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25 Fun Things to Do With Friends

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My name is Tatiana, but my friends and family call me Tutta. I like writing articles that help bring people closer together.

Fun things to do with friends.

Fun things to do with friends.

Are you looking for fun things to do with friends, either for a school night or the weekend? Look all around you! There is something to do everywhere you go, no matter your interests. One can’t possibly be bored!

When you find yourself saying “I’m bored,” take a deeper look at your surroundings, or read through this list of 25 fun things to do with friends!

1. Hit the Arcade: Arcades are a fun place to go no matter how young or old you are. Make a night of it by grabbing a pizza and a pitcher of soda, but make sure you save enough money to play games! You don’t want to wind up with one of those dinky “20 tickets and under” prizes.

2. Try Arts and Crafts: If you’re the artsy fartsy type, chances are you have a great stash of toilet paper rolls and dryer lint just staring at you, waiting for you to make your move. Well now is your chance.

3. Go to the Beach: If you live on or near a coast or even a lake, and the temperature is just right, why not hit the beach?

4. Go Bowling: Nearly every town has a bowling alley somewhere. Play a few games of bowling with friends, order a pizza and a pitcher or soda and just have a good time! Maybe you’ll get lucky and it will be glow night!

5. Hang Out at a Coffee Shop: Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Especially on a cold day, coffee shops are the perfect atmosphere to strike up conversation with friends and just have a good, relaxing time.


6. Go to a Dance Club: Age-appropriate, of course! There may be a teen dance club nearby if you are lucky. Going out for a night of dancing is always welcomed, and who knows, you might even meet a Prince Charming!

7. Dine Out: Everyone has a favorite restaurant so take a vote and go eat! Having lunch or dinner with friends is a great way to catch up and share stories, so be sure to keep that cell phone on silent and out of sight.

8. Take an Exercise Class: There are many fun exercise classes you can attend at gyms and recreational centers. Whether you prefer dancing like Zumba or vigorous kettlebell exercising, there is something for everyone who likes to constantly be on the move.

9. Hit the Gym: There are many gyms around and some are even open for 24 hours. If you and your friends have the money, get a gym membership together and pick one or two days a week to meet up there for a good workout.

10. Go for a Hike: If you have any national parks nearby or know of any nature trails, take advantage of nature’s beauty and go exploring.

11. Go for Ice Cream: Going out for ice cream is always a good time. Who doesn’t enjoy a good ice cream sundae or banana split once in a while? Feeling daring? You know you want to try those rainbow sprinkles...

12. Hit the Mall: Maybe you and your friends need a new outfit or a pair of shoes. Or maybe you secretly want one of those Auntie Anne’s pretzels. Whatever your reason or excuse, the mall always has something that is sure to amuse you and your friends for a little while.

13. Go to the Movies: Even if it has only been a week since you’ve been to the theater, then it is still a great date night idea for you and your friends.

14. Get a Mani-Pedi at the Nail salon: Whether you get your fingers, toes, or both done, this is a great way to pass some times!

15. Go to the Park Playground: Find your inner child and have a blast!


16. Try Your Luck at the Pool Hall: So maybe you suck at pool, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun with your friends!

17. Visit Your Local Recreational Center: Visit your local rec center and see what kind of activities they have going on. Maybe the tennis courts are empty and calling your name!

18. Go Roller Skating: Chances are, it’s probably been a couple of years since you’ve been rollerskating. Don’t let that stop you; just like riding a bicycle, you never forget how!

19. Have a Sleepover: Have a slumber party, but don’t be the first to fall asleep, or else! Check out our list of 10 Fun Things to Do At a Sleepover for ideas for your next sleepover!

20. Visit the Swimming Pool: Whether you have one in your backyard or a neighborhood pool, swimming is a perfect activity to do with friends on those nasty, hot days.

21. Go to the Theme Park: There are theme parks all over and if you are lucky, you have one close enough to make a day of fun out of it. Don’t eat before going on a rollercoaster! You’ve been warned.

22. Try Team Sports: Get a large group of friends together and meet at that vacant lot or field for some flag football or field hockey.

23. Play Some Video Games: Video games are fun to play no matter what day or time.

24. Have a Yard Sale: Have a bunch of stuff that you just don’t need anymore? Your friends likely do too, so set up shop in your driveway, hang a few signs and make some money!

25. Try Yoga: Whether you break out the Wii Fit or that old DVD, have a few lady friends over for some yoga and even a couple of healthy snacks.

Don't Be Bored! Plan Ahead!

With this awesome list of fun things to do with friends, there is no excuse for being bored.

Planning ahead of time for long weekends also helps to avoid this “I’m bored” thing; make a schedule of a few of these things to do, and don’t forget to include "sleep" on that schedule!

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