Ten Things That Make a Woman Threatening to Other Women

Updated on July 7, 2015
What makes your claws come out?
What makes your claws come out? | Source

When the Claws Come Out

A few years ago, I sat amongst a lovely group of church women whom I hardly knew and listened in as they engaged in the same kind of conversation almost every group of women have when they sit down to share a meal together: The fat talk. You know how it goes, girls: “Oh, I really shouldn’t be eating this” or “I just can’t seem to lose the last ____ (fill in the blank) pounds after the baby” or some explanation of what we are doing to lose weight. One woman spoke up about a new book she had read on the topic, addressing the way we think about food. All of the ladies listened in, hoping to find the new secret to weight loss.

“How are we supposed to think about food?” I asked. Up until then I had kept quiet, knowing my place as the lightest woman at the table. “I don’t know. Why don’t you tell us?!” The woman snapped back. Stunned, I gulped down the food in my mouth before I choked on her words. What just happened?

For all of the women who have found themselves in the same awkward place, wondering what they’ve done to cause the nails to come out in their female counterparts, I have comprised a list of the top 10 things that make women threatening to other women.

Pay attention and remember: Any one of these things can put you on the outskirts of female companionship, and any combination of these qualities can make you a double or even triple threat. If you have all 10, I might hate you, too!

#1: Beauty

You don’t have to believe it for it to be true. If the women around you think you’re prettier than them, your fate is sealed. The prettier you are, the more threatened the women around you will feel. Your mere presence makes them feel like an ogre standing next to you. If they are single, they will see you as the competition. If they are married, they will see you as the seductive temptress desiring to steal their man. My advice? Short of bodily mutation (that was a joke, not a suggestion), there is not much you can do other than play it down. V-necks and mini-skirts will only make your problems worse.

#2. Intelligence

It’s okay to be smart, so long as the people around you aren’t reaching for a dictionary to translate your last sentence. The bigger the words, the smaller your audience feels. Until you know the people around you, keep the conversation light and the mood lighter. Most people just want to have fun. Those brainiacs out there are smart enough to know that your lecture on “Relational Holiness: An Integrative Paradigm for our Time” is alienating the people around you!


#3. Hard Work

Whether you are the stay-at-home mom who cooks every meal from scratch with organic ingredients grown in your own garden or the professional woman who performs every task above and beyond the call of duty, your “good, better, best, never let it rest” attitude is making everyone else look bad. I know what you’re thinking: those lazy, half-mast, bare-minimum bums need to rise to the occasion or just let it go. Unfortunately, the only thing they want to see go is you.

#4. Pecking Order

There are some women who try to bond by putting other women (outside of the group) down (aka gossiping). They are judgemental, critical, and cold. If she does it to them, she’ll do it to you, so watch out! The most critical people are often the ones who have been the most criticized. Take pity on her, but don’t get too close, she bites!

#5. Confidence

My grandma used to say, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” Well, don’t. Misery loves company, and if the woman’s name is Misery, she’ll hate you. It’s okay to know and like who you are as long as you aren’t in love with who you are. When you walk into a room, does your presence say, “Here I am!” or “There you are”? Like yourself, but love others, or they will hate you.

Gossip and the Pecking Order of Women
Gossip and the Pecking Order of Women | Source

#6. Dressed to Impress

To some women, a pair of high heels is the same as fishnet stockings and a tramp-stamp. Don’t ask me why, but high heels strike fear in the souls of all your flip-flopping, ballet-flatty, tennis-shoe-sporting friends. Maybe you just like to play dress-up, but the women around you won’t care. They will question your motivation until their insecurity eats both them and you alive. Know the dress code and don’t over-do it. There is a thin line between flashy and trashy. Once the women perceive that you’ve out-dressed them, the only line you will be crossing is the one marked “enemy territory.”

#7. Weight

It doesn’t matter how much you weigh if you are skinnier than someone else. And the thinner you are, the easier you are to dismiss. It’s not because you are so small that they can’t see you, it’s because they are ignoring you. The heavier woman is prone to think that the thinner woman just doesn’t know what it is like. She is less likely to be vulnerable with you, fearing your judgment of her. She is less likely to invite you to the pool with her family because she doesn’t want her husband to see you in a swimsuit. Don’t want to gain weight to fit in? Then wear baggier clothing.

#8. Strong Personality

This kind of woman has an opinion on everything, and she’s not afraid to share it. She always has an answer; it just may not be the right one. She could be far left or far right, extremely spiritual or an extreme hippy, but she can be extremely annoying. Is this woman you? If you are a black-or-white person with unbudging opinions, realize that most of the world operates in shades of grey.


#9. Competitiveness

You know that girl who always has to win? The one who will use your heart as a stepping stool to the top? Well, she may win the game, but she will lose her friends in the process. And what good is victory when you have no one to share it with? With guys, winning and losing is just a part of establishing a relationship. With women, the only winners are those who make you feel like one.

#10. Affluence

The wealthier you are, the more out-of-touch you may be with real people problems, and this may leave you with a bunch of fake friends. Women connect over their weaknesses as much as their strengths. Your ginormous mansion and your luxury automobile may be overwhelming to the most down-to-earth ladies. Unfortunately, even if you can hide your car in the garage, you can’t hide your Gucci purse or your designer jeans. Money talks, and in this case it may be saying, “I’m too good for you.”

Why Women Feel Threatened (and How to Get Over It)

There is a difference between feeling threatened and feeling intimidated. The difference is fear. When a woman feels threatened, she is afraid that you will take (or try to take) something she has (her man, her confidence, her best friend, the role she has established in her group, etc.) or wants (like a promotion, a future boyfriend, etc.). In any case, these threatened feelings always stem from our own insecurity. We don’t fear the things we are secure in. When a beautiful woman walks in the room, we may be intimidated, we may be jealous, but we won’t feel threatened unless we are insecure about our own looks or our own marriage. Threat (along with the insecurity it stems from) brings out the worst in us. We shut down and lash out when we let insecurity get the best of us.

Before the merely intimidated fall into a state of self-righteousness (thinking we are better than the threatened girls, when we're not), let me state that everyone has insecurities. To move from threatened to intimidated (or even unaffected), we merely recognize those insecurities for what they are, using those feelings to motivate us towards change or towards that seemingly perfect woman to find out what she has to offer. Who knows, maybe she’ll rub some of that perfection off on you.

To the threatening women out there, let me offer you my solemn condolences. It’s tough being alone. I guess you have your striking beauty and outstanding IQ as a consolation prize? All jokes aside, I share these insights in hopes that you will move forward with a newfound awareness and will practice humbleness, kindness, and gentleness with the women around you. Go the extra mile to prove that you are more than a pretty face, that your life is not as perfect as it seems, and that you need friends, too. Your attackers strike out of fear, despising parts of themselves more than they could ever despise you.

