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What It Means to Be Mature

Rohan believes that being able to recognize infatuation when it occurs is a sign of maturity.

What does it mean to be truly mature?

What does it mean to be truly mature?

It Takes Effort to Become Mature

Like pretty much anything in life that is worthwhile, maturity doesn't come easy. It requires a great deal of struggle. Accept this fact. Stop expecting shortcuts to becoming more mature.

Maturity Is Not Optional

Unfortunately, or fortunately, maturity is not optional. An immature person is likely to make the wrong decisions, which have poor outcomes, because he or she refuses to see the larger picture.

Some, or many, of the decisions we make in life are irreversible. Often, life can be a hard taskmaster. So, being mature is an absolute must.

The Hallmark of a Mature Person Is Patience

Rome wasn't built in a day. Some things in life require a great deal of waiting. Mature people realize this and are prepared to wait when they have to. As far as maturity goes, patience is the name of the game. The one who waits is the one who ultimately obtains his or her reward.

Mature people know that sometimes you just have to wait. They have learned to accept and embrace patience.

Mature people know that sometimes you just have to wait. They have learned to accept and embrace patience.

Mature People Are Respected

Whether it is evident or not, mature people are respected, even if only in the long run. Immaturity, at least the immaturity that is visibly manifested, is a big turn off for most people. When you behave in a mature way, you gradually gain the respect and admiration of other mature people. Over time, even immature people will learn from your ways.

Mature People Are Emotionally Present

Mature people are not afraid to exhibit their emotions. Neither are they afraid to share in the emotions of others. A wise person knows that it requires a great deal of maturity to effectively comfort a person who has just lost someone in the family. The wise person also knows that living life on autopilot essentially robs it of its vitality.

A mature person is never afraid to exhibit his or her humanity.

A mature person is never afraid to exhibit his or her humanity.

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Mature People Observe

Wise people watch the world around them and learn from it. They never rush to conclusions about anything but rather grow their awareness based on experiences of others.

Mature People Acknowledge Their Choices

Someone who is mature knows quite well that it makes no sense to deny a choice that he or she made even if it ended up badly. It makes no sense to run away from a decision that was made, regardless of whether it was well thought out or hasty.

Mature People Handle Failures Well

A person who is wise knows that failing is not something to be ashamed of but rather only an opportunity to road test something that didn't go as expected. Success almost never comes at the first attempt. Success often comes only to those who persist despite failing repeatedly.

Mature People Make Relationships Work

Mature people are relationship experts. On the other hand, immature people are capable of wrecking even solid relationships with their tantrums.

Someone who is mature knows the true value of relationships. He or she is able to look into the future with some degree of foresight and figure out if things will work out or not. He or she has some idea of what needs to be done in order to keep things stable. He or she is able to separate dramatics from substance.

Maturity is about more than just age.

Maturity is about more than just age.

Age Doesn't Necessarily Imply Maturity

In the big world that we live in, there are a ton of people who are advanced in years but not in maturity. There are also some who seem wise beyond their years. Age and maturity are not always directly proportional, although they are supposed to be that way! Some people just don't seem to learn their lessons well, if at all!

Immature People Are...



Attention seekers






Narrow minded

Mature People Are...

Emotionally present to those in pain



Persistent despite repeated failure


Sensitive to the feelings of others


Well behaved



Capable of controlling their anger

Professional when required

Not afraid of being unconventional

Willing to share their development with others

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