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How a Gentleman Treats His Fellow Man


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No matter the person, we must endeavor to live in harmony with one another.

No matter the person, we must endeavor to live in harmony with one another.

Before God, we are all equally wise, and equally foolish. - Albert Einstein

My dear friends, treating people with equality and respect is paramount in the quest to become a proper gentleman. In this article, I would like to address this by giving you the tips and tools needed to be a respectable member of your community.

Think about how a Gentleman would treat a woman. One would not discriminate or harass a member of the opposite sex, this should go for anyone you encounter.

Let's begin.

Paying Attention

Putting your listening ears on and giving the speaker your undivided attention is important. That means slipping your phone back in your pocket or putting away whichever gadget you may be playing with. It means caring about what's being said and not interrupting the speaker.

Bite Your Tongue

If you don't have something constructive or nice to say, keep quiet. Insults are unnecessary. Thinking about what you say saves you a lot of trouble and embarrassment as well.


This is something a proper Gentleman never engages in. We are all unique, and we all can learn from each other and our different experiences. Color of skin, religion, creed... They have nothing to do with the person within. Peer into who your fellow man is, and reap the rewards.

Make an Effort

Write down and remember important dates, birthdays, and anniversaries. Be the one who gets in touch, not the one who broods over friends and family not taking the time. If you wish to speak to or be around someone, reach out.


ALWAYS be honest. Whether it be with your significant other or with your friends and family. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Would you like it if someone you care about lies to you? Own up to your mistakes, and the consequences will usually be a lot less severe.

Don't Take People for Granted

Return favors, give compliments, show them you give a damn. See the value in your peers and appreciate them for who they are. Don't do things for people and expect something in return, do it because it's the type of person you would like to be.


Be curious, not judgemental. Does someone you know have a strange quirk? Appreciate them for the flaws and facets they are made up of. Is there a person in the coffee shop that looks scruffy and unkempt? There is most likely a good reason for this. Don't assume he's a bum.

A Matter of Opinion

Does someone you know have a different political or religious view than you? Educate yourself and appreciate why that is. Don't challenge the person. What is there to gain in conflicts of the mind and soul?

Respect Is Everything

This is the big one, and a culmination of all of the above. Everyone in your life deserves your respect. Period. Take your mother for instance; the person who gave you life should get anything she ever asks for. You would simply not be here, reading this, if it wasn't for that woman's pain and suffering. Be grateful to her. There's also the matter of harassment, no woman should be 'cat-called' or touched inappropriately by anyone. Not only is this disrespectful and vile behavior, it can have serious consequences.

© 2018 Lars Melby

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