Friendships Amongst Women
Friendships Amongst Women | Source

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    • profile image

      22 minutes ago

      No, whatever thing you are doing well, you keep doing it, and dont give a rip what anyone else thinks!

    • profile image

      leanne123456789 5 hours ago

      This is horrendous. Whatever woman wrote this is going to lose us the right to vote. If you do something well, you'd better cut it out or else society won't know what to do. You're a woman. Go back to making everyone feel good so you don't have to.

    • profile image

      ZER 9 days ago

      This article is so true. it touches my heart and if I was not at work i would cry a loud until i could find a drop of tear and ability to scream.

      it touches me so much, that i was looking for help " why woman are mad and mean at me" I didnt know answer for so long. I felt helpless in this matter.

      right now, I have received email from privet investigator at our Hub saying I was hire last friday for the incident between you and clique ( I will call her Zee for privacy).

      to reflect back our early life so you can couch where we are now. Zee and I know each other almost ten years. we used to chitchat at community gatherings like Mosques but we never been close friends. we have never pass by each other we out saying hi. now I started work at the Hub she was working there before me. then she started to stop initiating or answering greetings. or she will take it with pale tired face that doesnt show any interest.

      Then suddenly she started frowning and ignoring me when I am talking to her.

      when I stopped talking at her too. she would run away when I am community gathering and who ever with me she wont take greeting from them. like my aunt. my aunt asked me if I have a conflict with her but told her no as much as i know she just ignores me too

      I assumed if the woman at work who all the times tries to create conflict between me and other cliques tried this time with her. I decided to talk to her and apologize to her if I did something unintentional or she got fornication news from that co worker. I accidentally met with her while she was on her way go out. I said dear sister, I have never tried to hurt your feelings. I have nothing against to you. before I finished my talk she screamed I am gonna call police she was kindy swearing on me. she left and complain and created big scene. she said that I harassed her, I pushed her. I threaten her. every lie she could say. god knows what she told them but that is some of the report I was told. since then, there is a meeting and emails about that incident. her plan was the manager to fire me but that is not something happening they know I wont hurt a ratt. I did not do anything to hurt her other than I am taller, or maybe beautiful, or maybe charmer or maybe open to people say hi to them. who knows

      Friends are easily like to hurt me but I cant.

    • profile image

      Holly 2 weeks ago

      I liked this article. I realize why my sisters ( 10 years older than I) gave me such a hard time and one very mean to me . I think this is a helping article not a critical one. I really had no clue as to why certain woman act / behave the way they do. I didn’t get it. I do now and I am 52 . I look a lot younger than my age . I do want more female friends , ones that are secure seem to be older mostly. So when I choose to join a club with women in it I will take into account these insecurities instead of being so hard on myself and thinking Iam an alien . Thank you .

    • profile image

      Adorbs 3 weeks ago

      Wow, I have all these qualities you mentioned and now I see why I have never been able to have any female friends. At a point I tried toning down my qualities and my charm to make them like me yes they did but was I happy?, no. So I ended up discarding them funny enough they hype and praise themselves their achievement and successes around me but I dare not do the same , for they pretend to be deaf till I keep quiet. One even said it yo my face that I make them look useless in the eye of the boss simply because am a workaholic a go getter and I always perfect my work to the T. Superiors love me but my friends, co-worker and coursemate complains that their work is always compared to mine and that automatically put them at a disadvantage. Please what am I to do ? Reduce my effort and become a mediocre? Never. I chose the high road and am happier for it. I would advise ladies with such qualities to move around with like minded people not people who only likes you when they dull your shine.

    • profile image

      Dot 4 weeks ago

      This is poor advice. Dimming your light so you can make others feel better about their insecurities? Sorry, no. The problem is with those that are insecure. They should focus on their own situations and level of confidence, not hate on those who have done well for no good reason. There is enough goodness and plenty of amazing qualities to go around!

    • profile image

      YeahNo 5 weeks ago

      I'm sorry but I'm not toning anything about myself down to make insecure women feel better. It is their responsibility to find their self confidence. It is not my responsibility to make myself ugly, stop working hard, and stop making myself look nice so that they don't feel bad about themselves. This article is likely satire but I really doubt girls in middle school who want to learn how to get along with other girls are going to understand that.

    • profile image

      King 5 weeks ago

      This article sucks! Telling woman to dumb themselves down and cover up to make other insecure people feel more comfortable... psh ya right

    • profile image

      YesnNO 5 weeks ago

      So, I found this article when I was thinking why my co-workers (especially one of them) leaves me out of the group. She is not literally hostile, we talk and laugh and so with the other. However... First of all, I must say that the author discribed perfectly the insecurities of many women. I have been dealing with them whole my life and in every single job I have had so far. (I am 39 yrs. old). Just as most of the comments here, I cannot agree with the advices the author has given and propose. Due to my job, I have always worked with mostly female ambiance and let me tell you, it´s been always a hell. Sooner or later, women started to bull me and dislike me. And I am experiencing something similar now again. I have been working in this job for over a year and I am still an outsider. Why? Because I perform well, I am hard working, keep the deadlines (as the only one in the office), I take care of my appearance, I even work on other projects beyond my company whilest them hardly manage the only job they have... Guess what? My boss respects me and is very happy with me but I am a constant target of gosspis. I can tell because right after I say something to one person, the next day everyone knows. One of the woman whome I consider to be much prettier than me, has already thrown a few parties. Was I ever invited? Nope! The reason - according to me - is bc she has a boyfriend of whome she is very jealous. I think she is afraid to introduce me to him. She sizes me up every day, what am I wearing and even though she throws compliments to other women, never did she give one to me. I know I am not popular in the group bc I can always get things done and leave work with my desk clean, whiles they procrastinate the whole day long and then stay there long hours (and gossip about me of course). I also know they do things outside work without me and they even talk about it with each other in front of me as if I was not present like: Hey what are you doing Friday evening, you want to join me and my bf in that new club? Oh well, it is kind of akward sometimes but as some of you in the comments here have already pointed out - these women, these insecured women will never like someone with whome they feel insecure. It is their shame to leave me out of the group and pretend that I am not good enough for them to be their friend. I agree that it is wise not to provoke them too much and so I do not talk with them about my privacy, my plans, my other projects etc. because they would dislike me even more. Is it sad? Yes, it is as they should get motivated instead and perform better and improve themselves. But it is easier to bully someone, isn´t it. So, you know what? I came to terms that from now on I do not care what they think about me because what really matters is, what I think about them. As for me, I really do not need to have such people around me more than it is necessary. I have only two female friends and not even too close. But I dont care. I´d rather not have any women as friends than to have such who do not like me just because I am trying to be my best.

    • profile image

      The Realist 5 weeks ago

      So basically... hide your light. Yeah, right. GREAT advice! NOT!

