What It Means to Be Rude

Updated on September 2, 2016

Don't Scream!

There's absolutely nothing cool about being rude.
There's absolutely nothing cool about being rude. | Source

Rude people embarrass not only themselves but also their families and the cultural sphere to which they belong. People who are consistently rude give the impression that they are in a constant state of discomfort. Have you ever been told that you are a rude person? If so, know that you can be more courteous by making a few changes to the way in which you behave.

Rude People Are Hated

Surprise! No, not really! If you behave rudely, the easiest thing for you in the world will be to make enemies! If you are constantly raising your voice or getting things done by brute force, you probably have a ton of people who are anything but your fans. It is possible that there are a whole load of people who are not talking great things about you behind your back.

Being courteous will not cost you a thing! Neither money nor muscle effort... Be courteous, not rude. Being courteous is better PR for you than being rude.

Be Aware Of How Your Behaviour is Being Perceived

It is very important for you to know how your general behaviour is being perceived by the men and women around you. Do people generally like to spend time with you, or are you being avoided by most of those you know? This is a good indicator of how people usually view you.

Aggressive Body Language is Also a Way Of Being Rude

Don't use your physical stature to get ahead of others. Doing this is considered extremely rude in most cultures around the world. Don't push yourself past others. Don't break lines. Don't physically intimidate others. Don't keep walking when you are being addressed by someone.

Passive Aggression is Also a Way of Being Rude

Stonewalling people you don't like is not the way to behave. That is certainly not how mature people behave. Don't ignore people. Respond, don't react! Passive aggression is a way by which rudeness is exhibited. The person you are being passively aggressive toward will certainly find out over time about your motive in behaving in such an unacceptable way with him or her.

Honking Incessantly is a Way of Being Rude

When you are in your car, don't use the horn unless it is necessitated. If you are caught in a traffic jam and the person in front of you is not moving fast enough, honk once or twice, but don't keep holding down the horn.

People who use the horn more-often-than-required give away the fact that they are extremely frustrated and stressed out.

Don't honk unless absolutely required.
Don't honk unless absolutely required. | Source

Respond to People When They Communicate With You

Never ignore people. Make it a point to respond to anyone who is telling you something. Even a small action like nodding is better than totally ignoring someone. Just as your time is important to you, the other person's time is important to him or to her.


Smile! It will cost you virtually nothing. Smiling is a great PR activity. When you smile at someone, chances are he or she will in all probability smile back at you.

Smiling is a great stress-reliever. Those who smile a lot are generally liked a lot. They are considered excellent company.

Smiling is Awesome!

Smile as often as you can!
Smile as often as you can! | Source

Make Way For Others

When you are on the sidewalk and someone wants to get past you, don't block his or her path. If you have accidentally done so, apologize immediately.

Wait After You Press the Doorbell

Have patience! Don't keep pressing the doorbell over and over again. Doing so will only annoy the person who is inside. Wait.

Apologize When Required

A person who is not afraid to apologize is a very mature person. A person who apologizes for his or her mistakes or faults is usually liked. There is nothing demeaning in apologizing when an apology is required.

Don't Take Others For Granted

You will not be rude if you truly value the people around you. Every person is precious and unique in his or her own way. Appreciate this uniqueness in every person you interact with or come across in your day to day activities.


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