125 Other Ways to Say Thank You

Updated on June 13, 2019
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Sam majored in English and used to work as an English substitute teacher. She is now an editor for a non-fiction publishing house.

As with many common words and phrases, saying "Thank You" over and over again reduces the significance of the phrase. If you truly want to show someone how grateful and appreciative you are and say it with gusto, then the following creative suggestions will get the message across in a more profound way, especially in an email or a card. Don’t just say what everyone else is saying when there are hundreds of different ways to say thank you that will make your appreciation message much more memorable.

Different Ways to Say Thank You

  1. You read my mind!

  2. You are wonderful, generous, and kind.

  3. How did you know?

  4. I really appreciate it.

  5. I’m forever grateful.

  6. Much appreciation.

  7. I really needed this!

  8. You’ve really inspired me.

  9. You have no idea how much this means to me.

  10. I’ll never forget this.

Other Creative Ways to Say Thank You

  1. You shouldn’t have.

  2. Undying gratitude.

  3. I wouldn’t be where I am without you.

  4. I’m indebted to you.

  5. This means a lot to me.

  6. You are so kind.

  7. How can I repay you?

  8. I owe you one.

  9. If you ever need anything…

  10. Let me know what I can do for you.

  11. I won’t forget it.

  12. Endless gratitude.

  13. You have me if you need me.

  14. I’m in your corner.

  15. Gracias.

  16. Thanks.

  17. Thanks a bunch.

  18. Thanks a million.

  19. I couldn’t have done it without you.

  20. I will repay you twofold.

  21. I have so much gratitude for you.

  22. You’re so helpful!

  23. You’ve changed my life.

  24. This really makes a difference.

  25. You’re the best!

  26. I’m so lucky I have you.

  27. You’re awesome for thinking of me.

  28. This is very kind of you.

  29. You rock.

  30. What would I do without you?

  31. I can’t thank you enough.

  32. Many thanks for…

  33. I truly appreciate it.

  34. I want you to know how much I value…

  35. Words cannot describe how grateful I am…

  36. Words cannot express my gratitude.

  37. You are the reason I made it.

  38. Next one’s on me.

  39. Thanks for inviting me.

  40. I’m happy to be a part of…

  41. I’m so grateful I get to be here.

  42. I appreciate your kind thoughts.

Funny Ways to Say Thank You

  1. I’m doing the happy dance. Thank you!

  2. You made me smile from ear to ear.

  3. If I had a cent for every time I appreciate you, I’d be a millionaire.

  4. Thanks for nothing and everything.

  5. I’ll get you next time.

  6. Don’t think you’re the only one who knows how to give.

  7. Thanks for not getting me a lump of coal.

  8. I truly appreciate you from from my head to my toes.

  9. I would floss a tiger’s teeth, that’s how much I appreciate you.

  10. I would say you’re the greatest, but you already think I’m the greatest. Thanks!

  11. How about I repay you by inviting you to go do my favorite thing: [insert thing you like to do that and they hate to do]. Just kidding! Thank you!

  12. Grassy ass!

  13. Thank you berry much!

  14. Thanks a bunches of oats!

  15. Like cheese, I’m truly grate-ful for all that you do.

  16. The way I show appreciation is by not saying it at all. Silence!

  17. I know you hate saying “you’re welcome,” so I’ll do you the favor and not say thank you, but I am feeling it on the inside.

  18. If I knew how to say thank you, I would.

  19. You’re more thoughtful than my mother.

  20. Friends like you are not easy to find.

  21. You make me want to say thank you in other languages, and I can barely speak English.

  22. If you could read my mind, then you’d know how grateful I am for you at this very moment.

Cute Ways to Say Thank you

  1. You make me jump for joy. Thanks a million!

  2. I’m beaming with appreciation for you.

  3. You make me feel so lucky.

  4. I wish I could be as thoughtful as you. Thank you!

  5. You knew exactly what to get me. This is why I love you.

  6. This is so heartfelt. I couldn’t thank you enough.

  7. If I could say thank you in all of the languages in the world, I would do it to show you how much I appreciate you.

  8. I will never forget this.

  9. You never cease to make me smile.

  10. If I could, I’d jump through this card/email/phone and hug you right now.

  11. You’re the best gift giver!

Business Thank You Messages

  1. Thanks for your prompt response.

  2. Thanks for taking the initiative.

  3. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

  4. Thanks for believing in me. I won’t disappoint you!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me.

  6. I appreciate that you remembered…

  7. On behalf of the company...

  8. Thanks for being in my corner.

  9. Thanks for making the time for…

  10. I appreciate your flexibility.

  11. I appreciate your understanding.

  12. Your support and kindness is much appreciated.

  13. I am truly grateful for…

  14. I can’t begin to thank you enough for…

  15. I’ll be sure to return the favor.

  16. Thanks for putting your trust in me.

  17. Your gesture is very kind.

  18. You’re more than a boss; you’re our friend.

  19. Thanks for always looking out for the littler guys.

Formal Thank You Messages

  1. I couldn’t be more thankful.

  2. Please accept my deepest gratitude.

  3. Thank you for your assistance with…

  4. Thank you for your attention to…

  5. Your support is really appreciated.

  6. Thank you for your kind consideration…

  7. I’d like to express my most sincere appreciation to you for…

  8. Thank you for taking the trouble to…

  9. It is an honor to accept this…

  10. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your…

  11. Your help was invaluable.

Ways to Say Thank You Without Words

  1. Send them a gift card by snail mail (getting mail is a big surprise nowadays!).

  2. Show up at their door unexpectedly with wine/beer and some food and just hang out.

  3. Send them a CD with 10 songs about being thankful.

  4. Buy them coffee or dinner.

  5. Take them to a baseball game, museum, beach, or wherever it is they like to go.

  6. Be there for them when they need you.

  7. Get them a thoughtful gift.

  8. Share an email or video that reminds you of them.

  9. Invite them over for a dinner and movie night.

  10. Share this article with them and tell them you couldn’t choose what to say!


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    • profile image

      sajjad ahmad 

      6 days ago

      Its incredible and phenomenal ....

      Stay bless

    • profile image


      16 months ago

      "thanks" is the fartherst thing from a "Creative" way to say "thank you"

    • profile image


      18 months ago

      Awesome Hub!

      This is one I will definitely share. We are so disconnected these days that remembering how and when to say "thank you" is something invaluable to share.


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