    • profile image

      Da fuk is dees shiet 8 weeks ago

      To sum up your article: get yourself as low as possible in order for the other bitches to not feel low.

      DA FUK?!

      In your life, you MUST be aiming to best yourself each day - not be a pushover bitch so the useless gals feel a bit better. If lets say Pythagoras did it what would the world be today? "Hm... I've found this genious ratio that is the key to unlock the geometry of the Universe!! Meh - better keep it to myself cause some motherfathers out there are gonna feel intimidated and insecure about their own intellectuality!"

    • profile image

      Andrea 3 months ago

      No way will I teach my daughters to lessen themselves to help others feel better or have friends. I also won't teach them to flaunt or brag either. We should be writing articles about how to work on our own insecurities to reduce judgement of others.. Not telling confident people how to be less.

    • profile image

      Sam 3 months ago

      Womem need to stop this and start loving and respecting ALL of their sisters! Otherwise they have no business claiming to be women... but mean GIRLS!

    • profile image

      Worst article ever 3 months ago

      Worst article ever, grow up and take life by the balls like the 'intimating' women have. I guarantee living your best life with no jealousy or bitterness feels much better than being sad about your own life.

    • profile image

      Happyandsecure 3 months ago

      This article is actually a load of BS! Everything you have listed is actually a plus and I think someone with all these qualities would be a fantastic person. You talk about this kind of woman making other women feel bad about themselves, well what about how these women (and yourself) are making women that push themselves to achieve what they want from life feel like they are constantly doing something wrong just for being themselves.

      I can not believe women still don't realise that if they feel deep jealousy or are annoyed by other women because they have more positive lives it's because they feel inadequate in themselves. By the advice you have given I feel that you would have met women in your life and you have judged them based on how they look, how successful they are or whatever it is and to be honest that clearly just stems from you feeling inferior. Why are you letting someone make you feel inferior? No one is born jealous so why did you develop this jealously of other women?

    • profile image

      Rylee 3 months ago

      Lol, I don't care what catty women think. I'm gonna go out there looking flawless, I don't care about their insecurities.

    • profile image

      SunRunner 4 months ago

      There is a difference in being "stuck up" and being confident! Being "stuck up" is simply a veiled facade in which the insecure put on in order to appear confident and elevate themselves from others. True confidence and inner beauty emanates from within...it is about being humble, kind, secure in your own abilities and position in life, not resenting what others possess, being genuinely happy for others success and using that as a source of inspiration! Most importantly it is not about cutting others down, even the spiteful and envious. Have compassion and recognize that they are suffering in an inner turmoil of their own manifestation, their actions come from a place of insecurity, do not mirror their actions no matter how infuriating the comments may be. Simply see it for what it is (hope that they seek therapy, evolve as a human and one day find peace) and surround yourself with people that nurture your soul! In my experience the most insecure are the ones that have already achieved success by societies standards...yet they fear "losing" what they have or are never fulfilled! The affluent, micro-managing, bitter manager in the corner office, his/her bullying henchmen put on a pedestal, the beautiful career girl that gossips and uses underhanded tactics to get ahead, the charismatic and handsome co worker with everything going for him, beautiful wife/family, successful career, that continues to cheat on his wife! What it comes down to is inner fulfillment...no matter your lot in life if you do not work on your inner world no amount of success, beauty, wealth, status will satisfy! You will always be envious of the people you perceive to have "more", learn to be "enough" and grateful for what you have and that will emanate!

    • profile image

      Philippa 4 months ago

      Women don't deserve your bad behaviour because you aren't grateful for your own life. When you learn to be grateful you will start achieving and thereby will become appreciative of others instead of jealous. In truth, I'm sick of this attitude in women, and I hate you for it. If nothing else works, maybe this fact might wake you up. If you think it's harsh, read the abuse you say you spew out at women for its harshness in proper context, no-one did anything to you, you start the abuse and admit you intend to abuse!!!

    • profile image

      Jen Burns 4 months ago

      You nailed it here!

    • profile image

      cdhoerer 4 months ago

      So sad, it's quite a shame what ou are suggesting us to do. Soudns straight out of the Victorian era. NExt to the advice that we should be less cnofident, playing not to bee intelligent, and up-up our decolletées so the poor littel men are not intimidated and pursue us. No, I rather stay à la Sara Ellis from White Collar than a desperate houswife.

    • profile image

      Diane 4 months ago

      If you have to compromise your integrity in order to fit into a group, you need to move on and find yourself more compatible friends. It is disgusting to tell women to downplay their looks, intelligence, ect. so that they are less threatening to others. We have been told to do this for centuries in order to make ourselves more appealing to males, now someone thinks we should do this to appeal to insecure, less gifted women? I thought I would lose it when I read that a thin woman should wear baggie clothes around her fat friends. They want us to hide our fitness and health? That is kinda sick...

    • profile image

      Sweetandsavvy 5 months ago

      I agree with the others. Why down play my talents, gifts, and beauty to make insecure women feel more comfy. If rather walk away and totally dismiss them and find real connections. People who are at my level of maturity

    • profile image

      Amanda J 5 months ago

      Why, in the name of all things sensible, would you recommend that a woman limit herself & make herself small to cater to the insecurities of another?!?! Why?!?! Instead- why not teach the insecure how to bring positivity and self esteem into their life so that they will no longer be the petty, judgmental, catty ones? Women that judge & get catty with a woman they deem prettier or smarter than themselves do this because they do noy value themselves. Why not encourage women to love themselves & believe in their own worth, rather than to dim their light & hide their worth?! This article is a great example of the kind of lessons that create the petty competition & low self esteem that makes women fight & alienate each other in the first place!

    • profile image

      lkanony 5 months ago

      Well...I understand the categories of what brings upon the jealousy amongst women BUT, to downplay myself to shield security of others IS NOT what I would do nor recommend. It is NOT my job to downplay myself in order to make someone else embrace herself. Plus BELIEVE ME...after you downplay yourself with the baggy clothes or refraining yourself from wearing your designer clothes and bags, you have made it easier for the jealous woman to talk about you. For example

      " Oh look at her...she went from designer duds to looking like a bum." OR "Oh I told you she's no different or better than us..." You can't win for losing when it comes to women that are insecure and jealous of others. Thus, WHY would I want to be around these types of women anyway? WHY would I not want to be myself and be stylish, confident, pretty, smart, a good employee, be in a good marriage/be a good wife etc. to appease other women who have a lack thereof? No, these women need to come to terms with THEMSELVES and make peace with THEMSELVES because in the end the REAL issue and problem is THEM, NOT the woman who sustains and maintains who she is. Because when all is said and done, if it's not me, it'll be someone else or BOTH me and the other woman being talked about negatively for the most childish and petty reasons so that the miserable individual can build a circle that can pacify her (that is if the circle consist of those that are not their own woman) and unite for her/their common good of just plain being spiteful because of their own personal issues.

