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55 Reasons to Appreciate Friends

Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

There are many reasons to appreciate your friends!

There are many reasons to appreciate your friends!

Friendships Bloom Like a Flower: Be Sure and Water Them

Who doesn't appreciate their friends? True friends are wonderful gifts that keep on giving. A friendship takes work, just like any relationship. A friendship that's balanced, in which case, you both place effort into the relationship . . . is sure to last. When a friendship becomes too much work, it's best to part ways.

Friends: Encourage us. Inspire us. Laugh with us. Cry with us when we are sad. Cheer us up when we are down. Comfort us.

Friends exchange silly stories. Remember us when we have passed on. Have a special place in their heart reserved for us.

Friends don't sugar coat, they tell us like it is. Their honesty helps us bond.

Friends sometimes grow apart, but that's OK. We take what we learned from that friendship to the next friendship. We continue to blossom with each new friend we have.

With social networking being accessible worldwide, having friends on all continents continues to amaze me. In a matter of minutes, you could chat with friends who live in Australia, South Africa, Canada, or even India! I love technology!

I listed 55 reasons to appreciate your friends. I am sure there are many more reasons. Feel free to list your reasons in the comment section.

Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Friends Are the Family That We Choose...

  1. They ask, "how are you" because they care about you.
  2. They are someone you could be yourself with . . . no fake friends allowed.
  3. They tell you where to find a good sale and always bring extra coupons if needed.
  4. They don't brag or gloat, instead, they share their excitement and applaud yours.
  5. They laugh at your lame jokes, even if they've heard them countless times.
  6. They are comfortable being with you, even during moments of silence.
  7. They feel your pain and try to make you feel better.
  8. They send postcards saying "wish you were here" and they mean it.
  9. They finish our sentences and are correct.
  10. They allow us to join in on our conversations. Friends want to hear what you have to say. No one-ended conversations are allowed.
  11. They bring out the best in you.
  12. They are closer than actual family, they are the family you have chosen.
  13. They see our success before we do and feel the pride that we do.
  14. They know the real you and STILL like you.
  15. They wish the best for you and want no harm to come to you.
  16. They encourage and motivate you. Whether it's to lose weight, stop smoking or exit a bad relationship...friends are there to keep us strong.
  17. They lift us up and don't bring us down.
  18. They will scratch that itch that you can't reach.
  19. They know the right word to say at the right moment.
  20. They have very huge shoulders and don't mind lending them out.
  21. They are free counselors. No matter the issue, they are there to listen to you vent.
  22. They are presents we give ourselves. No returns or exchanges are allowed.
  23. They make exercise more fun.
  24. They help nurse you while you are ill.
  25. They tell you to chill out and to take a break. Even if you don't listen.

More Reasons to Appreciate Friends...

26. They tell you they have your back and it's not just talk.

27. They care enough to ask how your day was.

28. They are like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.

29. They won't sugarcoat answers to your questions. Friends state the facts.

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30. They remember special memorable events and dates.

31. They are considerate of your feelings.

32. They help you burn calories with laughter.

33. They are beneficial for your health, friendships help prolong your life.

34. They will be your chauffeur when you need a ride.

35. They will bring you gas when you run out.

36. They will help keep you cool when you are fired up.

37. They know your favorite dessert and exactly when you need to indulge.

38. They have long arms for hugs.

39. They will hold your hand when you get a tattoo.

40. They allow you to borrow their clothes.

41. They are your designated driver after you had one too many.

42. They will go to a concert with you even if they don't like the band.

43. They will get to you fast when you need them!

44. They will dry your tears on your wedding day.

45. They will help you face your fears.

46. They will host a surprise birthday party for you and not reveal your age.

47. They could order for you in a restaurant because they know your favorite meal.

48. They keep us in their thoughts and prayers for us.

49. They bring you sunshine before, during, and after the rain.

50. They know when you are ready to give up and won't let you.

51. They send you surprise gifts just for the fun of it.

52. They will house or pet sit for you in times of need.

53. They will alert you to XYZPDQ.

54. They beat you at Words With Friends and don't rub it in.

55. They text you random pictures and emoticons just to make you smile:)

© 2012 Linda Bilyeu

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