100 Gangster Nicknames for Guys and Girls

Updated on February 5, 2017

You ready for some 1920's style gangster nicknames? Hell yeah you are, otherwise you wouldn't be here!

Show 'em who's boss with a nickname that says, "You better do as I say, or else!"

Picking a Gangster Nickname

You would think the process of giving someone a nickname is easy, and it can be in those times that you are not trying to do it, but if you are set on figuring out nicknames for all of your friends, then there’s a few things that you will need to know to help!

  • Personality: No matter what kind of nickname being assigned, it’s best that it is one that makes sense with the personality of the recipient of the nickname. The only exception to this unwritten rule is if you are purposely picking a name that contradicts the person in the name of humor, which is not a common thing for gangster nicknames.
  • Toughness: Your name should beef up your personal appearance just by making you sound tougher! Example: Al Capone's second in command was a guy named Frank "The Enforcer" Nitti. I doubt he was much of a pushover!
  • Specialty: If people have specific duties within their gangster group, then these should be used in order to help you give them nicknames!
  • Group position: Are you the kingpin of the group or merely a pawn? The higher up in rank you are within your gang, the more you are expected to have an intimidating name.
  • Name word play: Maybe your actual name is the perfect way to show you're a mobster meanie. For instance, infamous gangster and henchman Jack McGurn was nicknamed "Machine Gun", obviously for his specialty, but also for the similarity to his last name.

With that said, here's a list of our favorite 100 gangster, mobster, and mafia style names to give you some inspiration!


Guy Gangster Names

Ace of Spades
Books (as in bookie or accountant)
The Boss
Machine Gun
Mad Hatter
The Prophet
Digger (as in grave digger)
Rocks (as in "on the rocks")
The Sandman
The Don
Sharkie (as in loan shark)
The Enforcer
Smuggie (a smuggler)
Fat Tony
Snake Eyes
The Godfather
Stab Happy
Ice Box
Wheels (a getaway driver)

For more awesome sounding nickname ideas, check out 120 Badass Nicknames for Guys and Girls!


Girl Gangster Names

Amaretto (a sweet Italian liqueur)
Los Angeles Lolita
Angel Face
Baby Blue
Miss Demeanor
Banker (as in bank robber)
The Monalisa
Bonnie (as in Bonnie and Clyde)
The Cardinal
Queen Bee
The Cougar
Red Hot
The Flamingo
Tammy Gun (as in Tommy Gun)
The Vicereine
The Harlem Hatchett
Wicked Witch

Choosing a Gangster Nickname

Your members should probably know what you’re up to in all of this nickname research, so call a meeting with them and get their thoughts. Some of them might already have nicknames that they like and have had dormant for a while, while others might not want a nickname at all.

Take some mental notes on their strong points, their personalities, and the input of everyone else in the group. Coming up with the names together would make it seem like even more of a brotherhood and make the names more personal.

There really is no set of rules governing what you can call a gangster, and actually no set of rules that gangsters really follow outside of their group anyway. Names are totally up to you and the group!

While you’re at it all, order some bacon pizza. Gangsters like bacon pizza.

Badass Nicknames for Guys and Girls

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      • profile image

        Bard Man 2 weeks ago


      • profile image

        Trevin 2 weeks ago

        My nickname

      • profile image

        GANGSTA KITTY 7 weeks ago

        its funny that my nickname " Kitty " popped up here XD

      • profile image

        Unkown Boi 7 weeks ago


      • profile image

        Unknow 2 months ago

        Did a white person make these names

      • profile image

        lodi 2 months ago

        wow amazin

      • profile image

        kissing kstae barlow 2 months ago

        kittykat kill kis a good name

      • profile image

        MatRules 2 months ago

        I like guttermouth snap

      • profile image

        Luke 2 months ago

        What is a good thug name for Luke?

      • profile image

        Sophie 2 months ago

        What's a cool girl name for S?

      • profile image

        Jailbird 2 months ago

        my sister's name is one of these.

      • profile image

        Lagrima 3 months ago

        You can’t give yourself a gang name you need something to happen to that person or just something that reminds you of them one of my homegirls is “Bestia” because she took a packed edible once and she took it like a beast, another one is “Stoney” cause she has a personality of a rock and my other homegirl’s is” Dimond” cause she is a beauty and she is tough as hell. Mine came from Dimond.