    • profile image

      A woman who knows her worth 5 months ago

      Alex I'm right with you on that. Why the hell should the ones who have it going on because they fought to become her need to go the extra mile to make the insecure feel better.

      It's called triggering. Do something to step into your power. Do something to rise up. Teaching others to dull their shine to help others shine is not the advice. You should be empowering these other women to rise into their greatness. Not telling the greate to devalue themselves so others can shine.

    • profile image

      Kristal 6 months ago

      So, I found this article after I've been thinking a close female cousin of mine is trying to make me envious of her..For one, we both became single again around the same time but she has become coupled up quicker than I have. It seems like she's always bragging about her new guy, when personally I could never be jealous of someone dating a criminal. Then she's always stating how old boyfriends of mine have tried to date her prior to them dating me. I've tried to overlook these snide comments from her but I just can't forget how she's accused me in the past of sleeping with her children's father and feel that she's trying to make me envious of her new relationship. I've known her to be envious of me during our teenage years but I thought she matured, I'm seriously thinking of cutting ties with this family member due her past & present behavior.

    • profile image

      Alex 6 months ago

      So let me get this straight. Strong and secure women who fight like hell to get what they want out of life should dull their shine so that their intimidated and weaker counterparts can feel better about themselves?? Absolutely not! If my shine that I put the hard work into daily makes someone feel insecure about themselves then that is a personal problem for them and they have my pity. Everyone has something to overcome and I've worked damn hard to get what I have. Perhaps paying closer attention to improving their own lives would serve them better than worrying about the success or failure of someone else.

    • profile image

      Lounaa 6 months ago

      I didn't agree entirely with the article as well and I am so thankful for the commenters.

      I had to deal with these types of women who just can't stand you from the very beginning and no matter what you do. Some just hate you when you cross their path.

      Why are people so bloody insecure? They will lie, make up stories... Ot happened to me in at least 3 jobs. I want to have my own company.

    • profile image

      The Lady Next Door 6 months ago

      I too loved the responses. Ugly women are catty jealous and want to compete or think you want their even uglier men. I have a neighbor who can't even look me in the eye, instead she's constantly checking out my body as in a way to see what I'm working with. I work hard. She bragged her husband works three jobs so she can stay home yet is too busy comparing herself with me to even hold a conversation. I'm sick of these dimwit ugly hateful women. I agree with the comments I'm not going to dumb myself down or wear baggy clothes because some insecure cow is jealous.

    • profile image

      Get Real 6 months ago

      I was appalled at this article but was so happy when I read many of the comments. Thank God there are so many awesome women that did not but into this garbage. I agree be humble and nice, but do not seem your light to make others more comfortable. They need to work on what's broken in them that makes them feel the way they do.....

    • profile image

      Veracity 6 months ago

      The idea that a women should have to do the following to fit in is simply ignorance. This is exactly why I prefer to be in my own company. I was drawn to this article because this is an issue I see more and more everyday. There is a lot of insecure women out there and often they want someone that they can relate to. I'd rather be friendless and stay alone than to be surrounded by false friends purely to undermind my own gifts. As women we should support one another regardless of appearances. I find the dynamics between men more rewarding as men rarely are jealous of one another; although I finding it exceptionally difficult for these "type" of women... the beautiful one's... we get dismissed by jealous women and ostracized while men just want to most often get into our pants... it truly is a battle to be beautiful when so often people think it's sheer luck... take it from someone who experiences this day in and day out... that's why I'm a lone shark... no guys no girls... just me myself and I... no drama no bs.

    • profile image

      SunRunner 7 months ago

      This is why I am selective with who I allow into my life, time is precious and I do not have time to get involved in drama with insecure, unstable people! My philosophy is to always be your best self, live a healthy, (mind, spirit, body) and balanced lifestyle. I am blessed with a lean hourglass body (even after 2 kids) and natural, youthful beauty. Not only that, I am a multi potentialite and my older son is intellectually gifted. Through experience, I discovered that most anything I undertake I become proficient and excel in. I believe in raising global minded, secure and self aware children so I take my role as a mother seriously! As a result, they are healthy, well adjusted and kind people! I cook wholesome meals, keep my home clean/organized and have a ton of energy to stay engaged with my boys. I am an accomplished runner and get involved in my community, humanitarian work and will not hesitate to help those in need recognizing that once my external beauty fades, I will still be a beautiful individual on the inside! I also possess an analytical mind, therefore I am wise in managing the household and consider my self to be a savvy investor. My relationship with my husband is healthy because he and I work at it, he values my body but most importantly my mind and strength of character! My life has not always been perfect, however I work diligently to create the life I envision! I recognize that many are envious because I am genuine and fulfilled, to a person lacking in their life this may invoke envy. I consider this type toxic and virtually impossible to sustain a healthy relationship as an insecure person will subconsciously find a way to sabotage! If only they can see that the qualities I possess can come to fruition for them, it starts with deep introspection to achieve a healthy self-esteem! Women don't take the time to get to know me due to how I look and when they discover that I am kind, gracious, determined and intelligent as well they sadly become resentful as if life has dealt them an unfair hand or become skeptical or dismissive!

    • profile image

      Honestly2017 7 months ago

      I don't much care for the author's insights or opinions, but some of the commentors seem AWESOME! I love your confidence and strong sense of self. And I completely agree: NO WAY am I going to put my light under a bowl just because other faulty human beings think I am shining too brightly. If God blessed me with beauty, brains and talent, then they are mine to explore and express. Why would anyone try to diminish another woman's glow? Who asks a sunset to shine less gloriously? No healthy person would do that.

      So I salute all of the brilliant, funny, bold, lovely, courageous, glamorous, and blessed women in the world. May you always shine ever so brightly!

    • profile image

      BC 7 months ago

      Very well said, Jayne. I couldn't agree with you more. Bottom line is, MOST insecure women will always have jealousy towards other women. This was a very well written article because it lists all the reasons why inadequate women are jealous of other confident women, except the part where advice was given to prevent further jealousy. Also, I beg to differ with #4-Pecking order or #9-Competiveness. Regarding the former, I'm not exactly sure how that fits on the list because it is more of a jealous woman's behavior, not the ones they are threatened by. Regarding the latter, I actually think the ones who are insecure are the competitive ones. At least from what I've experienced. Maybe another one to add to the list would be "A Guy's Girl". I've always been more of a tomboy (into sports and love the outdoors), but certainly do not look like one. I've been told that many men desire women who can get their hands dirty while presenting themselves as a lady. Those who don't fit this criteria tend to envy those who do. My advice to the readers would be to not ignore the early red flags with girl "friends". Some examples: those who over-compliment and frequently size you up, those who try to shower you with gifts (there is an ulterior motive to this), those who question why you are given a better treatment by mutual peers, those who quickly try to get close to you (i.e. "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer") and lastly, those who try to exclude you for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way and wasted too many years of my precious time trying to BUILD THEM UP, being the good friend that I am. Well, all I can say to that is...my job is done and it's time to focus on ME and my loved ones. If anyone disagrees with my post, please feel free to correct me. Contrary to being secure, I like to be corrected when I am wrong. Good luck to all!

