated make-up, hair and outfits. Sometimes, she keeps others aloof by her sophistication, and she tends to befriend other Trendy Wendies. Both girls and guys can’t help but turn to look at her when she passes by confidently wearing at least five accessories.

The Careerist

This girl has her eyes set on college and her career. She has membership and even holds office in academic and pre-career clubs and is always busy during lunch. Most of her friends are also of this type, and she has few close friends because she hardly has time to devote to relationships. To her more relaxed peers, she seems aloof and even snobbish.


Mc.knight on October 06, 2018:

I love this. Am the shameless loner,nerd and athlete

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