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What It Means to Be Loving

Rohan believes that recognizing love when it happens will help you truly cherish the experience.

Explore what love really means.

Explore what love really means.

It Takes Courage to Truly Love Unconditionally

Love is not for cowards. It takes courage to be truly loving. People like Mother Teresa made a very conscious decision to love the least of their brethren.

Unconditional love requires dedication. Only someone who is willing to make sacrifices for others can truly love unconditionally. Unconditionality is a major factor that differentiates true love from mere infatuation.

Materialism and love conflict with one another.

Materialism and love conflict with one another.

Materialism Kills Love

Love is a spiritual thing. On the other hand, materialism is a philosophy that holds that money and wealth alone matter. Someone who is totally obsessed with money cannot truly love another person. It is impossible to be both a lover and a materialist.

A materialistic approach to life is capable of extinguishing the flames of love that exist in it. If you want to be a loving person, you will have to make a decision: either love unconditionally or be an unbridled materialist.

Love Does Not Stereotype

Race, religion, linguistic background, and such other things hardly matter to someone who has made a decision to love unconditionally. Stereotyping people based on their background is a very immature thing to do. On the other hand, having an open mind paves the way for one to experience a variety of cultures while interacting with people from different backgrounds.

Loving People Feel Compassion for a World in Chains

A person who is filled with love knows that he or she inhabits a very sad world. He or she knows that, in our present times, evolving technology is superseding individual people in importance.

Compassion is a general empathy for the suffering humanity. A compassionate person is an observer of the world around him or her. He or she wants to do something about the suffering that the poor and neglected go through every single day of their lives.

Compassion is the soothing balm that the world is much in need of. Compassion is the form of unconditional love that was exhibited in the lives of such great people as Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Abraham Lincoln.

Love Supports the Poor and Marginalized

It is impossible for someone who is truly loving to love only those around him or her and ignore the majority of people who are underprivileged. Every person who exhibits unconditional love makes a very evident preference for the poor. This is quite natural because the poor are the most in need of love and support.

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Love is liberating.

Love is liberating.

Love Begets Freedom

Hate is an enslaving force. Creating divisions among people creates misery in the minds of men and women. On the other end of the spectrum, love liberates!

Love is capable of setting people free from their weaknesses and addictions. Often, the only thing holding an addict back from full recovery is the lack of love and understanding from the people around him or her.

Love Begets Confidence

Loving those around him or her makes a person more confident. A person who is courageous enough to love is also very comfortable in his or her own skin. He or she knows that he or she is on the right path in life. He or she knows that he or she is doing the things that everyone should be doing.

Uncontrolled Emotion Creates a Commotion

Love and heightened emotionality are totally different things. A person who has made the decision to love unconditionally is not pushed into acting by his or her emotions. He or she knows that merely working out of an emotional desire to do something is a recipe for disaster.

True Love Is Sane and Pragmatic

True love is a very practical thing. A person who goes forward to help someone with a very large need without having the necessary resources to perform the action is being immature. It makes more sense to do little things for those in need than try to do those things that are better off left to a concerted effort at the societal level.

Loving People Care About Others

Of course! This should be the most obvious thing now. Loving people care about those around them. Their hearts ache with love and a desire to reach out to those most in need. Someone who has made the decision to love unconditionally knows that his or her life will be fulfilling only when it is lived for others.

To love is to give.

To love is to give.

Giving Is a Form of Loving

An excellent way to let people know you care is to give. Of course, you need to be pragmatic. The things you give someone need not necessarily be tangible. They can also be psychological. For example, you can give him or her your attention.

Forgiveness Is an Integral Part of Being Someone Who Truly Cares

Forgiveness is special. Forgiveness makes love worthwhile. A person who is able to look beyond the sins and petty falsities of another is truly divine.

Being Non-Judgmental Is Part of the Deal

It is impossible for a judgmental person to love unconditionally. When we judge someone, we tend to look down condescendingly at him or her. This attitude is totally contrary to the spirit of love. If you hate being judged, know better than to judge others.

Making Sacrifices for Others Is Essential

Do not hesitate to make reasonable sacrifices for others. There cannot be any love without sacrifice. Making sacrifices is not akin to doing favours. Sacrifices, like love, can never be conditional.

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