    • profile image

      Jayne 8 months ago

      Hmm, yeah, I'm not porking up or dumbing down to fit in with a pack of bovine, gossiping, backstabbing women. I used to be so friendly towards other women, right up until the moment I woke up and realised the reason I had to try so hard was because I made them feel inadequate and they hated me on sight no matter how nice I was to them. Fact is, those women ARE inadequate. They don't have the intellect or capacity to act with grace, dignity, and kindness towards other women. F..... them : )

    • profile image

      NoName 8 months ago

      I agree with a lot of the comments here. "Go the extra mile to prove that you are more than a pretty face"?? Hell no, what is this? So it's MY job to make others feel less insecure? Other womens' mental and emotional state towards me is MY responsibility? Fuck that.

      I always try to be myself, as authentic as possible. Some people won't like me, and I don't give a shit. Some people will, and those are the ones who matter.

      What's this bullshit?

    • profile image

      heyo 8 months ago

      Suddenly i had and have to deal with this kind of insecure women. starting from my mother and her sisters. i have learned to build a tough skin and i can not give them 2 second of my time. do you and be true to yourself.

    • profile image

      Karen 8 months ago

      Mom of 3, happy and loving life. For the most part of my life I can say I've always had female haters! I thought it was something bad about me.The truth is after reading this article i am reminded to be thankful for these f-haters. Since a child I didn't have much but what ever I had the girls envy. Just to day I had came home feeling a little sad because some f-haters started to makes insinuations about my life style. For 2yrs they never tried talking to me and when I try making conversations with them, I just get the cold shoulder. To them I seem to have everything , and everything is perfect, to them very perfect, too perfect, and I don't understand where they are from. Little do they know everything I have came with some sacrifices. When I was a child I was taught to work hard and make your own money and buy your own things. So I did. But no matter what those female haters don't have a brain or a heart! Other moms avoid me cause my kids are all honor students. I invest a lot of my time to my children's learning, cleanliness, school, sports,3meals a day,and my job,husband,laundry,parents,siblings,bills,beauty routines, all in a day everyday. I am exaughsted! I don't have vacations just sunday mornings between 6:-12: before the kids wake. Oh yes I make sure I look good everyday! Cause I feel good when I do. Women have a problem with this? It is surely with their inner self, insecurities, they have to look in the mirror everyday at their ugly faces cause they are so mean and full of hatred that it pours out of their skins. But I still love them because they remind me how awesome I am ;))

    • profile image

      PinkysMom 8 months ago

      This crap is why I have few female friends, or want them. As an introvert, I find my own counsel the best, usually. The social insecurities of women annoy me, and made me very unhappy as a kid and a teenager. The price of admission to popularity with other women is just too high, if you don't want to play your role. I'm almost 60. And the game among women clearly hasn't changed.

    • profile image

      Really? 8 months ago

      This article points out that some women respond negatively to positive aspects of other women. But instead of celebrating those aspects, they're asked to wear "baggy clothing" and be nicer? It ends on a note of dismissing intelligent women as well. Instead of celebrating differences, this writing is dictating how to "fit in" with the popular girls. Utter bullshit.

    • profile image

      8 months ago

      Although I am sure that the aforementioned reasons are valid for women being jealous, that doesnt mean that if someone is jealous of us that we should try to become less so that they feel uncomfortable and more of a person or a woman. If a person feel bad for who they are, it´s their own personal issue, especially because their feeling of inferiority has everything to do with themselves, and nothing to do with you.

    • profile image

      9 months ago

      This is BS! So, I'm supposed to only leave my house wearing sweats and flip flops with no makeup to make other women feel better? I have to look like crap and play stupid because they're insecure? Wow! There's really no excuse to treat someone badly. It's called bullying and you are blaming the person being bullied. Sad!

    • profile image

      CPHere 9 months ago

      Oh my God! Those type need to keep their pies quiet. If they want to think they are better with the 10 tons of makeup like a rodeo clown that is their prerogative, but don't go bitching at gals that don't want to get all dolled up just to go to the grocery store. It's ridiculous. Sorry some of us ARE NOT insecure and don't care what the general public thinks and we don't have to put on a show for everyone to show how important we think we are in society. It's one thing to get glammed up once in a while, but to think you can't even frigging grocery shop without looking like a top 10 model is craziness. Some people get their jollies off having people gawk at them or etc. Some of us are secure enough we don't need that ego boost 24x7. Give me a break. I am man and some of these women need to grow up. Once all that garbage comes off you are left with the real deal anyhow.

    • profile image

      6080 9 months ago

      pfft. if people don't like themselves they should be better at winning.

    • profile image

      PH 9 months ago

      I don't color my hair or wear tons of makeup, just enough to cover up, and that seems to upset some of the women in my workplace. One of them looked at me and said, "ugh, I need to start doing makeovers for people, again". When I showed interest in improving my appearance, she turned away as if she was not interested in taking on such a huge project.

    • profile image

      QueenShe 9 months ago

      Yeah, I'm sorry but I'm not going to "hide" myself to make someone else feel better about themselves. Their self esteem and issues aren't my responsibility or my problem.

    • profile image

      ELLAPP 10 months ago

      I really don't agree with this way of thinking: If someone is bullying you or treating you less than then "bow" down to them and make yourself "less than" to make them feel better.

      That's the sad message being sent out from this article. The innocent should "bow" to the bully

      Women who are jealous and insecure and as a result make other women's lives worse need help in the form of either a therapist/ self-love and compassion /working on improving themselves

      I'm sorry but i don't agree with "lowering" "changing" myself to make other women feel better. Sorry if I'm beautiful, clever, confident and positive and it makes you feel less than - and you feel this way because of my mere presence. Just because YOU cannot handle me loving myself inside out and it makes you feel insecure and act like a jealous b^&(h, then go do something about yourself! I will not lower myself to these "women" to make them feel better. Loving myself having self confidence etc is how I have a positive attitude. I'm not the one with a jealous raging issue therefore I have nothing to "fix"

    • profile image

      TellingTheRealTruth 11 months ago

      Most women are very Horrible as it is especially to one another since there is a lot of Jealousy between them. Women bosses are the Worst Ones of all since they really think that they have so much power which they're total pathetic losers anyway. I will have to say that the Real Good old fashioned women of years ago really did put these women today to Real Shame altogether.

