The Importance of Being a Good Neighbor

Updated on October 24, 2016
A brick house being built in the neighborhood. A neighborhood is  a street, an apartment complex or other area where people live. The people make it a neighborhood.
A brick house being built in the neighborhood. A neighborhood is a street, an apartment complex or other area where people live. The people make it a neighborhood.

You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your neighbors. If you are lucky, you have good neighbors. But some neighbors are not pleasant and can make your life miserable at times. If you have good neighbors, consider yourself blessed. Neighbors can play an important role in our community and our lives, and remember, you are a neighbor too.

What's a good neighbor?

By definition a neighbor is someone who lives close by you, but "close" is a relative term. For the citydweller, the neighbor is probably someone in the next apartment, but for the urban family, the neighbor is a bit further away. And for those who live out in rural areas, the neighbor may live a mile or two away. But what's a good neighbor? A good neighbor is friendly and considerate. Though good neighbors may live close, they respect your space and privacy. Good neighbors wave at you, may stop to pet your dog and chat, and buy lemonade from your children. Good neighbors take time to talk and smile. They reach out to connect to you.

Good neighbors' actions support community. A good neighbor looks out for others. This idea is illustrated in communities throughout the United States who have developed neighborhood watches. To deter crime and violence neighborhood watches comprised of people who are good neighbors have developed. Their goal is to keep watch on each other's homes so if a burglar is prowling about, or suspicious people are casing out someone's home, a watchful neighbor calls the proper authorities to investigate the situation.

Good neighbors help each other. For example, in my community we sometimes get heavy snowfall. When this happens, younger people in the community go out and shovel for people who are older or who have medical problems that prevent them from shoveling. Also, people help each other when cars get stuck, a common occurrence during the winter months.

Most importantly, good neighbors are respectful. They consider the others who live around them. They avoid keeping others awake with loud parties and barking dogs. They mow their lawns and maintain their property. Thet try to keep their kids to be respectful too.

The Importance of good neighbors.

Good neighbors are important. Hillary Clinton said,"It takes a village to raise a child." Our neighbors are our village. My son knows our neighbors, and I'm glad for that. I'm lucky enough to live in an area where I have good neighbors. My son has had the opportunity to learn from the older gentlemen in the neighborhood, and being exposed to these older men has enriched his life. And they in turn have gotten a lot of joy from associating with my son. My son has also played with and done activities with others in the neighborhood, and through neighbors, he's come to appreciate the idea that we have something in common with everyone. Perhaps sometimes we should focus on our similarities, and not our differences.

Ask yourself, "Am I a good neighbor?" Remember you get what you give. Try to be a good neighbor.


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    • profile image

      Md Faizan Khan 7 months ago

      Thankyou mam for your worderful line.

    • profile image

      Osman Saeed 7 months ago

      Where I live in Ghana west Africa your neighbors will be good to you but when your friendships have gone too they will start gossiping about when you are not around.To my suggestions people should be careful with their neighbors.

    • profile image

      vikul chaudhary 8 months ago

      Good neighbours helps each other

    • profile image

      onek freezaer 13 months ago

      true, we need them to help care for all......... let build that heart

    • profile image

      Teabag 14 months ago

      Firstly the idea you know your neighbours it takes time getting to know people. I came from a village &I moved & it's different. I prefer it to the village atmosphere. I don't like people on top of me - so the concept of living in a area where you're not saturated by people"works for me". I don't like busy body's.

      It's like this people all vary some want to be a neighbour - friends to you as acquaintances others don't. It depends. as I say you have to remember what the title neighbour means, stands for. It's like this - their is nothing wrong in being friendly. However, you have to see neighbours for what they are - they don't want to know about you closely. Equally their is a place for them. It's like this - being a good neighbour is important - good friends can be made with them. its like this - being a neighbour people's definitions varies. I see it more simply than some - neighbours are not part of your life contrary to how some feel. Neighbours - live alongside you, but have seperate lives. That's how it is. we have some nice neighbours. As I say these days people use knowingness freely. I mean I get on with my neighbours well, but as I say I don't know them personally, very little about them. I respect that as a person because I feel that Is how they prefer it to be. They acknowledge you. So you see, I feel being a neighbour is more about reading what the reciprocator likes from you, both mutually. also it depends on area you live. it's like this - being a neighbour is simple - it means showing kindness when you see someone, sending out a smile that sort of thing. In response to commentator - Diana Mendez about inviting neighbours out for coffee. It's like this I disagree with this, because you see it's like this I wish to reiterate I have nothing against this however. Asking me personally, I however feel you have to keep to a medium on this matter because it can be seen both ways. You as a person may feel it friendly to be like that in response to comment Diana see below, however the reciprocator may find your friendless as misconstrued in your face, overpowering. Because the message to the reciprocator it sends out is - I'm a insecure person.

    • profile image

      Sarvesh kumar 2 years ago

      neighbours is important of our daily life.

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great hub, Julie. I would love to be friends with some of my neighbors in my new apartment, though I'm shy and have been a good neighbor for sure. Voted up! This is useful for everyone in my position!

    • profile image

      Kristy Flynn 5 years ago

      Now you can connect with your neighbors online on

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 6 years ago

      Our neighborhood is filled with great people but it takes time to get to know them. When there is a need, they are there for you. My sister lives in a neighborhood where everyone knows each other, visit mornings over a cup of coffee, walk the sidewalks daily and do other neighborly things such as block parties. I guess it depends on where you live as well. I am so blessed to live where people care about each other and look out for their neighbor.

    • profile image

      anjali singh 6 years ago

      i like my neighbours

    • profile image

      pinky 6 years ago

      I like my neighbour.

    • triciajean profile image

      Patricia Lapidus 7 years ago from Bantam, CT

      Hi, Julie. I'm reading this two years down the line. I remember when my husband and I were deciding whether to sell our home after the kids were grown, the question came down to whether we were willing to keep the property looking good for the sake of the neighborhood--so you make a good point there. I also remember how neighbors helped our sons--and understood when they needed to play music (as long as they stopped at bedtime).

    • Julie A. Johnson profile image

      Julie A. Johnson 9 years ago from Duluth, MN

      Dottie, To have good neighbors you need to be a good neighbor, and it sounds like you are one. I wish our whole country could be made up of good neighborhoods with good neighbors. Thank you for your positive comments and support-- it's very neighborly, at least in the cyber neighborhood. Julie

    • Dottie1 profile image

      Dottie1 9 years ago from MA, USA

      You can pick your friends but you can't pick your neighbors, how true. I have had neighbors in the past whom I was happy to see go. Now I have neighbors I would not want to live without. We all watch out for each others homes when on vacation, we share plants and food from our gardens, and celebrate our family successes and much more. I am blessed with good neighbors. Another great article, Julie