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10 Types of People to Stay Away From (Avoiding Negative Influences and Rude, Depressing People)

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Who are the people you should stay away from? From the people who you can't trust to the ones who take you for granted and from the people who bully you to the ones who are rude and make fun of you.

Whether it is a friend, classmate, colleague, roommate or partner, having them in your life will only cause stress, hurt, pain, sorrow, sadness, depression and tension - There is no better time than right now to avoid and remove these 10 typical types of negative people from your life.

1) People who make fun of you and everything you do

These are the type of people who will always find a way to make fun of you regardless of time and place. Whether it is the car you drive, the way you speak, how your bum looks in a new dress or your latest project at school, these people will try to put you down in a maliciously aimed joke.

Stay away from people like these because they will utter the most senseless, rude, and insulting one-liners at the expense of your humiliation. Even for a tiny moment, they will not think twice about how the words coming out of their mouths can affect your emotional and mental state.

2) People who bully you or dominate over you

Real-life bullying on school grounds, forced bullying in dorm rooms, online cyberbullying or passive bullying by friends who have dominating personalities, no form of bullying is acceptable. This sort of behavior has the potential to leave lifelong mental scars.

Do whatever you need to do to stay away from bullies, whether they are bullying you or someone else. Don't be involved in bullying yourself and be ready to offer emotional support to those who have been bullied.

3) People who take you for granted

Be it your classmate, colleague, dorm mate or friend, don't be around anyone who has a tendency to take you for granted. These people will take you and your niceness, your feelings, your money and your belongings for granted.

Stay away from these folks as their act of indifference towards you as an individual can dig a deep hole in your self-esteem in the long run. Put them out of your lives before the damage is irreversible.

4) People who are always complaining about something

A friend who always complains about his father bought him a Mercedes instead of a Ferrari, a colleague who instead of being thankful complains about how tiny a raise she got or a classmate who always finds faults with the professor everyone likes – They are the classic examples of negative people who you should avoid being around.

They have a tendency to find faults in anything and everything that happens with them and around them whether it concerns them directly or not. Don't let their pessimism ruin your optimistic mindset.

Anyone who has trampled over your heart and feelings does not deserve even a bit of your attention.

Anyone who has trampled over your heart and feelings does not deserve even a bit of your attention.

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5) People who have broken your heart

Whether it is your ex-girlfriend who double-dated, an ex-boyfriend who had a one night stand with someone else or your long time partner who started seeing someone while in a relationship with you - If a guy or girl has made you go through the pain of heartbreak, he/she deserves no place in your life.

Heartbreak brings back sorrows, bad memories, tears and many other depressing emotions. There is no need to be around or in touch with people who have broken your heart. Your love is pure, don't contaminate it by being around a heartbreaker.

6) People who have lied to you, betrayed you or cheated you

From the girl who lied to you about your best friend to the buddy who made you buy something because he would get a fat commission, stay away from people who have been malicious towards you in any way.

The saying 'once a liar, always a liar' may not necessarily hold true for everyone, but do you really think your precious life is worth experimenting for people who are not honest with you? Avoid them and stay away from their malicious ways.

7) People who find faults in you all the time

Ever had a friend who always finds faults in the way you dress? Ever had a colleague who pins you down unnecessarily at the slightest of errors on the office floor? Ever had a classmate who criticized all your school projects regardless of how good they really were?

People who find faults in you all the time are doing nothing but trying to drag you down simply because they fear that you are rising way beyond their reach. If you find people criticizing you on your face or by talking behind your back, remind yourself that you must be doing something right to ignite pangs of jealousy in them.

8) People who constantly try to change you

From the friend who wants you to behave in a certain manner when you go out with her to the woman who wants you to dress in a certain way if you want to be invited to her parties, life isn't worth spending time with people who don't like you for who you are.

Surround yourself with people who like you, enjoy being with you and cherish the time they spend with you without any expectations of changing your personality or habits. No matter how normal or quirky you may be, be the way you are and stay away from people who expect you to change. They are simply not worth your time and effort.

Your close ones should be people you can trust blindly. Lack of trust has no place in a strong relationship, whether it is friendship or love.

Your close ones should be people you can trust blindly. Lack of trust has no place in a strong relationship, whether it is friendship or love.

9) People who you can't trust

Do you know that happens when you spend time and interact with people who you can't trust? Your mind goes into a whirlpool of nasty thoughts and quicksand of suspicion. There is no way you are going to be able to enjoy the company of an untrustworthy friend, partner or colleague.

Spending a Friday night alone is much better than spending it with a guy who promises you the world just to get in your pants or a girl who says she enjoys your company but it is your wallet that she is really after. It is a different situation when you want to build your trust levels with someone, but in general, people who you can't trust have no place in your life.

10) People who have given you bad memories

This post has looked at heartbreak, lies, cheating, bullying and many other commonly known things that can cause fallouts in a relationship. Even besides these if there is anyone in your life who is the cause of bad and painful memories, remove them from your life.

Ignore everyone who is blocking you from blooming into someone who can make a difference in this world. Being around negative people will hold you back from being the unique, creative and beautiful individual that you are.

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