    • profile image

      Gemster 11 months ago

      and 12. Being Goal Oriented

    • profile image

      Gemster 11 months ago

      Great article!!

      11. If you are talented.

    • profile image

      monique 11 months ago

      I am not so sure why woman need to be so jealous of one another. Reading this article made me realise how we as woman put one another down for being just abit better than the other. I myself have always been an outsider and i always thought that the way i am might be the problem. I've even tried to change so many things like being over too kind or just sucking up to some people which disgusts me. (Not the being kind part but the sucking up to people part) I've even thought myself to be a narcissist if i even as slightly mention something good about myself , which is why i don't ever do that. But as i was saying I've come to realise that some woman might feel intimidated because there have been variously times I've been criticised right to my face about being too skinny or my hair is not that sleek or such as my sister mentioned tonight looking at a childhood picture of mine "i looked like crap and haven't changed abit" lol it's kinda funny to me. Because that is not what other people tell me. Anyways...woman should uplift one another rather than putting eachother down because i think that we need one another more than we need men.

    • profile image

      Melanie 11 months ago

      I agree with what a lot of your have posted. Don't dial back your fabulous for anyone! I have mean girl issues constantly, but I think it is their problem, not mine.

    • profile image

      Tai 11 months ago

      This is a great article, helped me so much. But, may I add one more category? Talent, if you are talented at writing or cooking or even being funny. Women, get jealous. I don't really understand it because I am not jealous of my friends. I enjoy being around awesome women who are beautiful and smart and funny and talented. I have had jealous women of me my entire life. I even had a friend not invite me to her wedding and she sent me a long letter that because I am prettier than she is ( according to a dumb statement her fiancé made to her ) She was sorry but she thought it might ruin her day........ ridiculous, the price we put on external things. We women are smarter than this we need to grow up!

    • profile image

      12 months ago

      I'm a young lady who has been going through this every since I was a little girl. Literally. I'm 21 years old and can't even form solid friendships because women eventually find themselves hating me. I only have one,maybe two good friends and I pray that our friendship will remain strong because it's hard for me to bond with certain women. I have women that I've seen I public(we don't know each other) and they stare me up and down with dirty looks. I just wish that it would go away because I'm truly a sweetheart. I care about people and I love interacting with people but it's hard when you have more women disliking you than you have liking you. It's not a life any woman wants to live no matter how pretty you are. I hope that my life will get better because it gets tiring when women always dislike you for whatever reason. The only thing I can continue to do is pray for myself and my situation.

    • profile image

      Loner693 12 months ago

      I don't understand why women have to downplay their intelligence, success, or beauty in order to be accepted by other women. I have seen some very smart, beautiful women be treated like crap by other women even if they are humble and kind as well. If you are humble and kind and other women are still being rude to you because they feel threatened or intimidated, then at some point it's better to move on to a new group of friends.

    • profile image

      Miss V 12 months ago

      I'm sorry but I disagree that we should change to accomadate women who are insecure and feel threatened. I'm humble, friendly and never intimate ppl but women with insecurities will always feel that way no matter what. So my advise to women who have been though this - don't change , stay and be true to yourself it's not your problem that other women feel threatened and insecure by you.

    • profile image

      Gigi 12 months ago

      I think it's unfortunate that women do this type of thing to each other. I have been on the side in which women are catty to me and behave in the way the author mentions. As I'm now 50, I can see an insecure woman immediately or a women that is in a lot of pain and the only way she can feel better about herself is to put some other women below her on the pecking order or other. I hope that these women will become enlightened to their actions and change their behavior. If they don't, it's a dysfunctional and this type of behavior isn't healthy for anyone. Live a genuine, truthful life and like yourself no matter what your size is, intelligence level or what you have material. We only have one life and this is not a dress rehearsal. Live it well.

    • profile image

      Jade 13 months ago

      I am one of those labelled as "life of the party"...happy, alive...and i find i have to lower my level of this so female relatives can feel i am not stealing their floor....but with others especially males in the room they seemed to zoom in on my laughter and notices my happy energy and enjoys that i am having a good time.....but why cant females in the room feel the way men in the room feels? I am just happy being around people and that is all it is. I am not even trying to get any attention it is just my personality...happy, energetic and love being around people. I wish they would understand that.

    • profile image

      Bethania 13 months ago

      This article is ridiculous. The jealous and petty WANT you to dowse your light so they feel more comfortable with their own insecurities. When in fact, these females are the ones who are delusional. When are we going to start to hold the sender responsible for their destruction instead of the female who receives it b/c she choose to work hard, both in home/career/self? Stay away from these females...they will destroy EVERYTHING they think you hold dear. Never diminish your light for someone else's comfort. Wake up!

    • profile image

      Taliah 14 months ago

      This was a great article!! I really needed this. I have been dealing with this throughout most of my adult life and no matter how humble or friendly I am with certain women (especially certain women in the church), they still seem to give me the cold shoulder or ignore me whenever I'm around. But I'm never going to stop being successful, never going to stop pursuing my passions, never going to stop helping people, never going to change my "fashionable" style! We shouldn't have to conform to fit in with people!

    • profile image

      Sydney Breeze Lowe 14 months ago

      I have had this issue since I developed at the tender age of 11. Girls and then women have always been in competition with me. Shown me the cold shoulder and been more than willing to believe the worst in me. However, I have never gone or done anything at least not intentionally to go after anything that belongs to someone else. I am put together fairly well, with a nice full figure, pretty figure, good hair you know all the things that make you pretty. I also have a decent IQ hold 2 degrees and have a good reputation in my chosen field. I did all of my work and got advancement without stepping or sleeping on or with anyone. It still has not stopped women from coming at me with threats. Even family members only keep me around when they need something from me because of the jealousy thing. Believe me it causes me to spend a great deal of time alone and doubt myself a great deal, I never know if anyone if wanting to really be my friend or if they just want something.

    • profile image

      CJ 14 months ago

      Frankly, I really needed this. Women can be vicious, ignorant, jealous, mean-spirited and in denial about all of it. Secretive and gossip-mongers, this sort of woman will use the negative "smack" about other women to feed their insecurities. All there really is to say about this kind of behavior is "Bye."

    • profile image

      Anna Pennuell 15 months ago

      Every once in a while I get that shocking moment when a woman suddenly acts like I'm out for her job, social status or her man. It completely floors me and I'm speechless! My friends tell me it's for the reasons in this article, but I'm still confused because I'm just... me! I don't brag it show off, I don't wear clothes that show off my figure and I rarely even wear makeup. I've actually TRIED to look unattractive hoping it would make life easier, but... I guess one day it'll get easier.

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 15 months ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Interesting article. I have come to realize that I can only be myself. And I don't really care who likes me, and who doesn't like me.

      Life is far too short to be worried about the opinion of others. And I highly doubt that if I change myself to suit someone else, they will actually like me. I prefer to associate with those who appreciate who I really am.

