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The 12 Qualities of a Good Friend

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What are the ingredients that make a good friend?

What are the ingredients that make a good friend?

Hey, friends come and go. You lose friends. You earn friends. You can't control what happens with your friends. However you can control how you handle the situation.

12 Qualities of a Good Friend

They’re there for you. They bring you lunch. They even scratch your back. Everyone loves a good friend. So, what are the 12 most important qualities of a good friend?

  1. Your friend is always there for you.
  2. Your friend cares.
  3. Friends struggle together—no matter the cause (within reason).
  4. Your friend is unconditional.
  5. Good friends don't expect repayment.
  6. Your friend offers you food to eat when you don't have money.
  7. Good friends help their friends.
  8. Your friend listens to you.
  9. Your friend is open-minded.
  10. Your friend is honest.
  11. A good friend makes good recommendations.
  12. A good friend will be your friend no matter what.

1: Your Friend Is Always There for You

Let’s be honest; good friends are awesome. Life isn’t the same without them. Coffee isn’t the same without them.

No matter what, friends are there for each other. Even on a bad day. Even to dumpster dive. You can depend on them.

2: Your Friend Cares About Qualities of a Good Friend

  • Your friends have issues. But they are still there for you.
  • Friends don’t let you give up without a fight. If you can’t fight any longer, they fight for you!
  • Friends get you out of holes. They help you up. If this sounds like someone you know, that’s a true friend!
  • Good friends make a high-quality life. You’re a team.

I have met a lot of people. They came into my life at different times. They were interesting. They taught me a lot. I became friends with them.

I learned to be there for them. Treat them well, and they’ll be your ally. That’s the beauty of friendship.

When I was at my lows, these friends were there for me. Better yet, they brought their own shovels to dig me out.

3: Friends Struggle Together—No Matter the Cause (Within Reason)

I’ve had friends that didn’t care about me. It happens. You can’t force these people to care about you. But you can still care for them in their times of need. This converts into friendships.

In the end, regardless of how it works, a good friend is always there for you.

You can never go wrong with a caring friend. Time is precious, and a friend that prioritizes you over other things is generous.

4: Your Friend Is Unconditional Since They Have Qualities of a Good Friend

Being unconditional means having no expectations. Unconditional people result in complete happiness – most of the time.

  • You’re not expected to be a certain way.
  • They generally don’t care what you do, within reason.
  • They don’t mind you drunk. They’re your friend. They understand.
  • They will stand by your side no matter what.
  • They will care about you.
Friends Reuniting

Friends Reuniting

5: Good Friends Don’t Expect Repayment

Good friends don’t expect friends to pay back. They’re simply investing in the friendship.

  • They know you’re worth it. With that said, they have no short-term expectations.
  • It’s obvious this person values you. You’re both there for each other.
  • Make your appreciation for this kind of person known. Give back sometimes.

6: They Offer When You're Struggling

Life happens. You couldn’t afford lunch but you were invited out to eat. A good friend helps. They know you’ll pay them back.

When you go over to your friend’s house, there are snacks. If there are no snacks, your friend at least gives you water and still tries to find a way to feed you. Your friend cares about your well-being.

When your friend pays for your food, you know this person is a true friend. After all, your friend trusts you. You are trustworthy to this person.

7: Good Friends Help Their Friends

  • They help take care of each other in dire times, and one of the most delicious occasions is when they pay for your food.
    • Just don’t forget to pay this person back as soon as possible – or return the favor.
    • They help in therapy. When you’re having relationship issues, they come to the rescue to help you snap out of it!

8: Your Friend Listens to You

Some people talk all day. Others talk sparingly. I have a few friends that never stop talking about video games. I listen. I’m not big on video games but I can recall 80% of what they’ve told me.

Good friends:

  • Listen attentively.
  • Like listening to you.
  • Remember what you’ve said.

Whichever your topic of interest, your good friend will listen.

Friends Laughing

Friends Laughing

9: Your Friend Is Open-Minded

They like trying new things. Even if they’re bad at something, they try.

  • These friends improve your quality of life.
  • Open-minded friends like a challenge.
  • They climb over obstacles.
  • They love to try new things.

10: Your Friend Is Honest

Honest friends are invaluable. After all, it’s better you hear it from them than from an employer or a lover!

  • A true friend isn’t trying to harm you. They’re trying to help you.
  • A true friend doesn’t let you make the same mistake twice. They know how much it could cost you.
  • They’ll guide you to the right path in order to correct your ‘smelly mistakes’. Even if it means being honest with you.

11: A Good Friend Makes Good Recommendations

A true friend wants to get you into the right hand or guide you to the right path. A good friend may recommend:

  • Deodorant
  • Nail Salon
  • Barber or Cosmetologist
  • Self-improvements to make on yourself
  • Fun activities

You can benefit from having a good friend. Friends help beat on your craft. They help you become a better you. They prep you for events such as:

  • Job Interviews or Internships
  • Your Next Date
  • Weddings
  • Commencements
  • Other Events

12: A Good Friend Will Be Your Friend No Matter What

With the right friends, it’s everlasting. Even if the terrains change, the wind blows you away, you change, they change, our lives change, or even circumstances of life change – they’re still there for you. But remember: You’re in a mutually beneficial friendship – meaning, you’re there for them as well!

Your friend is your friend.

They bring warmth. They light your candles when it’s dark. When times are rough, they help you. It isn’t so lonely anymore.

When you're hungry, they’ll eat with you. Even if it’s 2 AM and everyone is asleep, they’ll join you.

You both embark on late-night adventures. Late-night munchies. You’re both prepared to feel sick afterwards. And that’s okay because at least you'll both feel sick together.

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