5 Warning Signs That Fake Friends Are Ruining Your Life

Updated on April 25, 2019
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Marina is crazy about positive psychology. She wants to inspire you to improve yourself.

Are your friends loyal and grateful? How many real friends do you have? You might realize that you have only a few real friends. A lot of people are wearing masks, but you should recognize toxic people before they make you unhappy. Here are five warning signs your fake friends are ruining your life.

Fake friends are ruining your life
Fake friends are ruining your life

1. Fake Friends Lower Your Self-Esteem

When you are young, you are friendly and light-minded. The quantity of your friends is more important than the quality. You prefer being surrounded with people who like going out. When you grow up, you become more aware of fake friends.

People who insult and belittle you are not your real friends. They cause your low self-esteem. They often criticize you and find only your faults. Why? They feel bad about themselves, and they try to make themselves seem better if they belittle you. Instead of being angry with them, you should avoid them. You are not guilty of their low self-confidence.

They also can’t accept themselves as they are deep inside. It is not surprising they can’t accept you either. Too often they get jealous if you improve yourself.

As a conclusion, you should ask yourself whether you need these fake friends in your life. Do you realize how they make you unhappy? They are ruining your life. Surround yourself with better people who will help you improve yourself.

"Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes."

— Sigmund Freud

2. They Hold You Back From Achieving Your Goals

Real friends will tell you how to reach your goals. Your success will be their success, too. They will support you if you have problems, and won’t discourage you. They won’t tell you you're not capable of reaching your goals.

On the other hand, fake friends won’t help you achieve your goals. They won’t listen to you when you talk about your ambitions. They won’t celebrate your success. Soon, you’ll stop sharing your accomplishments with them.

Are they competitive? Try to figure out what their goals are. From job to relationships to other aspects of your life, your fake friends sometimes will strive to outdo you.

If you want to succeed, you should avoid people who hold you back from achieving your goals. If you want to be happier, you should find better company.

"Pay close attention to the people who don't clap when you win."

— Unknown

3. Fake Friends Gossip About You

As a young person, you believe everyone is as good as you are. Don't expect too much from people. There are people who only pretend to love you. You should recognize people who don’t love and respect you. There is no excuse for disrespect. They will say bad things about you when you aren’t present. Someone may believe their lies and avoid you.

To make matters worse, fake friends will try to ruin your romantic relationship or another friendship. You should get rid of them as soon as possible.

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”

— Alexander Pope

4. They Make You Feel Guilty

Do you feel like your friends suck your energy? Do you know to spot the guilt-trippers? Almost everyone has had to deal with manipulative friends. These people pretend to have your best interest at heart, all the while using guilt to get what they want from you. They can play the victim, making you seem to be the one who caused the problem which they began. Manipulative friends prey on your sensibilities, your emotional sensitivity, and your conscientiousness.

They don’t care about you. They care only about what you can do for them. If you have a friend who is bringing up past events like helping you through a difficult time, it isn’t a real friendship.

“Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you.”

— Steve Maraboli

5. They Will Try to Ruin Your Relationships

Do you have a friend who criticizes your partner? Do you have a friend who doesn't listen to you when you talk about your romantic moments in a relationship?

Your fake friendship goes downhill when your life is going great. Your fake friends get jealous if you are much happier than they are. They believe they deserve better than you. They will celebrate when you break up with your partner. Fake friends also will try to ruin your relationship. Will you let them ruin your life?

Soon or later, you will realize life is not like a fairy-tale. If you treat other people well, it doesn’t mean they will treat you well too. You should accept people as they are because you can’t change anyone. It is hard enough to change yourself, so just imagine how hard it is to change someone else. Love is acceptance. If you can’t accept somebody, you should stop hanging out with him, especially if he is not trustworthy. Save your relationships!

Fake friends are jealous of your relationship
Fake friends are jealous of your relationship


It is hard to find someone who will deserve your trust. You should be careful. Your life will be much happier if you avoid fake friends that are ruining your life. You deserve happiness and peace.

"Life is too short to deal with bad food, cheap drinks and fake people."

— Being Caballero

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    • profile image

      Diontay Martin 

      11 months ago

      Every time after when freinds say sorry to you for treating you wrong and always turn around and do it again is that a fake freind.

    • profile image


      17 months ago

      Is my friend fake if I’ve known her for 3 years and we are still friend but now there’s 3 but is it fake if she doesn’t wanna talk to me because I told her something she didn’t agree with and made me find my own way home and if we haven’t meant in person other than school in so long is it bad of me to want it to be the two of us aging I miss how close we was it’s like we have fade away and all I wanna do is bring it all back

    • profile image

      Fake friend 

      20 months ago

      Fake friends believe you are jealous of their relationship and you try to ruin them because you tell the truth not true.

    • profile image


      23 months ago

      Thank you this article just confirmed that I did the right thing he let his relationship with his girlfriend get in the way of the friendship we had he chose her over me so many times he didn't make me feel like a priority so I'm not sure if he was a fake friend or a bad friend either way it wasn't good I had to end the friendship with him almost two weeks ago I tried to end it a month ago but he made me feel guilty about it when I was doing what was right for me

    • profile image

      Sarah (Alex) 

      23 months ago

      Thank U... These advices helped me a lot.....

    • profile image

      23 months ago

      very good and helpful advice about fake friends


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