      Thanks for writing.


    • profile image

      Sue Evarts 16 months ago

      This blog is ridiculous. Truly. 1950s mindset. Maybe trying to be who you are not is crushing you .Pay attention to your own needs , desires and dreams and quit writing this hogwash Hopefully no one takes it seriously

    • profile image

      Missme 16 months ago

      Yes, I have seen a lot of this at my new job. In my training session that will continue for a handful of weeks. I am a lot of what was mentioned here and I have learned how to survive these attacks. It gets annoying and irritating because it is quite mental to know some women will go the extra mile to try to fear one person down. I don't let it get to me and I've had to make it clear. I hope others are able to understand people are like mirrors. Some women get intimidated. Some of us have great souls and don't seek to exhaust outlet selves over others but our good hearts, good looks, brains, charm and wits may still be intimidating! Hang in there. I get laterally attached almost everyday now, I find it hilarious. But it's sad, because it creates such a negative environment and a miserable place for these women to be by comparing themselves to me. Continue to be you and stay true to yourself. This all upsets them more, nothing will change until they understand that you won't. I'm not going to compromise everything I've worked hard for to make these women feel better. I've done nothing wrong. Let your positivity attract your next big thing & if all else fails tell them you know someone or know of someone through a friend who works in HR :D Stay happy and be beautiful!

    • profile image

      Anon 16 months ago

      I have seen it at work with female manager been intimidated by woman that reported into her, she made her look week and helpless. Once the lady was late and she rang a colleague to say and not the manager. The Manager just laughed it off when the girl came in, it made her look very weak for not raising it with lady then on rules.

    • profile image

      Ana 20 months ago

      Okay, I am pretty good looking, smart, talented and intelligent. I am a self assured woman. I can make good friends based on what I have to offer in terms of my smarts, my compassion and my trustworthiness. I have a great husband who loves me for my strength of character as much as he loves my looks.

      I am threatened by three kinds of women

      1. Those who LIE and break all kinds of rules and expect the world to go easy on them just because they are special! The entitled ones.

      2. Those who are passive aggressive. The victim-minded ones, they can fall in the no 1 category too.

      3. Those who have better social skills than myself. The extroverts.

      I am not worried about man/ job/ girlfriend stealers. I HATE passive aggressive liars who have no sense of integrity or remorse.

      So, I guess, I would be one of the women that gossip mongers, insecure women sand self proclaimed victims hate!

      It took 4 big betrayals (at my workplace, in personal life and in community life) to learn to STAY AWAY form such venomous ladies.

    • profile image

      Desdemona 20 months ago

      I will NEVER EVER tone anything down about myself to appease anybody's insecurities! Not good for either parties! I have embraced loneliness caused by people's envy and jealousy, and you know what? Never been happier! Don't need miserable insecure people around me putting me down to feel better about themselves! My friends are the books that I love to read, my happiness is the knowledge that I acquire! Better lonely than in bad company!

      I don't even care about my looks, so why should people feel less because of it? Their main issue is not even their jealousy or insecurities, it's their SHALLOWNESS! They are even shallower than the good looking people who only care about their looks, and given the chance, they would be as conceited as those! Bunch of hypocrites!

      Let's care about what really matters in life and stop behaving like irrational animals on heat! I am very good looking but I have in mind my looks will fade away with time, and it's never been my focus any case and it disgusts me that people only perceive that about me! I am an intelligent, thinking human being! This is insulting to say the least! What a shallow, disgusting world we live in!

    • Matty Fernandez profile image

      Modestly Glorify Him 23 months ago from Passaic, NJ

      My strong personality and compassion has raised a few brows. There is always that individual who wants to twist stuff around to make it look bad. As a young woman my issues have been mainly with older women, so age is also an issue.

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 23 months ago from Pacific Northwest

      You nailed it. Great hub and we'll written.

    • profile image

      dah 2 years ago

      Be yourself we were born and raised by our parents we grew up and we as kids wanted to go and find out what that whole world is about the majority of us come back home we live and learn in this crazy world

    • profile image

      Guest 2 years ago

      Interesting that the majority of women in the poll and also in the comments felt this article rang true to them. So most of us feel others are intimidated by us? I doubt it. I think most women feel more secure when they're on a equal pegging order in looks intelligence etc and whilst the majority can allow herself to show support for those who achieve 'above' their own standing, sometimes it feels good to bring them down a peg for own self confidence boost. So it's not just one group of women but an ongoing social relationship between women where power is constantly shifted. If they're always doing it - it's because they really don't like you - not because they're jealous of one thing.

    • profile image

      tiffany 2 years ago

      I agree well all have insecurities but as women we have to accept what we can't change and change what we can every woman is beautiful beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And most of all stop comparing yourself to other women you can not be somebody else. And you should not want to we are all beautiful in our own way accept that. Any way women that are jealous and unhappy have nobody to blame but themselves stop focusing on other women and just do you as women we all should be the best version of ourselves and be happy for others and make our own path.

    • Sarah Kessler profile image

      Sarah B 2 years ago from Klamath Falls

      True! I've found that all of these things are also problems in friendships with men, but for different reasons. Good article.

    • profile image

      mkh 2 years ago

      so true

    • profile image

      moi 3 years ago

      so true

    • profile image

      MelBling16 3 years ago

      Interesting. I've experienced many of these...but I'm not playing down my looks or my accomplishments to make anyone feel better. Love me or leave me! I'm sure they have strengths I don't possess - like cooking and child-rearing skills!

    • profile image

      Anne 3 years ago

      You make some great points, but I'm not going to tone down just because other women are threatened by me. Excuse me, they need to deal with themselves. Looks, brains and a strong mind for business have given me social currency and I enjoy the hell out of it. Don't care what anyone else thinks. I have a great business a great partner and a great life, haters are quickly shown the door.

    • profile image

      Deyigwe 3 years ago

      I completely concur with JFB who said -

      "I think the author hit on a lot of good points. However, I don't like the message at the end, about how "intimidating women need to be humble." I'm sorry, I don't think anyone needs to change themselves or their life to accommodate and appease others, especially people already hating on them! Just be you and let the other people take care of themselves."

      EXACTLY!!! Some people just need to get it together LOL

    • profile image

      Shinai 3 years ago

      "Short of bodily mutation (subtle joke, not a suggestion) there is not much you can do other than play it down. V-necks and mini-skirts will only make your problems worse."

