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What It Means to Be Compassionate

Rohan believes that recognizing love when it happens will help you truly cherish the experience.

How can you be a truly compassionate person?

How can you be a truly compassionate person?

What Is Compassion?

Compassion is the empathy-filled concern for another. It is becoming rarer in a world where people are increasingly spending more time with electronic devices than other people.

There are things that can be done at a personal level to better reach out to those in need of attention. Below, we take a look at how you can become a more compassionate person.

The world is a large and beautiful place filled with people worthy of our love and attention.

The world is a large and beautiful place filled with people worthy of our love and attention.

Have a Positive View of Humanity

Despite all the chaos and general insanity and instability in the world, our planet remains a beautiful place in which to be. The Earth is blessed and given life by its inhabitants. People are beautiful. Humanity is a treasure trove of wonderful experiences. The human instinct to survive and prosper is something to be appreciated.

We are social beings. Love is meant to be shared.

We are social beings. Love is meant to be shared.

Share Your Love

Love only serves its purpose when it is expended. Love cannot be locked up and preserved for posterity. Liberate thyself! Use your love muscle! Reach out to others. Make someone's day better.

Be Gentle With Yourself

How can you love others if you don't love yourself first? If you are unable to practice love on yourself, how can reach out to another? Be gentle on yourself. You are a wonderful person worthy of love and attention. Your needs deserve to be taken care of. You are a precious son / daughter to your parents. You are irreplaceable. You are the only person in the world capable of being you.

You are a worthy person.

You are a worthy person.

Observe the People Around You

Be aware of your surroundings. Do not fall into a rhythm of living life on autopilot. Look at the people you see on your daily commute. Do not let your visual field to be centred on your mobile device all the time.

Choose to Be Compassionate

Loving and being available are conscious actions. They don't usually happen in everyday routine. Make the decision to be compassionate and make a difference, even if a small one, to the life experience of another.

Give Your Compassion Without Conditions

The one who reaches out to another must be effusive. The kind of love displayed by a truly well-meaning person is unconditional.

Sharing in the experience of another is a way to display empathy.

Sharing in the experience of another is a way to display empathy.

Empathize (Walk a Mile in Someone Else's Shoes)

Try to imagine what another person is going through. Try to, in your mind's eye, visualize his or her experience. Try to feel his or her pain.

Don't Get Too Emotional (Sanity Is Better Than Sentimentality)

Only a well-grounded person can be truly compassionate and sustain his or her empathy for another. A person who is generally balanced is able to make the right decision as to which situation really deserves the exercise of gentleness. Sometimes, a rebuke is more apt than a hug.

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This is what compassion looks like.

This is what compassion looks like.

Avoid Gender Bias

People who need to be helped are in need of help regardless of whether they are male or female. Some people tend to help only those belonging to the opposite sex. Certain others choose to avoid helping those who belong to the opposite sex. Gender bias must be avoided at all costs.

Help the Most Neglected Among People

In every society, there are always some people who slip through the cracks. The system is unable to reach them, and people in general don't seem to be too keen to empathize with them. Identify neglected people and give them priority. They are most in need of attention.

A smile is a lamp in the dark. Spread the cheer!

A smile is a lamp in the dark. Spread the cheer!

Smile at People

It won't cost you much to share a smile with someone and light up his or her day. Try it. Smiling almost always has a magical brightening, effect. It makes the clouds part, even if only for a while.

Don't Judge People

Accept reality. Don't expect people to fit a certain standard of perfection. Know that perfection is itself a flawed concept. Avoid passing judgement on people. Doing so is a sign of a mind intending to isolate them from the general affection of others. Remember that no one likes to be judged (even you).

Don't Make Generalizations

Every person is unique. If someone belonging to a certain country, religion, or ethnicity does something unacceptable, don't stereotype every person belonging to that country, religion, or ethnicity. Only people lacking in maturity stereotype others.

Be Willing to Trust Others

You will not have an open heart and mind if you are unable to trust that reaching out to someone will have a meaningful outcome. Be willing to invest trust in people.

Vulnerability can enhance relationships.

Vulnerability can enhance relationships.

Know That Vulnerability Can Be a Good Thing

Sometimes, the experience of reaching out to a hurting person places us in the line of their fire. This is a risk that an empathetic person can never quite be fully immune to. Be aware of this hazard. Exercise your best judgment when you feel you might be exposing yourself to nastiness when trying to help someone. Try to assess if you will be able to handle the challenge.


It takes maturity and a large heart to forgive. Exercising forgiveness is a way to show compassion. Forgiving helps one grow as a person. Develop this habit.

Wish the Best for Others

The success of anyone at a good pursuit is a success for humanity. Mentally and emotionally accept the successes of others. Appreciate their hard work and smartness when needed.

If You Are Religious, Pray for Others

If you believe in a Higher Power, spend time in praying for the fulfillment of the needs of others. Pray for yourself as well.

When people find you approachable, they will open up to you.

When people find you approachable, they will open up to you.

Be Approachable

An approachable person has a positive attitude. He or she is not snobbish or patronizing. He or she is willing make time for little conversations. Being approachable is a first step in helping one form meaningful and lasting relationships.

Be Gentle in Conversation

Be aware of the kind of language you generally use. Avoid cuss words and an aggressive tone. It is generally no fun listening to someone talking harshly.

Maintain the Confidentiality of Personal Conversations

The person who is willing to share personal and often painful details with you deserves your trust. Trust once lost is hard to regain. Never gossip about others who have placed their trust in you.

Listening to another affirms his or her value as a person.

Listening to another affirms his or her value as a person.

Listen More Than You Talk

Listening is a rapidly disappearing skill. Its value is increasing by the day. Giving your ears to listen to someone is a very affirming act. Listen more than you talk. Your mere availability will make more of an impact than anything that is said verbally.

Give People Opportunities to Right Their Wrongs

Don't cut out anyone from your field of attention the first time he or she falters behaviourally. Give him or her an opportunity (or opportunities) to set things right. For repeat offenders, exercise your best judgement.

Helping people with difficult tasks is a way to show you care.

Helping people with difficult tasks is a way to show you care.

Help an Overburdened Person With Work

Some people tend to take on more work than they can complete within the time given. Some people are bullied into doing more work than is possible for them. Reach out to these kinds of people. Help them with what needs to be done. Once the given tasks are complete, help them to be more assertive in the future.

Stand Up for Others

When someone is being treated unfairly, stand up for him or her. Injustice should always be challenged, whether it is perpetrated against an individual or a group of people.

Be Generous in Giving

Have a mindset of sharing. Be generous in giving. At the same time, be pragmatic.

True happiness lies in giving.

True happiness lies in giving.

Be Humble

Do not help someone in order to boast about it later. Help someone because he or she needs your support. Advertizing one's own actions goes against the very purpose of reaching out.

Make Sacrifices for Others

People are taken by surprise when sacrifices, no matter how small, are made for them. It restores their faith in humanity's capacity to do good. People who benefit from the sacrifices of others often pay it forward. This creates a chain of goodwill among individuals.

Hugs are powerful.

Hugs are powerful.

Hug When Required

More often than not, a hug is more powerful than a thousand consoling words. Energize a hurting or dejected person with a hug today! Bring compassion back into fashion!

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