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The Importance of Keeping Secrets

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Have you ever broken someone's confidence by telling their secrets? Discover some of the benefits of keeping a secret.

Have you ever broken someone's confidence by telling their secrets? Discover some of the benefits of keeping a secret.

Why Is It So Hard to Keep a Secret?

Can you keep a secret? As strange as it may sound, keeping a secret is one hell of a difficult job to do. We’ve all got secrets, and there are many types of them, such as harmless, jovial, funny, and gossipy secrets. However, in this piece, I focus on the failure to keep a secret, especially when it's done with malicious intent and calculated towards damaging someone’s reputation.

Why Do We Tell Secrets?

To keep a secret can be so hard and difficult for so many people. Sometimes, they feel that the only way for them to relieve themselves of such a great burden will be just to spill the beans, not minding whose ox is eventually gored in the process.

I perfectly understand these people. Sometimes the compulsion or urge to say something is so strong that the only option is to tell the secret. Sometimes gossip is fun and interesting, and people really love to gossip, I know.

Some other people are of the habit of NOT keeping any secret at all, and they see it as fun when they reveal everything that they were not told to say. These groups of people don’t even recognize that they are doing it. To them it is just normal, and they don’t seem to see any sense in restraining that urge.

Such people are easy to spot. Just tell them, “Please, this is a big secret,” watch their eyes start to glow almost immediately, and then sit back and watch the grapevine start to rumble. These people derive their pleasure from telling secrets. Ironically, they will even start divulging said secret by telling you that “Please, this is a secret." Very funny indeed.

The Benefits of Keeping Secrets

Have you heard this statement before: “Three people can keep a secret if two are dead”? This statement implies that keeping a secret is almost impossible for (most) people to do. But I don’t think it is supposed to be like that.

Why is keeping a secret so hard? In my opinion, it is simply because the person who is spilling the beans by revealing all those hidden details must have missed the importance of being able to keep secret.

So as a reminder, I am going to base our discussion today on the different reasons why I believe it is still a very nice virtue for one to be able to keep a secret.

4 Reasons Why It's Important to Keep Secrets

  1. It Builds Trust and Confidence
  2. It Keeps You out of Trouble
  3. It Helps You Practice Self-Control
  4. It Lets You Play God
When someone shares a secret with you, it shows that they trust you. Don't betray their trust by spilling the beans!

When someone shares a secret with you, it shows that they trust you. Don't betray their trust by spilling the beans!

1. It Builds Trust and Confidence

Of course, keeping secrets helps in building massive trust and confidence in our daily relationship with other people. People who are not able to do this are often considered as very unstable, highly disloyal and above all very untrustworthy!

Trust is one of the most important requirements for building all forms of relationships be it in business, romantic or personal.

Nothing could hit me where it really hurts the most than the betrayal of trust. In truth, personally I rate and value trust much more than love. I believe it is the same for you too, right?

If you can keep my secrets, that means I have nothing to fear again because I can now have my loyal friend who can be counted upon to keep mum when required to do so.

When you are able to accomplish this very one thing for others, their confidence in you will surely increase and trust people. You may not know it but, words will spread that you are very dependable!

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Soon, more and more people will be drawn to you. What other better way to easily make friends? And that’s simply because you can keep a secret.

Can I tell you a secret?

Can I tell you a secret?

2. It Keeps You out of Trouble

In our world today where staying out of any form of trouble is very much advisable, one sure way of effectively doing that is by keeping secrets.

The simple rule is “see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil”.

But I will like to focus on the “say no evil” part because that is what keeping secret is all about. Simply put, as long as you don’t say it, no one will ever hear it.

Most rumors stem from secrets. Do you love to spread rumors? Please always remember that when you voluntarily join in the spreading that juicy rumor you might not know it but you could be landing yourself in serious trouble because you will not be able to authenticate the veracity of the story.

Remember, some people have gone to prison because of what they said.

One other thing, you could also be running the dangerous risk of damaging your own reputation and losing your worth in peoples' eyes as they quickly learn (and don’t forget, tell others too) to stay away from you - that despicable rumormonger.

One other thing you must remember, especially if you are already in the shameful habit of saying what you were asked not to say, is to remember that you could be under a test.

Oh yes.

One easy way that can be used to differentiate true friends from poseurs and charlatans is by telling a very harmless secret to that very person and then watching out to see if the story still comes out or gets back to you.

You may not know it when you are doing it but you might have just failed in very important test, shut down all future doors to great wealth, connections, joy and happiness if you fail to keep the secret… something that my come back and haunt for the rest of your life!

3. It Helps You Practice Self-Control

Keeping secrets can be a very effective way of practicing self control. From the place where I come from in Africa, that is one way of being a man. A man is not expected to gossip or reply to questions that are not asked of him.

Well, at times the temptation could just be too strong, you just have it at the tip of your tongue and now you just open your mouth and what next…?

OK, you know what… just forget it!

That is it! Clap for yourself. You're the man!

When you get into the habit of holding back whatever you really want to say which in this case happens to be a secret, I tell you, you are getting better in self control.

It also shows that you now have the ability to think carefully, look carefully before you leap!

In certain cases, when you are able to practice self control, it also means you will also be able to consider all dimensions and consider all possibilities as well as the veracity of that very tale you are about to tell.

Your ability to hold back without running your mouth unnecessarily may also give you the opportunity to be able to see the ludicrousness in what you wanted to say as well as give you the opportunity to consider the importance or usefulness of that very thing you wanted to say to them.

Simply put, you are now a man—a thinking MAN! Congratulations.

4. It Lets You Play God

Imagine if you have the power to keep the whole secrets of everybody on this planet? Don’t you think your head will surely swoon… at least somehow?

This is what I call the power to play God.

But you and I know that you cannot be accorded this power if you are that type of person that runs his/her mouth under the 'slightest provocation'.

Keeping secrets can be fun too. Trust me on this one. This is one of the main… in fact the only reason why I would’ve loved to become a Catholic priest.

If you think I am lying, just ask any Catholic priest. I wonder what is going on on those guys’ minds as they listen in to all those evil deeds their parishioners confess to them.

I think I'm going to ask my parish priest next time I see him.


Oh, that would be gossiping, right…?

Questions & Answers

Question: So it is okay for nations to keep secrets on Covid19?

Answer: Please let us not miss the point here.

The secrets I am referring to in this article are mainly secrets on a personal level, you know, like your friend confides in you about something with the hope that you don't go about telling the whole world about it... and then you, yourself exercise some self-control by not revealing those secrets.

I hope you get the idea now, huh?

If nations decide to keep secrets on Covid19 and their citizens continue to perish, does it make any sense at all?

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