How to Get Respect From Your Friends

Updated on December 19, 2016
Do you think that your friends continuously make fun of you and don't give you as much respect as you deserve? Find out how you can earn the respect of your friends.
Do you think that your friends continuously make fun of you and don't give you as much respect as you deserve? Find out how you can earn the respect of your friends. | Source

How to get respect from your friends? It is a myth that you can earn respect from your friends only by being a guy who is a tough alpha male or a girl who is a pretty diva. Getting respect from others is all about sticking to the basic rules of friendship.

This post discusses how being an achiever, helping your friends and finding happiness by making your friends happy are some of the ways in which you can naturally earn respect from your peers.

1) Be Sure About Who Your Real Friends Are

Whose respect do you want to earn? This is the first question you must ask yourself before attempting to do things that make your friends respect you.

Don't try to please everyone and be sure about the people you call friends. There is a big difference between being a respectable friend and being a people-pleaser.

2) Have a High Sense of Self-Respect

You will never get your friends to respect you if you don't show a high level of self-respect and self-pride. Don't ridicule your own integrity and strive to maintain a good character.

Developing a strong mindset is one of the first steps to developing self-respect. As you build on your self-esteem levels, you will see that you naturally attract the respect of others.

Achievers always earn the respect of their friends. If you make success and achievements a habit, your friends will naturally respect you for who you are.
Achievers always earn the respect of their friends. If you make success and achievements a habit, your friends will naturally respect you for who you are.

3) Be the Achiever Among All Your Friends

The easiest way to stand out in a group of friends is to be an achiever. Become an achiever and start being successful if you want to naturally earn the respect of your friends without doing anything else.

Be an achiever regardless of whether you are a school going teenager or a blue collar worker at an accounting firm. Students should excel at studies and sports at school, depending on their interests and preferences. Professionals should excel in their jobs to become career-oriented achievers.

4) Help Your Friends in Every Way You Can

The natural inclination towards helping others is one of the most sought after qualities in a respected leader. That is because a respectable leader's followers know that they can depend on him to help in times of crisis.

Follow this same principle in your friendships too. Offer help to your friends in every way you can, whether it is something as simple as helping a guy chose from a range of sunglasses or helping a girl to deal with her mood swings.

5) Always Back your Friends Up to Earn Their Respect

Do you know the difference between real friends and fake friends? Real friends stand behind their buddies even in times of trouble while fake friends bail out, leaving their pals to fend for themselves. Get the respect of all your friends by being known as the buddy who has their backs.

This applies to every walk of life and every situation that you face in friendship, whether it is a minor argument with someone at the mall or a messy situation in which your friend has landed himself in trouble.

6) Celebrate the Special Days in your Friends' Lives: Be Enthusiastic on Their Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.

Your friends will have a whole new level of respect for you if you go out of your way to celebrate the special days in their lives. Be happy and show enthusiasm when it is your friends' birthdays, anniversaries or any other days which demand a joyous celebration.

Your friends will respect you for one of the most basic yet emotionally moving reason – they will look at you a person who finds happiness in making other people happy.

With iPhones and other smartphones, now you have no excuses to not keep in touch with your friends.
With iPhones and other smartphones, now you have no excuses to not keep in touch with your friends.

7) Connect With Your Friends: Don't Lose Respect by Being Out of Touch

Your friends will really respect you if they see that you are making an effort to connect with them no matter how far or how busy you are.

Ideally you should never have an excuse for not keeping in touch if you have an iPhone or any other smartphone. There are dozens of popular messaging apps that allow you to keep in touch by instant messaging or even voice messaging. Apps like Skype also allow you to make video calls over Wi-Fi.

Unless there are strong signs that your friends are avoiding you, don't keep a tab of who called the last time and who has been calling more often. Put your ego aside and just pick up the phone when you feel like talking to your friends.

8) Don't Display an Unstable Personality With Your Friends: Stability Commands Respect

Stability is a highly respected trait. An unstable personality can cause friendships to turn sour. For example, your friends will find you weird if act like a complete shy guy and then suddenly morph into a loud extrovert after a few months.

Keep your personality and behavior stable. Everyone changes as they grow old but frequent changes are the signs of a person who cannot be trusted.

9) Never Betray a Friend: You Will Lose Respect of All Your Other Friends Too

Your friends will never respect you if you are known for betraying someone. Betrayal is a once in a lifetime mistake and the badge of a betrayer will stick on you forever. You will lose respect as a friend and will be known as the backstabber in your circles.

Betrayal can be in the form of something small like stealing a friend's allowance or flirting and cheating with a friend's partner. The magnitude of the mistake does not matter because the act of betraying a friend itself is a life-changing mistake.

10) Give Your Friends Honest Relationship Advice

When arguments and problems spiral out of control with their partners, people look for a third person for advice and to vent. That third person is generally one of their friends.

Try to give the best possible relationship advice to your friends. Don't try to take sadistic pleasure by misleading your friends and watching them have another fight with their boyfriends and girlfriends.

You will not realize the importance of this but if their relationship blooms into a long term and committed one, your friend will thank you from the deepest corner of his or her heart. This is the sort of respect that is permanent and undying.

You may not be a social butterfly but that should not stop you from hanging out with your close friends.
You may not be a social butterfly but that should not stop you from hanging out with your close friends.

11) Be Social, at Least Among Your Friends

Are you an introvert who is always looking for excuses to miss parties and other social stuff? That is fine, as long as you don't avoid your own friends in doing so.

You don't need to be socially active with each and every one you know. But spare some time from your school or work schedule to hang out with your friends.

12) Don't Lie to Your Friends: Liars Never Get Respect

How would you feel if your best friend lied to you about not falling in love with her crush, when she actually loves him to bits? How would you feel if your close buddy lied to you about hanging out with someone you really hate?

Lies damage all relationships including friendships, romantic relationships and even marriages. From the perspective of friendship, lies reduce the credibility of a friend. Lying to your friends is a sure way of losing their respect.


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    • profile image


      7 months ago

      I just got to a new school and my friends at school have been together for a while and they just met me. The sometimes makes fun of me and don’t listen.

    • profile image


      19 months ago

      I really don't know what to do, my friends don't respect me but I respect them

    • profile image


      22 months ago

      I faced a betrayal from my former friend Dominic he wasn't there for me when my anxiety was bad because I was still sad about my dad passing away five years ago and he wasn't there in person when I was sick with Pneumonia he left town when I felt like throwing up and he had promised that if I needed him and my mom wasn't there he would be but he lied we made plans to go on a run and to lunch neither of them happened so another lie I'm not his friend anymore by the way and he spent every free minute with his girlfriend which is why I really ended up ending the friendship with him then he started to act weird like eavesdropping on my phone conversations with my friends and family and my boyfriend too

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      7 years ago from The Caribbean

      Respect runs through all the issues of life. Thanks for pointing this out as it affects our relationships. Voted Up!


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