      Great read, but I don't see it necessary to tone it down to make another woman feel secure within herself. Women should be themselves; they should work on personal flaws instead of being focused on other people's strengths in my opinion. In my viewpoint, I feel by the intimidating woman "playing it down", that is inadvertently accepting responsibility to another person's self-worth, which has nothing to do with her. Instead, those insecure women should find tools to strengthen themselves, focus on growing her self-worth and being competitive. Years of toning it down has disassociated me of my own personal power, and as a result, some of these insecure means girls have taken that to mean they can walk all over me, or allow me to be the target of their insecurity. And when I struggled with my own self-worth issues, I took responsibility and fixed them. Simple. We are responsible for our lives--blaming the other woman (not saying you said this, but in a broader perspective) is passe. Other than that, great article. ;)

    • profile image

      Betty 4 years ago

      In general women tend to look for the approval of other people to feel secure. The more insecure the woman is the more he feels intimidated. With the exception of the gossip type who is actually insecure, this article suggests that if you are smart, pretty or believe in yourself you need to alter yourself in some way to accommodate the waning egos of other women.

      I have fought hard to overcome my insecurities and love myself. I am not setting that aside because some other woman needs to overcome her own insecurities. Her insecurities and hangups are not anyone's problem but hers. She is responsible for her feelings and thoughts because they belong to her.

      If you are a person who has gone from the approach of seeking other people's approval to believing in yourself, you should not be ashamed of that. If someone is intimidated by you you don't need them. Seek out people more secure with themselves. They do exist

    • profile image

      Anelle 4 years ago

      Bravo!!! ... pity to the less confident woman...its sad to not appreciate your unique self ;)....!!!

    • profile image

      Paddingtonbeargrr 4 years ago

      This entire article is ridiculous. Stop living in the 1950s, grow some confidence in yourself, and stop thinking the world is "revolving for you". More importantly, stop preaching to girls advice that stops them from being scientists, politicians, and business women. Besides physical attributes, everything you listed, as a flaw, is the characteristic of a successful woman in society and in history.

      The truth: not everyone is thinking about you and how much better you are than them. People actually have lives and minds of their own. More often than not, people aren't talking to you, not because they are intimidated by you, but because they are thinking about a solution to a problem, investments, kids, husband, etc. Think about it.

    • profile image

      JFB 4 years ago

      I think the author hit on a lot of good points. However, I don't like the message at the end, about how "intimidating women need to be humble." I'm sorry, I don't think anyone needs to change themselves or their life to accommodate and appease others, especially people already hating on them! Just be you and let the other people take care of themselves.

    • profile image

      Su 4 years ago

      So what you are saying is women should be less than who they are publicly so a bunch of petty insecure women will like them? I'd prefer to find confident women who don't look down on me because they feel less.

    • profile image

      Kim 4 years ago

      I have 9 out of 10. Honestly, it's rouge trying to make new friends and connect with people. I only find out they put my on some pedestal that I can't get off of. Give me a chance! Girls can be very mean when they are threatened and it hurts. They literally will do anything they can to tear you down. Can't we all just coexist and get along?

    • Brett Winn profile image

      Brett Winn 4 years ago from US

      Let's face it, women can be bitches!

    • profile image

      Lillie 4 years ago

      wow, i have all of those things. I am an intern medical doctor and I paid through university by being a model for an Australian bikini brand. I am blonde, I am tall, petite and curvy.

      Many women distrust me and are jealous, and most men think about sex with me so I avoid them. I am a loner, and I wish that I had more female friends who didn't judge me as I do have some flaws internally.

    • profile image

      Lena 4 years ago

      I tick most of the boxes. At 47, I look like a well-kept 37. I am vigilant about my weight (thus being the thinnest woman in the room, no matter where I am). I read, a lot. My home is immaculately kept with well-chosen décor. I like to dress well but I dress modestly. Most of my clothes are conservative and expensive. I wear sensible heels. Am I conceited? Yes! Am I proud of how I have kept my looks? Absolutely! Do I find joy in learning new things and meeting new people? Sure do! Here is my downside. I suffer from crippling depression and live only on disability. I am a volunteer worker. I am poor and not very well educated. Age will be our leveler, sisters. Oh, and I am childfree by choice. Schadenfreude anyone?

    • profile image

      kris 5 years ago

      no matter they hate me so much... i got all eight.... but i choose not be affected.. life is too short to be spent on pessimism and insecurities... stay happy!!!!

    • profile image

      Deb 5 years ago

      Unfornutately is true ! And it can be hard sometimes have good friends , only the most truthful and confident women will stay by you ! :)

    • Christy Stewart profile image

      Christy Stewart 5 years ago from Oklahoma

      Love your words of wisdom Sharon! Well said!

    • profile image

      Sharon 5 years ago

      Until recently i spent my life just worrying about what other people thought of me. I did all the things you describe in your "tips", just to please other people so that they would like me and wanted to be friends with me. This is what it all got me: 2 years of psychological therapy, because of my lack of self-confidence, my constant feeling of incompetence and uglyness . I was now one of those girls you describe, always threatened and intimidated by those beautiful women who in my eyes had everything that i had not. I always blamed those “perfect” girls for my lack of confidence, incompetence and uglyness. Until i saw that i could also shine. After so many years of living in the shadow, i finally started to believe i could also be self-confident, that i could ‘dress to impress’ as you call it, that i was lucky to have a beautiful skinny body and that if i worked hard i could achieve many things in life i never even thought i was able to. I decided then to be proud of myself, no matter how people would think of me. If other women feel threatened by me, it’s not my problem, it’s theirs. So in other words, if you feel threatened or intimidated by other women, it’s not them who need to change, it’s you! If you see that you’re just as beautiful as them, you won’t feel threatened anymore. You don’t need to change your looks or whatever, because the change that needs to be done is all in you head. Just stop comparing yourself to other people and start accepting yourself. You’ll see that this is all that is needed to end your insecurity.

    • Christy Stewart profile image

      Christy Stewart 5 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great feedback, minus the "suck" phrase. Wish I could "approve" it. Next time lose the bad language and keep all the constructive criticism, it would have been more powerful without it ;)

    • profile image

      Asradee 5 years ago

      Yep. I think you nailed it on the head. Women can be so mean to each other. Spoken and unspoken words, actions- leave wounds. We can only pray and lift-up those women who behave with claws out. God made us all beautiful and in his image. Putting down others is putting down God. It's a shame to have to walk on eggshells to reduce conflict and tension. But. It happens.

    • Christy Stewart profile image

      Christy Stewart 5 years ago from Oklahoma

      Thank you Chiquita, Lou, and perspicacious! This one hits close to home ;)

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 5 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      Good listing. Some of these things are "put downs" about women when men consider them, too.

    • profile image

      Lou 5 years ago

      Great blog! Can't we all just get along?!

    • profile image

      ChiQuita 5 years ago

      Interesting perspective. I do wish that women would learn to lean on each other, learn from each other and build each other up rather than feeling threatened or intimidated by each other. However, I don't feel that women should not be themselves just because others feel threatened by them. Be yourself and let the haters continue to hate. Those type of people are unhappy with themselves and will find fault with you no matter what!!