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Random Conversation Starters to Help You Break the Ice

Natalie is a seasoned conversationalist that knows how to break the ice.

Let's make it not awkward!

Let's make it not awkward!

So we've all been in that rather awkward situation with that person we kind of know and we kind of don't know. You have that need to break the ice but don't have a sentence to hand.

The pressure builds and you look and feel like an idiot and then just run away as fast as possible.

I am attempting to find solutions for this issue (and please suggest some if they come to mind!) So . . . here's the top 20 I could think of!

1. Have you noticed how chocolate bar sizes are getting smaller?

2. What time is it?

3. Where are the superheroes nowadays?

4. Did you know the 57 on ketchup is because Heinz used to have that many varieties of pickles?

5. Are you the sort of person who would do the YMCA no matter where you heard it?

6. How many hours do cats actually sleep per day?

7. Don't spiders just creep you out?

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8. Who was your favorite Scooby-Doo character?

9. Did you know the great wall of china is not the only thing you can see from space?

10. . . . so awkward silences . . .

11. Have you always wanted to remember everything anyone said?

12. Can you remember the first pokemon game?

13. Would you rather be able to hold your breathe underwater forever or be able to be resistant to fire?

14. How stupid are people who buy bottled water when they have a free tap?

15. Who is one person who you would like to be stuck in an elevator?

16. What's your favorite letter of the alphabet?

17. Have you ever wondered why stars aren't star-shaped?

18. Do you rub the batteries from your remote, even though you know its completely useless

19. What's the most awkward situation you've been in?

20. Sorry, what's your name?

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