      • profile image

        Fina 3 months ago

        I want a gang code name

      • profile image

        Onehotmomma 3 months ago

        What would be a great female gangsta name for a girl that's sweet but at the same time will do anything for her family.

      • profile image

        HS 3 months ago

        what would be a good nick name for a girl????

      • profile image

        Ag 3 months ago

        Big ting

      • profile image

        Girl 3 months ago

        I would say I was Kitty

      • profile image

        Lil std 4 months ago

        Idk what that even mean or stands for my dad called me that and it said gangster ill shoot anyone i think that's why he calls me that I'm dangerous but I'm only 13 but once i tried to steala car and yes don't mess with me I'm lil std

      • profile image

        saad 4 months ago

        All Not badd

      • profile image

        Noah 4 months ago


      • profile image

        Al masri 4 months ago

        Nice names

      • profile image

        king 4 months ago

        bomb is me

      • profile image

        BlaxkJade 5 months ago


      • profile image

        Nockoff Nicky 5 months ago

        Fugazi for sale

      • profile image

        zaiden 5 months ago

        tony bagels

      • profile image

        Jovit 5 months ago

        I'm Baldy Vino

      • profile image

        i like king and ice cube 5 months ago


      • profile image

        but why? 5 months ago

        I like cheese

      • profile image

        ROAD MAN 6 months ago


      • profile image

        Dont read. You'll die 6 months ago

        I think Sniper is more cooler than Rifle.

      • profile image

        My name is not from this stupid shit I don’t get names from the internet I got it from my gang bitches haha CML 6 months ago

        But my gangsta name is “lil locks”

      • profile image

        Cyb0rG 6 months ago


        That's mine

      • profile image

        Ezra 6 months ago


      • profile image

        Random Biker Chic 6 months ago

        Blk Dymond is mine

      • profile image

        grimmfxjr@gmail.com 6 months ago

        im ice joker

      • profile image

        Buttercup 6 months ago

        Buttercup is my gangster name. I have an innocent name and appearance, but underneath that, I can be deadly. (Buttercups are a poisonous flower that can be used to create medicine, despite safety concerns. This implies that I work with drugs.)

        PS, I spent way too long thinking about this.

      • profile image

        big daddy archer 7 months ago


      • profile image

        The White boy 7 months ago

        I like to call myself nun_of_the_above

      • profile image

        random girl 7 months ago

        I'm "Hurricane" :')

      • profile image

        I dont have a name 7 months ago

        Meh nicname is KittyVixon

      • profile image

        snake eyes 7 months ago

        my name snake eyes caz i see thing coming before it happens

      • profile image

        Jeff 7 months ago

        The blunt machete

      • profile image

        Stux 7 months ago

        Vision Crew

      • profile image

        Baby girl 7 months ago

        I'm called baby girl in my gang and I'm in love with this name

      • profile image

        Don't matter 8 months ago

        Deuce ✌

      • profile image

        Giovanni 8 months ago

        My gangster name:ace of spade

      • profile image

        ROSE 8 months ago

        MY NAME

      • profile image

        Kiley foul 8 months ago

        I like a the name blair, jailbird, and slender

      • profile image

        Anonymous 9 months ago

        I am called Toxic

      • profile image

        kaley 9 months ago

        I love bein called Baby Girl!

      • profile image

        No one 9 months ago

        I have a good gang name Dry Juice

      • profile image

        Daddy 9 months ago

        I think I like Butcher

      • profile image

        Arwen 9 months ago

        My gang nickname is Difficult Deva . And it has been for a long time. But I have proved myself far beyond that nickname and I want a better one... Any ideas?

      • profile image

        Sk 10 months ago


      • profile image

        10 months ago

        Whitey would be a good nickname for me because I have got blond hair

      • profile image

        blue 10 months ago

        Blue stand for born living under evil

      • profile image

        11 months ago

        Sick gangster name man

      • profile image

        Vito 11 months ago

        I like vito

      • profile image

        savannah 12 months ago

        i love these names

      • profile image

        Hehe 13 months ago

        What about "Smiley As in "murder"

      • profile image

        Yan Elastic 14 months ago

        I think I like Snake Eyes

      • profile image

        Andrea 15 months ago

        What should my gang name be

      • profile image

        meme god XD 16 months ago

        gnarly names ill use this for my new blog


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